Detective Conan: GB + PS2 games hacking/translations

Started by SilverBullet, July 31, 2021, 12:57:14 PM

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DC GB1: Chika Yuuenchi Satsujin Jiken

Speed hack for original Japanese
Released v. 1.0

French Translation
Released v. 1.0

DC GB2: Giwaku no Gouka Ressha

French Translation

PS2: Daiei Teikoku No Isan

French Translation

Original post :


I'm getting started into romhacking and decided to try translating the first detective conan game for gameboy :
Meitantei Conan: Chika Yuuenchi Satsujin Jiken (名探偵コナン 地下遊園地殺人事件, lit. Detective Conan: The Underground Amusement Park Murder Case)
AFAIK there's no one working on translating this game.

My original goal is to translate it to french in better than nothing quality. I'm working on it since a week.

So far, what I got now :

  • Text speed patch, original text speed was far too slow
  • Python script for decompressing/script dump but there's still some unreliability I need to fix.
  • Python script for recompressing,reinserting the script.

The text limitations are painful right now, the text box is 3 lines of 12 chars and I need to make the text compressable so it fits back in the rom. That is a major risk for this hobby project of mine because it makes the translating cost higher than I expected.

Until I'm confident that I have explored all what I could to the best of my ability to make the translating sustainable for me, I am not starting the actual translating.
If someone is interested in translating it from Japanese to English (or French) that would be great for me. I would rather focus on rom hacking if possible.

I am making this topic to report progress on this and in case someone would be interested in participating in any way, or translating it in English.

I got my proof of concept done, my next step is to dump the full script and solve all of my decompression unreliabilities left.

Thanks for reading !


Awesome! I actually started on an English translation of that game several years ago. I think you're further along that I ever got, but if I find anything useful in my notes I'd be happy to send it along.


Perhaps do what Zelda 2 on the NES did and have 5 lines of text, but add shading to the font.

Try this for the compression:
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Hey! Sorry I have been quiet, I thought I lost my password but it turns out it was saved in my other browser all along!

So, long story short, I have been working hard on this project and I can proudly announce that the game is 100% translated to french8)

But, I decided to hold the release until the 27 of December, date of the 25th anniversary of the game release in Japan. I announced this news to multiple french detective conan communities on discord.

I made a compilation of screenshots to illustrate the game and the patch.

Next steps for me is to read about how to release, and eventually adding more hacks.
I'm thinking about adding french diacritics.

Really sorry for my long time to answer,
@USC Thanks but I managed to sort it out myself, it was a lot of fun  ;)
@RadioTails I think it's an excellent idea but I was not confident on my hacking skills for that. I decided to stay and adapt the text for 3 lines only, thinking that if I find enough motivation for that, I would use the extra space for the french diacritics.

If anyone is seriously interested in translating this game from Japanese or French to an other language, please message me. Warning tho: my script file is really ugly looking

Thanks for reading!


Wow! Great work! It's great to see this game being released in a language other than Japanese.

Now that you've decided to wait a few months for the release, do you think that you could add other languages, like English and maybe Spanish, so they could all be released at the same time? I know this sounds like a daunting project but there's more than 2 months ahead, so maybe it could be feasible?


Some news :

  • I got a space extension hack. Before I was rewriting the translated script in place. Now the translated script is appended at the end of the rom. Previously the script needed to fit in the original rom but now this difficulty is removed
  • I am experimenting with fonts, I have a font with both cases and diacritics (in the same tile, not above). Previously the original font in uppercase only was used.
  • I looked into the next game and I already found a new difficulty : graphics are compressed. So that's a new challenge of mine.
I am actively working on that but I can offer no promises. I found people interested in making other translations and I'm preparing graphics and menu for them. There's only 2 months, it's feasible but I won't pressure anybody to rush a translation to match the date.


Latest news:

  • I submitted the text speed hack as a standalone hack. That way I am set up for submitting the translation hack for the 27 of December.
  • Little progress has been made on the second game, I manage to extract the script but I haven't done anything with it yet and there is still some control codes I have not been able to identify.
  • The script of the first game can be exported in excel or google spreadsheet for easy translation. If someone is interested to translate in a language other than French, please contact me

If any submission reviewers could tell me please if it is reasonable to ask for a validation in less than 24 hours or on an exact day ? The 27 of December it will be the 25th anniversary of the game and I would love to have my french translation of it released exactly on that day.


The french translation patch was accepted and is in time for the 25th anniversary of the launch of the game  :woot!:
It's a big day for me  :beer:

Now on the second game :
I am making small but still significant progress on the hacking of the second game. I want next to attempt a rom space extension and relocation of the script to make some room for longer texts.


Curiosity leads to knowledge,
be curious.



I wanted to give some news on my Detective Conan projects :

About the first gameboy game:
I managed to do a better space hack and increase all buffers in the original script engine. Because I could fit a far better translation with new text windows, I retranslated the game entirely.
I will submit this French translation patch v2 soonish.

I am still looking for an English translator for this game.
Here's how the script file look like for the curious.

About the second gameboy game:
No progress since last post. For now I put this project on hold.

Announcing this new project:
I am now working actively on the PS2 game: Daiei Teikoku No Isan. My goal is to make translations tools for friends who have expressed interest in translating it.

Thanks for reading !