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Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X6 Tweaks/Patcher (v02)
« Last post by acediez on Today at 03:44:25 am »
Can you describe me step by step how to reproduce the problem? It' working fine here, so you're probably doing something differently than me.
Remember to not reuse save sates taken from different bins.

By the way, I've been working on some new options over the weekend.
- Missing stuff from the previous version (shared Energy bar upgrades, Red Orb values) and fixes (swapped "disable losing lives" options).
- Nightmare Effects: you'll be able to disable them (individually, or all of them). Can someone confirm if any of these is needed to access an item or injured reploid, or is it safe to just disable them in all cases? I'm thinking of adding this to an alternate version of the base patch.
- Customizable Ranks table. Not just the Souls requirement, also how many parts can you equip on each rank.
- The "Mark injured reploid as rescued by default" section is gonna be rewritten into a complete list of Parts you can individually select to start the game with (which will mark the corresponding Reploid as rescued).
- Characters (armors) available on a new game (giving the option to play as Zero right away)

It'll look a bit like this...

All the hacking is done, now I just need to implement all these new inputs into the patcher.

Once properly tested, I'm thinking this will be the last "big" update, at least for awhile. I hope I got most easily fixable issues with the game covered  :D
Anything is "possible".  Even if the data is encrypted or compressed for some reason, it would just be a matter of finding a means to decrypt or decompress the data.

Did you see something in particular to suggest that XBox game data should somehow be any less hackable than any other data? 
Newcomer's Board / Re: Hacking Hong Kong 97
« Last post by Jorpho on Today at 01:49:24 am »
Personal Projects / Re: Donkey Kong Country (GBA) Palette restoration
« Last post by Granville on Today at 12:29:46 am »
An impressive feat to say the least. I sped through the first four worlds to test it. Besides the unfinished parts mentioned, seemed as accurate to the SNES version as one can hope for. Though Stop and Go Station looked pretty odd for some reason, can't really describe it.

I hate to say though, even with the palette restored I still can't stand the GBA version. There are still too many serious compromises that can't all be fixed. Removed graphical effects, low quality sound (especially the sound effects) and the game just feels too janky and stiff compared to the fluid momentum and animation of the original.

But the effort must be commended, i'm well aware of how difficult this project must have been and it was still a ton of fun testing it out and seeing how much better it looks.

I hope there continues to be more restoration projects for other GBA ports. There are others out there that I DO think are great ports underneath and just need some minor palette tweaking to look nice again. They're probably much easier to fix as well.
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« Last post by Trax on Today at 12:09:10 am »
Talk to Optomon. He made the entire soundtack for Rogue Dawn, the best hack of Metroid to date. He's a pro when it comes to NES music.
Personal Projects / Re: Donkey Kong Country (GBA) Palette restoration
« Last post by mushguy on June 24, 2018, 11:47:18 pm »
Wow, I'm surprised! I never thought that someone would actually get to work on a color restoration! Sure, not all visual effects were reproduced, but I can live with that. Hopefully this should open the way for more restoration projects, such as animation fixes and even music fixes. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the hay out of this cool patch. Thank you very much!
And BTW, for those feeling that this game is too hard, remember that this is one of the rare SRW games which comes with the "Game Over Glitch" (debatably a glitch, but that's how it's called).

As in, after every Game Over, the scenario automatically restarts without booting back to the Title Screen, and thanks to that a few things that you got from before it are kept in, as long as you don't reset. Unfortunately here on A Portable, that only applies to money. So no, can't grind levels here.
Is that really a glitch unique to this game?
I've seen this feature since the old SRW like Ex, 4, F or FF.
As long as you don't use the save function in the chapter, you can restart the chapter with the extra money you got from the previous Game Over.
I've used this to farm money because we did not have cheat device decades ago.
Are you using the Ogre Battle ID, either B810 or B710?

Darkakuma says that's the ID, but it is based on guesses, there's no official ID listed anywhere.

You might also want to try B910 which is Tactics Ogre's ID.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Is it possible to hack/mod Xbox games nowadays?
« Last post by John Enigma on June 24, 2018, 10:34:30 pm »
With the advent of the slow rising compatibility of Xbox emulators, particularly Cxbx-Reloaded, Xbox emulation is starting to become more and more prominent than ever before.

Now I've been meaning to ask for a while now. I know that .xbe files are executables that can only run on the original Xbox, and that on each of those executables, there's an .iso version of the Xbox games called .xiso.

My question is this: is it theoretically possible to hack (or in certain cases, "mod") an Xbox game, for either translation, restoration, or bug fixing?

Like, let's say, there's someone that wants to hack Conker: Live & Reloaded as an example. That person's goal is to uncensore every known voice clip that got censored (ever since Rare got bought by Microsoft), restore references that were on the original Conker's Bad Fur Day but not on the remake, etc. only for the sole purpose of making this game more like if Rare made a faithful HD remake to the game, and not a botched product when they were bought my M$.

So, the question still remains: is it possible to hack/mod Xbox games (.xiso particularly, because I don't know if .xbe can be hacked/modded)?
The following post was created by Trege of MegamanLegendsStation, in collaboration with my own self:

So me [Trege] and ShadyRounds have a treat for you guys today.

Most of the credit goes to him for finding paprika's npc interactions, all I did was convert what he found into a usable Gameshark code, he's currently figuring out how to restore the scene in the rom itself, but for now we have a gameshark code for it. [the suggestion of a gameshark rig and the entirety of designing it was all Trege btw.]

Thanks also goes to TAU for his debug room code I had to use it as a fail safe to prevent the game from crashing in other areas.

- E00C356E 0005 If Area is downtown
- E00C1B61 0000 if Subarea is 0
- D209FCC8  3A98 if distance from paprika is less than 0.15000
- D209FCCA 0001 if distance from paprika is less than 1
- D00C3584 0005 if NPC08 is on the pole (AKA Tron)
- D00989F3 0080 If Trigger kicks
- 8009FC50 0007 Launch paprika

This is for the NTSC-U Version of Megaman Legends 1 on PS1.
I haven't tested it on real hardware yet, but it does work on the gameshark plugin.
I need to find my PS2 and test it on that.
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