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Chip's Challenge

Started by twipley, January 07, 2011, 03:07:26 PM

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Hello. On the Lynx's version of Chips Challenge, it seems one can skip a level after a few tries, because the game asks whether you want or not to do so.

I have multiple persons claiming having beat the game.. but in fact having skipped half or the levels.

This isn't real "game-beating," in my opinion.

What I'm looking for is a way, by coding (I know nothing about programing, so I hate doing that but I basically am begging here), to modify the ROM in such a way that the game stops asking you whether to skip a level after a few missed tries.

I already have looked for other solutions, such as running it through the "Chip Advance" GBA port, but on it some levels such as the 128th (being in my favorite-levels list) seem unpassable.

Is it something feasible for you guys? Is it possible, does it tempt you, a fun coding challenge to attempt, etc. It is my goal here to put this up as a challenge, an opportunity for coders to have fun. If it also interests other people (be it coders), then maybe a xvi32 patch or something could be devised. I thought I had nothing to lose (besides being treated as a beggar) to put this up for coding discussion.

This is all I had to say.


QuoteThe level bonus is the score you get for defeating this level at all! To
get this score, you multiply the level number by 500. So if you just
beat level 6, your score would be 3000. If you had to restart this
level, this score is subtracted by 20% each time you restart.

I believe it first prompts you to skip when that score hits 0, but I'm not certain on this.
Mauron wuz here.


And it may require you to die (I wonder, about 10 times), but only after having survived for at least 10 secs. Not too sure on that, either.