Nsf, spc, usf, psf, gbs, gsf, 2sf music corruptor

Started by Jandazekon, January 08, 2011, 07:35:17 AM

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Everytime i corrupt or randomize a sequenced music file. I CAN'T Never Hear THE CORRUPTION.
It should be posible to play by ingnoring checksums and so on.


You know, to get that "Corrupted" sound, you only need to change very few bytes in the file to screw with the music engine code.  Change too many code bytes, and it won't be intact enough to play anything.

PSF, USF, GSF, and 2SF are compressed files, and you can't corrupt them directly.
NSF, GBS, and SPC are not compressed.
Don't even think about logged formats like VGM/zipped VGM (VGZ).
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I prefer bmp files.

And can you convert all the sequenced ay, addlib, sid, nsf, spc, usf, psf, gbs, gsf, 2sf music files into psf2 format ???
Only psf2 files can be played as corrupted after editing them with goldwave.