Ice Metal [Super Metroid hack] [Released] [1.30 update!]

Started by Lunaria, June 30, 2010, 07:35:43 PM

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Sounds like you're having a header issue. If the ROM has a header, remove it. If doesn't have a header, add one. This utility should be all you need.
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well i tried it out with a few different versions, but i think my problem might be my emulator SNEmulDS 0.6   (running hacks on the DS is so neato)

shamefull, wanna play this one !


The DS emulator can't even handle running super metroid alone without several layers off and even then with slowdowns. I doubt you will ever get that working for Ice Metal. :P

(But if you do, I will want to be the first one to find out.)


well, i didnt play much of it but it runs unpatched super metroid alright  ;)