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Author Topic: Utilities: Temporal Flux 2.00 Released  (Read 6505 times)


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Utilities: Temporal Flux 2.00 Released
« on: December 23, 2005, 01:46:09 am »
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Update By: Zeality

Geiger, with the assistance JLukas and Chickenlump, has released version 2.00 of his editor Temporal Flux for Chrono Trigger (it can edit locations, maps, music instrumentation, strings, events, etc.). The changes are too innumerable to list almost every part of the program has been updated, and new features are now available that make editing Chrono Trigger easy and accessible even to fans with no prior rom hacking experience. Relevant links are:

Temporal Flux 2.00 Download: 7-zip - Zip

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: Download

Temporal Flux 2.00 Changes & Screenshots: View

Temporal Flux 2.00 Team Interviews: Read

Relevant Link: (