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Requesting a little direction...

Started by kaalitenohira, January 19, 2011, 05:28:49 AM

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Hello! I'm trying to hack the armor values (and admittedly lots of other stuff, but one thing at a time...) for Valkyrie Profile, for the PSX. The problem I'm having is the image I burned consists of only 3 files, a .bin, a .56, and a .cnf. Now, I do have some experience using hex editors and savestates, but also no real hands-on experience with debuggers or assembly/MIPS. I'm not asking for help with the footwork of my project; I'm willing to learn and put the time in myself. But, I also know most enix games use compression (Star Ocean for the SNES had 3 different Action Replay sets just to get to the items, and divided them into 2 sets, for example) so I know I need to figure out some way to get to the uncompressed code. I have looked through the links and google and the forums and gotten myself PCSXTrace and vblank, Hexpanse, Lemasm, Lunar address & expand, CDMage, ISOBuster, MadEdit, Hex Workshop, HHD Hex Editor Neo,  quickbms triace extractor, pcfhacker, Recstudio, Cheat Engine, ScriptIO, SoftIce, the TOCChanger, and Windhex. And like I said, tutorials on how to operate the basics. While I have plenty of free time to figure all that out, I have NO idea how to get to static values like armor in the game (since changing armor affects the character, just references the armor list, wherever that is and whatever data points to the actual attributes on said armor). I know that pointers are used to find things like that, but I don't know if it would be encrypted and/or how to figure that out. I've got 2 savestates in the exact same positions except with 1 character using different armor in each, and I've compared the 2 files, but I don't know how big the header is on a savestate (or a PSX game for that matter) and basically know that once I do find the values, I need to just mess around changing different hexes to see the results "first-hand."

In short, how do I access the LBA and decompress/crack the game, where do I look for static values to change and what math do I add/subtract, and if I did that through a savestate would it point to the same addresses in the .bin?

thanks in advance for some direction

January 19, 2011, 06:07:09 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

also, I forgot to mention that the .bin-image that I have with the 3 files (which does contain a .cue outside it) when opened is what produces the .56 and the .cnf, which i don't know what they do. I can't open the .bin any further than that (.bin within a .bin) and there are no folders on the cd besides those 3 files. I don't know if I burned it wrong or if that's just how this game works. I know playing on psxtrace or psxrel produces better savestates and debugging is easier than say on epsxe because it's closer to the hardware (or so I've read) and i've also got CEP and PEC. I know you just put .gz or something like that to unzip a savestate, and for tutorials I've got some on DTE, pointers, script, tablefiles, hexadecimal, editing text, editing graphics, code injection, the SDK and the "everything you wanted to know about the playstation but were afraid to ask", OS and registers, the pnhack tutorials, DMA and OPS codes, and of course disassembly/assembly, and even on how to make an IPS patch and debuggers. I've also heard triace uses SLZ compression (which I don't know much about). Also, I still don't know how to expand a rom.  :-\ Sorry if this is all unnecessary information.

The majority of experience I have is making my own GS codes from a starting point or searching with programs that include that like ZSNES, or hacking values in games like BOF2 (to make a weapon swing twice or change its attributes, or changing the level at which spells can be learned and adding spells to that table, for example.) actually changing a PS1 game is pretty new to me, and I probably chose a really difficult game to begin with. Just sort of wondering where to begin and how to find what it is I'm looking for in the data.

January 19, 2011, 06:42:19 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Ultimately what I'd like to be able to do is mess with character elemental resistances, add in the easy/normal dungeons and bosses to hard mode (including the last dungeon since you can't access the "normal" one if you got the "good" ending), change the combo hits and energy-gained on certain attacks, and make Freya able to attack from the back row (she can teleport... it never made sense to me that she had to be in the front row.) Oh, and give Freya the ability to use magic and therefore some of the skills used by mages and archers.

How complicated will all that be? And what are the obstacles of working with a multi-disk game?

thanks again