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Not sure how many people are out there willing to make hacks of Virtual Boy games, but I'd really like to see a patch for Mario Clash that gives you significantly more or infinite lives. The game is very unforgiving only granting you three lives to start with and each time you Game Over you have to wait for the results screen animation to play, then look at the leaderboard, then the intro cinematic, then the title screen, then the main menu, then find the level's number you want to start on, and THEN you finally get to have another go. I find many aspects of the game rather charming but this tedium is making it difficult for me to stomach. I'd greatly appreciate a patch that could improve this.
Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
Last post by Okabe Zero-Link - Today at 09:05:10 AM
I'm Okabe Zero-Link (pronounced Okabe Zerouto-Linku). The name is a combination from many character, including the great HOUOUIN KYOUMA, Zero (from MM Zero, not X) and Link. I'm a fan of the visual novel genre, and my personal favorite are the WTC series, SciADV and Muv-Luv Alternative. I'm interested in hacking DS game, particularly in translation. Rn I'm trying to insert the official translation of Higurashi to its DS version, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna - also my 1st project.

Related charactors on page 2:

A correction to my previous message:

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
Last post by Arkthompson93 - Today at 07:31:40 AM
Hi guys!! i'm new here, i'm Arkthompson93 (even on instagram or twitch), and i'm a beginner of rom hacking or whatsoever, i just tinkered with some pokemon 3rd gen hacking when i was 13/14 but never did something relevant.

I'm here 'cause i'd like to ask somebody how to hack text in Resident Evil ps1 games to make a fan italian translation.

If anyone can help me hit me in dms here or via IG if you prefer.

Have a nice day a todos!!
Hello again, here is a hack that kirby fans may want. the game is Hello Kitty no Hanabatake for the famicom. I think you could hack King Dedede as the main character it could be king dedede's garden adventure. It would fit and Dedede has never had his own game so i think it would work out. there would be some more work done to the title screen, winning screen's and logo's ect. But the game is small and i think it would be nice to the kirby collection. Also the game is for kids so i think it works out what do you guys think?

Help Wanted Ads / Re: Castlevania: The Lecarde C...
Last post by Aceearly1993 - Today at 02:10:32 AM
We need 5 testers to see if the engine upgrade and file compile of Lecarde Chronicles 1 is successful.
If somebody not intended to take too much time and want to cut short to the locations that might have problem, here's save file placed right in the attachment of soft re-release page.

bug may happen in science hall part 1, part 2, and Katharina quarter part 3 where the game offers spiked ball hazard, if the build version of the engine is problematic theitr hit detections will be extended to wrong places upon walking to right side of the hazards (I'm not sure the exact situation unfortunately. Arrrrrrgghhhhh).
Save file may want themselves to be placed at: C:/User/(User name) (hidden folder)/Appdata/Roaming/MMFApplications

More in-depth talks will go to:

Newcomer's Board / Re: Where to get started hacki...
Last post by FAST6191 - Today at 01:15:42 AM
Special move inputs on a system this old is 99% of the time going to be quite an advanced hack. If you come to us with a bit of a coding background it could be a learning hack (few better things to learn with than something you are motivated to do) but it would be a difficult one.

Rebalancing is also going to be up there depending what needs to be done. Sometimes it will be level editing to either change spawners or health pickups but start altering non RPG health or damage taken/given and yeah you are also in assembly territory.

Still as you asked.
Special moves probably means multi input control hacking (as opposed to hoping remapping is available or fiddling with debouncing* options that single input stuff might be able to employ) and kind of confirms it.
Games here will tend to be some kind of state machine and note your previous inputs (possibly with a timer to reset them, something some like to edit) before executing the move. Unlike some of the other methods where you might want to watch inputs I would key in on the executing the move part and watch whatever changes either the VRAM (the megadrive has some but not that quite enough to load in a whole sprite sheet for a given character, never mind two and NPCs and backgrounds) or whatever it was that the megadrive called its OAM (object area memory aka what most Nintendo consoles call the thing that choose what objects, sprites by any other name and contrasted with backgrounds which have their own thing, are on screen where, rotated/scaled/flipped and what associated palette is loaded for them
You do this with a debugging emulator, not sure what we are suggesting for megadrive efforts here. General flow though would be most debugging emulators or indeed many general ones will have real time viewers of memory and VRAM as well. See where the VRAM and whatever the OAM is called change when you do the move to note where it is. Set the debugger's breakpoints (probably break on write aka bpw) to those areas. From there will be various reads of buttons or states the buttons that trigger the whole sequence of events.

*buttons are mechanical things and thus might flitter between on and off while the button is being pressed and you are dealing with springy bits of metal or breaking through oxide layers, if you have ever had a mouse fail by starting to double click all the time this is that as a failure form. Games then once a frame if they are coded well will copy this state from the memory and everything that needs to check control inputs reads that instead (modern PC games might decouple it from frame reads but still need to debounce).

If you are looking to make it easier you have two main approaches
i) Alter it to be the proverbial up and B as opposed to the half or quarter rotations I saw on the link. There will be some overlap with the six button hacking if you wanted to go there.
ii) Make a more forgiving input sequence, possibly by having the same move execute in a few different ways (note some of the usual failures like one step too far or not enough and still execute) as well as possibly changing any reset timers if it gives you a shorter window than you would like to press the button after rotation.
You also get to do this for every character and every move by the looks of that chart. There may be a common thread to pull on though once you have done a few. Some might also alter every character to use the same inputs.

Rebalancing means many things to many people. If it is a matter or sticking more health drops down in a level then yeah time to play level editor.
If it is damage to you or dealt to enemies then you start by making cheats. Infinite health is fairly standard learning to make cheats routine, and nothing really to make one for an enemy.
If your character has stats or RPG like weapons (very rare in a game of this vintage) then by all means play to those. If not or you just aspire to more then the cheats you found include the memory locations of the health bar/counter (including for an enemy if you would rather take them down a notch rather than up your damage). Breakpoints once more get played with (write most likely but some might do read -- many games will read your health first to see if you have enough to take the damage, killing you if you don't). If it is more of a one hit and done thing or health bars are only say three hits before death (more of a run and gun shooter thing but have seen a few fighters and beat em ups go there too) then the graphical thing from the controls part of the reply would also do (generally when playing debugger you care about having a repeatable thing to watch).
Addition to totals, subtraction, multipliers (probably not division as that is dubious, if it is available at all outside of shifts**)... whatever works for you in the scenarios you have.
You might discover something else (maybe the health value is 8 bit and thus counts to 255 but if the game stops at 99, like many stats will in RPGs, then you have some scope to change it to more, hope the game does not limit the display) but such are the options available to the would be hacker.

**shifts in binary are the equivalent of multiply by 10/divide by 10 in decimal numbers and instead multipy (or divide if you go the other way) by powers of two (why most gold/experience/damage multipliers are of the form 2x,4x,8x,16x,32x... or indeed 0.5x,0.25x,0.125x. If you want to grab one and add it together you can do more -- 3x is 2x+x after all but that is more work).

I will mention hit boxes just to say I did. Whether you edit priorities, timings (how long the enemy is vulnerable for in some, invincibility frames in others), sizes... again up to you. A bit basic but a nice primer
News Submissions / ROM Hacks: Manall's FF1 v3.0 R...
Last post by RHDNBot - Today at 12:16:39 AM

Update By: Manall

3.0 is going to do what 2.0 did...all over again!

Magecore is a brand new post-CHAOS, soft-hardcore challenge in which only mages are available - including a new one, the Shield Mage! The catch? Magecore parties do not have access to clinics OR life spells...YIKES. Among a host of new weapons - and not just for the new class - the old LIFE and LIFE2 spells have been repurposed to help protect the party against the elements in other ways.

Moving over to combat. In general, the pace of battles has received a facelift, moving a little further away from 1987 and a little more toward the present day. The response rates have also been adjusted to be more useful, in case it is now too fast for players. Mage fans are going to love 3.0 - magic users can now rearrange and forget spells they have previously learned. Most importantly, enemies FINALLY indicate they are taking their turn like later FF entries! The oceans have come alive at last, along with a new coat of world map paint and class change sprites... Oh, and wait until you see CHAOS.

There is also a... new broom in Matoya's Cave, who will help out new players with advice. Just keep talking to him - he has multiple tips!

There's far more to 3.0 than headlines - like the new ZONA spell, which reflects damage back at spellcasters, or the vicious but freighty Violin spider. Head on over and check out the full changelog!!

This is the last major planned update for this mod.

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link
Gaming Discussion / Daggerfall Unity 0.16.0 Releas...
Last post by Felipefpl - September 30, 2023, 05:27:28 PM
What is Daggerfall Unity?

Daggerfall Unity is an open source recreation of Daggerfall in the Unity engine created by Daggerfall Workshop.

Classic Daggerfall Plus

    Cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac)
    Retro graphics are boosted by modern engine and lighting
    High resolution with classic style
    Smooth first-person controls
    Huge draw distances
    Quality of life enhancements
    Mod support

Free Addon To Free Daggerfall

    Runs using a free copy of Daggerfall
    Import your classic save games
    Revisit a huge world of adventure

An Open Platform

    Open source under MIT license
    Quality contributions are welcome
    Newcomers welcome and helped to learn
    Friendly community


    Daggerfall Unity - v0.16.x
    Daggerfall Tools for Unity - v1.9.x
    Required Unity3D version - 2019.4.40f1 LTS

Daggerfall Unity 0.16.0 Release Candidate Latest

Getting Started

If this is your first time installing Daggerfall Unity, please visit Installing Daggerfall Unity and Other Information for help getting started.


This release is an improvement update for Daggerfall Unity with minor localization enhancements and bug fixes. Version 0.16.0 is intended to be a stable release for general play. If you experience new issues with this version, please report to Help & Support on the Workshop Forums.
Release Candidate

Daggerfall Unity is in Beta no more! We are now entering the Release Candidate phase in the final lead-up to version 1.0. This is the point where mod creators should ensure their work is compatible and updated if necessary. If no showstopping problems are found in this candidate, then Daggerfall Unity will progress to 1.0 on the following release.

If you find a mod not compatible or broken by this release, please notify mod author on Nexus or Released Mods on forums.

If you are a mod creator and encounter any difficulties rebuilding your mod for 0.16.x, please reach out on the forums or Discord for help.

Unity Splash

Starting from 0.16, Daggerfall Unity will display a customised Unity splash for 2 seconds then load the standard launcher splash. Here's what it looks like.

My reasoning for enabling the splash:

I'm moving on from Daggerfall Unity after 1.0 and won't be maintaining a Unity subscription (which is currently required to remove the splash). Unity also recently removed the more affordable Plus tier which makes this cost prohibitive anyway.

I feel it's important to normalise splash so that any future stewards or variants of this project do not feel like they need to pay for a Unity sub just to be on parity with the main release. Everyone is equal and you all own Daggerfall Unity now.

Splash provides future stewards or variant projects the ability to customise start with their own identity.

Featured Changes

Daggerfall Unity is now feature complete. There are no major new features planned or in the pipeline at this time.

This may change as the project enters post 1.0 support and the community continues to evolve this project in unexpected ways. But for now, the goal is to enable mod compatibility and stability for 1.0. Every change has the potential to break something for mods, and we don't want to do that again for a while.
General Fixes & Improvements


    Fix R0C11Y26 click clearing #2537


    Localize hand-to-hand damage format string ee6c538
    Localize affiliation format string f872f0a
    Add hooks to cycle interaction modes from mods 2650483
Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana: Script Aug...
Last post by romhacksaw - September 30, 2023, 03:07:24 PM
Hi, hope it's ok to just post in here, wanted to give some feedback.

First of all thank you very much for this amazing project, it was a great experience playing through it. I learned so much about the game that I had no clue was in it to begin with. Opened my eyes to a lot of stuff, thank you for this.

Here's some stuff I noticed, not sure if those are mistakes though as I'm not a native English speaker.

- check the line "he gave his life for", forgot how the line continues. Something bothered me about it, maybe a space too much or something?
- When you free Luka from being locked up, the first few sentences seem like regular English to me and not the ELizabethan English that she usually speaks and that you wrote about in the commentary.
- search for "Traffault", I think in one instance you wrote him with an 'a' as the third letter instead of a 'u'
- search for "tempeth", isn't that supposed to be "tempteth"?
- you refer to the Sprite as 'he' in the ending sequence, whereas you would always use 'they' in the actual game. Respectfully, as someone else pointed out, I think you should just use 'he' throughout the game. They/them doesn't fit into a 90s game, it always takes me out of the immersion because it refers to a current social issue, although I fully understand why you did it in the first place.
- Gnome's accent was not possible for me to understand as a non native English speaker. Maybe it can be kept, but toned down a bit, so that it is apparent what is meant?

Looking forward to where you take this project in the future. I think I saw in the Turbo thread that you plan to make one big last release or something.

Also, let me say again I greatly appreciated and enjoyed the commentary PDF that was attached.

The effort you put into this is unbelievable and it's heart warming to see fans like you do this kind of stuff. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.