Ice Metal [Super Metroid hack] [Released] [1.30 update!]

Started by Lunaria, June 30, 2010, 07:35:43 PM

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Release trailer.

I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I would have had if I was not the creator.
This is version 1.0 and does not come with re-palette, hard, or headered patch.


Oh and, report back in case you do happen to find any bugs! :3


Great, I'll give it a try tomorrow :thumbsup:

Congrats to the release :beer:
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Version 1.2 is out. :D

This version mainly got bug fixes: [Download]

Keep in mind that ending % won't be correct if you hard save, as I have yet to fix this bug. :/

Edit: major bug was found in 1.2 regarding last boss.

Version 1.24 is out, with it comes more bug fix as well as working item %. In order to get the correct item % at the ending you need to start over from the beginning though. I suggest downloading this version and patching even if you keep playing due to the major bug fixes. :/


Is this a bug? Am I supposed to walk on these spikes? There's grapple blocks above them.

Also, when I use that map terminal it will reveal more of the map but it's all pink. In the mini-map in the corner the unexplored parts will be blue but in the start menu they're pink. You might know about this or I could just be dumb but I just thought I'd mention it.

But I really like this hack. The pacing is awesome. Generally in Super Metroid romhacks I'll get to a point where I have absolutely no idea where to go or the backtracking and correct path to follow is so complicated and convoluted that it isn't fun. I like that you've simplified the boss battles too. At this point I've fought them so many times that I'm sick of them so it's nice to see that the emphasis on this hack isn't put on to making it super hard or extra tricky.

There is one thing I don't really understand and that is why the morphball bomb jumping had to change. The morphball jump is gotten so early in the game that the bomb jump doesn't even seem necessary. It might be good for sequence breaking though? If that's the case then it was probably a good idea to make the bomb jumping harder :) I can barely even do it in this game, haha.

Edit: Oh wow. I just got to the map terminal after the varia suit. This one works perfectly and, wow, I really like what you did with it.

I don't know if I'm supposed to have that suit yet but I do not so I'm stuck in there.


I never did get space jump, speed boosters, ice beam, or screw attack when I beat the game.
I only used crazy bomb jumping in one area where I thought you needed the space jump.
I know there were a MAJOR few areas I didn't get too in steamfair, but I could never find out how to get there.
I think I know where the ice beam is, but I have no idea how to get it. Maybe if I had the speed boosters I could get it, but I didn't have those  :(
Are there 2 charge beams in the game? I am pretty sure I saw 2, but I could only get one of them.  Made me feel strange throughout the entire game.

Overall its a great hack, but I just don't get why it was called Ice Metal game play wise.

As for walking on those spikes, they start to hurt after you kill the boss in that area.  Don't know why.

You can get the gravity suit earlier in that area by killing a boss.

Went exploring more and found space jump, boosters, and Ice beam  :huh:


I beat the game. I also beat it without Space Jump, Speed Boosters, Ice Beam, Or Screw Attack. I almost beat it without the charge beam but I guess so will everyone else. I didn't have to use any bomb jumping. I thought maybe I did have to on the way to the Ridley fight but that little spike shaft could be conquered with a wall jump and then morphball jump.

Like I was saying, my favorite part of this hack was that there were no walls for which the player to get stuck. I never got stuck because I didn't have an item I was supposed to have (although I did get stuck according to my earlier post there because I didn't have the gravity suit but I had to re-do that entire area anyway from an earlier save and ended up finding the suit in that second run through). I left a lot of areas unexplored but only because I kept moving forward and never had to back track. I just eventually ended up at the end of the game.

Overall it IS a great hack. It is very well designed with very little bugs. There are custom pallets in this game for samus and the world around her and they are generally well done. There are a couple set pieces that look like they don't quite fit in but I'm thinking specifically near the beginning of the game. Near the end of the game there are some cool environment design choices. There's also a custom story put in and the end of the hack is definitely something the player won't expect.

But, what is up with that ending? I understand the story as it was spelled out by the map terminals. The last terminal suggests that the player needs something special in order to defeat or fix whatever problem but what was that problem? Was it the charge beam that I needed? What were those yellow circles and why was I constantly taking damage at the end. And, why was that guy the last boss? Why did the planet explode? The game felt a little rushed near the end.

I didn't hard save but my ending percentage was 201.9%


Sorry for taking so long to reply... :p

The spikes that does not work will be fixed quite soon, the spot where you got stuck without gravity suit is also now fixed.
The morphball bomb timer was changed to mirror the one in MZM a bit more, personally I find it easier but that might just be me.

SpiffSpoo: there are actually two charge beams in the game. One is handed too you in case you manage to get to
golden torizo
without it.
Some parts of steamfair is accessed from other areas, such us Ridleys room and such. (Ridley is hard coded to be in norfair area, IIRC.)

Not sure why people have trouble finding Space Jump and speed booster. I can see if you have a hard time finding ice beam or screw attack, both are quite hidden.

The last terminal is suggesting that there is quite some hard things to deal with afterward, in case you want to go back and get some supplies before going in there, once you reach the aurora unit room you can't get back out again. The yellow circles are mainly only a reference to metroid prime 2! :3
I wanted to make it so that the planet did NOT explode, as it kinda does not add up with the story. But then I would need someone to recode the ending sequence, as that's something I don't have the skill to do myself. :/

Did you get that ending percentage from 1.24 version? If you're running on one of the earlier versions then it's normal due to coding error.



I started off with 1.24, and my % was 200 something.
If that one section I can't get too in Steamfair is Ridley's room then I think I have been everywhere in Steamfair.
I thought you would get space jump and speed booster in the lower sections of the game, so I didn't backtrack into the areas that had them.
Ice beam was pretty simple when I explored a bit more as well. What I thought was originally the ice beam I am pretty sure is the screw attack now.
There has to be something I missed in that room to get it.

On an other note, it seems like some places you need to shine spark in a ball to get items.  Never found out how to do that if you need to.
And there is no MB Fight?


There is no MB fight, as:

1. It would make no sense with the story.
2. It's a shitty boss fight anyway once you look past having beaten it once. :p

There is no way to shine spark in ball mode in Super Metroid. You can speed ball with the mockball bug, but you will never need to do that to get an item in Ice Metal.


Okay I got Gravity Suit, and I explored Lower Steamfair a bit, but I really seem to need speed booster.  There's also a spot that's accessed from Deep Ice that has a metal door that looks like it leads to the speed booster, but it can't be opened.

So essentially I am stuck, and while it seems you can get by without those items mentioned, I need just one good cryptic hint as to how to obtain one of them.  I really dig this game.


sweet Metroid hack! congratulations on finishing it :) I won't touch it until I get my hands on a controller though (and some free time, of course :P)


Quote from: Jigglysaint on September 09, 2010, 02:04:53 PMSo essentially I am stuck, and while it seems you can get by without those items mentioned, I need just one good cryptic hint as to how to obtain one of them.  I really dig this game.
The top of the world is the way forward! :p


Well I found Ridley and got the X-ray scope.  To be quite honest, I love being stuck, then suddenly discovering a new area and hope it will contain the item I need or want.

Edit:  Thank you, that was exactly what I needed.  I guess because of the uniqueness of the barrier, it doesn't register as a new location that opens up.

Prince Valmont

Man, are there any walkthroughs?

I'm stuck in Steamfair without a gravity suit. I entered through the lava pit and survived, but I can't make it back out since I can't jump high enough. I'm hoping the gravity suit is hidden somewhere, but I hear it's only through a Boss fight (Gee, wonder who?).
In any case, I've got 4 en tanks, 2 reserve, 90 missile, 10 S.Missing, 20 S.Bombs, The Grapple & X-Ray, Megaball, and Wave & Spazer beams.
How well do I fair against the inevitable?

And please don't tell me I'm stuck because I used that entrance.


You're not stuck, if you have enough energy you should be able to get out the same way you came in with a bit of tricky jumps. Wall jumping helps, but it's not needed.

Although I'm still critical towards players who thinks it's logical to jump down a lava pool without protection and expect things to go alright. :/

Also, I don't think anyone have made a walkthrough, you can find a full map of the game made by danidub here:
Keep in mind that it's obviously spoilers!

Sorry for the late reply, I don't really check here often. :p

Prince Valmont

Quote from: green-kirby on November 04, 2010, 06:05:59 PM
Also, I don't think anyone have made a walkthrough, you can find a full map of the game made by danidub here:
Keep in mind that it's obviously spoilers!

Sorry for the late reply, I don't really check here often. :p

Actually, that map was a great help, but to be honest, I just went into OCD mode and tried options I wouldn't think of trying (like wall jumping in lava), and I got out with little health. I suppose I was playing with the Super Metroid Redesign mindset.
Now I believe I'm as far as the (what I believe to be) final boss, but the emulator I was using (Snes9x GX Wii) crashed, so I'll have to copy my save to the computer to finish.

I love the design choices you made, and as brutal as they may appear at times, I'm really glad the game is the way it is. So thanks for sticking with it.

Garoth Moulinoski

Yes, I got it to work! Is there any advantage to playing the re-palette version? Also, I got the morphball and jumped into this place right beside the ship with those long necked pincer monsters aaaaand got stuck. With movement dampening water. With no way of returning back. :/
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Quote from: Garoth Moulinoski on November 11, 2010, 10:42:27 AM
Yes, I got it to work! Is there any advantage to playing the re-palette version? Also, I got the morphball and jumped into this place right beside the ship with those long necked pincer monsters aaaaand got stuck. With movement dampening water. With no way of returning back. :/

The re-palette version is more for players that want more color variation to the game. As the original is mostly in the blue spectrum, there are no gameplay changes, though some item hints may be easier/harder too see with the colors.

As for the sewer area, I have played tested it a lot and there is no way to get stuck in there... if you fall down one of those pits though, it may be hard to come out. You need to time your jumps when the water is as high as possible.


I have no intentions of bumping a dead topic to get more attention. But the hack just got a bug fix as well as some small gameplay changes that have been due for a while.


I sent an edit to the hack page but it may take a while before that one is updated, so for now you can just grab it from my dropbox account.

Full change log follows below:
1. Made it easier to get Screwattack.
2. Extend several speed boosting places to make it easier for people having issues with short charging. (Not in places where it's just a minor shortcut though.)
3. Made the hint towards secret in the turtle room a bit more obvious.
4. Made the first room when entering the sewers from landing site a bit easier to navigate.
5. Added a super secret unfinished area for people to search for, though I recommend not bothering with it as it's not even done and the doors there are super buggy.
6. Due to so many people questioning it I remove the mock ball part from the fun room next to the lower steamfair elevator.
7. Made it so you can get a certain beam even earlier if you know what you're doing. (Ice metal, now with even MORE paths!)
8. Moved the eye candy joke in grappling beam room one tile so it's easier to see.
9. Slight change in X-ray scopes room and how to get through it.
10. Made it easier to find the save room in poison point. (Subterrain)
11. The reserve tank and missile tank in poison point should now spawn even before beating the area boss.
12. Getting hit by slime spawn itself should not do slightly more damage.
13. Falling rocks damage were almost doubled so they still pose somewhat of a threat.
14. The inside joke in dark dust about the super missile was removed as it confuses people not knowing about it.
15. Tried making charge beams room a bit more memorable as you now need a super missile and not normal missiles to enter the room.
16. Spikes in dark dust now work as they should before the area boss is dead.
17. Lowered phantoons damage output slightly but buffed his health up quite a bit to make it still a challenge even with the beams you now can have at that point.
18. Made the orange zoomer deal zero damage on contact.
19. Removed the stupid SMB reference no one got anyway.
20. Made the hardest missile tank in the game easier to get, but the idea to get it is still the same.
21. The easy path to certain items is now locked of by a door unless you beat draygon, this is to give a bit more light to a puzzle in the other path as well as making the players work a bit more for them.
22. Made some changes to the morphball labyrinth in deep ice to make use of the falling sand tiles.
23. Changed mock troids for boosted health and changes in how they take damage in order to make the players use their big supply of missiles they should have at that point in the game.
24. It's now possible to kill the turtles in deep ice, even though it would take forever.
25. Boosted enemies power in the core to make it a more challenging area. (No, the metroids are not changed.)
26. Made the wall following blue/red energy enemies very hard to kill.
27. Ridley now deals better with his room layout still droping a power bomb is still a bad idea like it was planned, but it's now on a normal level rather then how easy the battle could get before if you did not drop one.
28. Rinkas are easy to dodge and slow moving, so now they have been boosted with high damage to make up for that. This also makes it less rewarding to get hit by them while having a metroid on you.
29. Removed the weird ugly shit secret I had in the escape, it was pretty terrible anyway. In future releases I may add in a map station there to boost a bit more of the story I was not able to get in.
30. Spazer beams palette is no longer buggy.
31. Spazer beam now got higher color priority then wave.
32. Ice beam is now lighter shades of blue.
33. It should be obvious when you find the good beam combos now in therms of colors. (yes there are a few combos that are worth using.)
34. Power beam is now slightly blue tinted instead of green.
35. Plasma beam is now more orange red rather then white red as it was before.
36. End % should finally work in an official patch.
37. A lot more minor stuff and bugs that I don't remember exactly what they where.
38. ROM is no longer locked, but I should state that I'm against anyone taking stuff from it. I will release the graphics files of everything I made at a later date for people to use, the rest of the stuff is hands off. But feel free to look around for inspiration. (If you have any questions regarding this or would like to use something else then please contact me.)


Im having trouble finding the right rom to patch.. i've patched a E version and JU version but have not stumbled upon an U version.  My patches just seem to crash upon starting a new game, am i doing something wrong? Is there a U version?