TLoZ Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks text editing/translation tools

Started by tazos4pack, March 13, 2021, 05:02:25 PM

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Are there any tools to help with translating text from BMG files from TLoZ NDS games?

I'm trying to translate them but have almost no technical knowledge (many years ago I've translated one DS game but then I had dedicated tools that unpacked, converted text files from game format to plain TXT and other way - now I can't find such tools for NDS Zelda games).

I can unpack ROM with DSLazy, I can find BMG files with text and I can edit them with MKDS Course Modifer but it's not so convenient as I'd like it to be :D
When I try to export BMG files to TXT with MKDS Course Modifer to translate in any text editor and then when I import the file again to MKDS CM it breaks BMG files and the game freezes :(


While BMG is a fairly well known text format (if slightly more variable than some other formats) used by several Nintendo mainline titles at least then MKDS course modifier is the closest to a general purpose BMG editor that I have seen. More generally dedicated text editors for things that are not pokemon are not that common on the DS.

As far as freezing goes there can be various reasons, including you using characters the game does not expect.

That said on the technical skills front then BMG for the ones I looked at was nothing too drastic. Tended to use a nice format. Pointers might have been relative in a few of them rather than plain but still nothing too drastic. The Japanese Zelda ones had some Furigana options but that was about as fun as it got there, though that is recalling back to before the English language releases of a couple of those so who knows.