Titlescreens: Screenshots & Edits [Constructive Criticism Only]

Started by FlashPV, January 01, 2008, 06:50:38 AM

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Quote from: Reaper Man on March 05, 2008, 02:20:48 AM
The stars are a bit too  "cut off" from the background. It looks... cropped

Perhaps if you made the stars taper off instead of just stopping abruptly at the image border, it'll help.

It's supposed to look cropped, IMO.


Quote from: frantik on March 05, 2008, 12:23:48 AM
for those who might have missed it.. the SMBSpecial title screen  :beer:

Maybe it's the conformist in me, but I think the "Special" and the copyright info should be centered/aligned with the 1/2 player options.  The cursive font is excellent.
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Besides finishing the actual translation and hacking work itself, there's something else that somewhat bothers me with Kururin Paradise - my pathetic try at making a translated title screen for it:

My version on the left, original Japanese on the right. I tried to make it look better - with suggestions I've recieved quite a while ago in this very thread even - but failed so miserably that I didn't even try to reinsert it, as my skills in graphic editing programs aren't up to this kind of thing... Thus I'd like to ask if someone with better skills, and in case he/she's got some spare time, could make a better title logo for this project than this failure of mine. Below this is the original logo alone, cropped from a VBA tilemap shot:

cu xdaniel



I really think that title screen of your's looks excellent :o The border needs some smoothing, but the Font itself is really cool IMO.
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I guess the letters could be made thicker (towards the center), but it's also fine as is.


I don't think it's so bad. You could copy-paste the stars from ダ and replace the dots in the "i"s, and put the top hat on "di" and the flipper on "Pa", but nobody would really care if you didn't.
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...hm, that any better? The blue border around the letters is somewhat irregular and the orange one is missing some shading at the edges, same for the Helirin (the flipper thingy), but it's getting somewhere, I think... I also haven't tried to copy the ダ's stars over yet - the Helirin was difficult enough because of the original logo's applied filtering, and the blurred outlines that resulted in -, and I'm not sure if I should keep the Helirin where it is now...

Any other suggestions?
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In the original the base of the text is aligned towards the bottom - in the current version it's erratic. You could pull all the characters a bit down so that the blue background is not so visible? Maybe the Helirin thing could stay at that position, I don't know.


Something completely different but still WIP. Give me your thought.


That looks great. =D

I'd say throw the stars in if you can, and it'd be perfect.

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Quote from: FlashPV on March 28, 2008, 03:15:56 PM
I'm finished with this one.

<3 - Thank you, that's perfect! I've inserted it into the ROM earlier and, after fixing up the rest of the tilemap, I think that I'll open up a thread in Personal Projects and post some stuff - mainly Kururin, I guess - in there :)
cu xdaniel


Since I'm working on a french translation I've done this title screen for Wagyan Land 2.

The GYA syllabes are translated too. I'll probably do an addendum patch for the english translation.


personally, i really liked version 2 of xdaniel's; it corrected much of what was "wrong" about the first version. if the letters were moved down a bit, and maybe a few more things tweaked here and there, it would be great, too.


Anybody interested in designing a title for Maka Maka?

(text inserter should be good. Right now I'm looking at moving/expanding windows to make room for the translated text. Then testing.)

Thanks in advance. :)
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I'm not really inspired but maybe you'll like this one.


Now that's intresting... duplicate letters on the top and bottom. That works quite fine.


Indeed. You do get a teeny bit dizzy looking at it, the brain is sorta acting like it thinks it does something wrong and tries to correct it while clearly not being able to... But in an entertaining way kinda, if that makes any sense. So I'd say go with that.


Can someone do an English logo for SRT Alpha for me?(Yes, I'm using Taisen and not Wars to keep with the American release)

Here's the original ripped straight from the TIM file...

Here's a logo from one of the official English versions to help out whoever wants to try this.

And here's my attempt at cleaning up that logo...