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If this is true, it's really incredible.
It is true indeed. While they fixed some awkward grammar here and there and came up with translations for "Noise" and "Reaper", most of the translation is still there, copied quite literally. There's really no way one could come with such identical phrasing when it comes to Italian, unless you're dealing with set phrases, but I doubt the whole game was made entirely of those. Hell, they even copied a literal translation of Spicy Tuna Roll, which exposes them with no further need of evidence.
SupaSAIAN here is a fix for the translation
A while back I took Snes9X and a web browser and glued them together to to create a thing I called the "Wanderbar". Then I did the same with an NES emulator. These were originally just for my personal projects, but they wound up kind of popular and they have a bunch of cool potential uses, so I released them to the public:

Download (and source code) page:
Project details + description of all 11 plugins

Example screenshots:

It's basically a glorified Lua script thingy, but the fact that everything is displayed via HTML means you can also use HTML5, CSS3, Javascripts, external APIs, local storage, etc. with ease. I haven't written up documentation on how the plugins work, but I've already seen an EarthBound script comparison plugin and a Zelda 2 automap plugin doing their thing:

Anyway, I thought I'd share this stuff on RHDN in case anyone wants to play around with it or improve upon it or whatever else. It's definitely been a lot of fun to work on and opens up all kinds of neat project opportunities.
If this is true, it's really incredible. They said pircay should be eliminated blah blah, and then they sell fan translations without even informing the author. WTF !

Perhaps someday they'll use the proper MIDI rips I've done of FF4-5-6 instead of the crap they used in their remakes. If they do so I'd be thankful even if they steal everything without credit.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« Last post by Dracula X on Today at 03:19:49 pm »

A beta version of the full track of "Big Na Okata 4" is almost completed. Just a few tweaks and that's it.
Wow, you weren't lying when you said the soundtrack in this is outstanding. I mean, I've always liked Sakuraba's work, but this instantly wakes some Tales of Phantasia nostalgia in me. And I could swear they're even using the same sample bank as ToP :D Not that it's a bad thing. The battle theme in particular is very reminiscent of the Cave of Spirits bgm in ToP.

Also a heads-up to those emulating this using bsnes/higan cores on RetroArch: be sure to disable rewind, as it has potential of introducing random hangs and/or sound corruption. Apparently the game is very picky about its timing and the minuscule skew caused by rewind is enough to throw it off the rails.
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« Last post by TCgamerboy2002 on Today at 02:27:01 pm »
I'm guessing you only update when someone replies? :P

Nothing wrong. I was just noticing a pattern is all.
Newcomer's Board / Re: How to delete account?
« Last post by Orochi Kusanagi on Today at 02:23:36 pm »
Why can't you just log out and forget about it? It's not like this site sends random e-mails constantly or anything.
Gaming Discussion / Re: The big list of Untranslated Sega Saturn Games
« Last post by Kallisto on Today at 02:14:51 pm »
Isn't Gradius Deluxe Pack completely in English?

I took a quick look, and yes you're correct. Sometimes there were Saturn games that either did have English or had some limited English Mode attached to the games but there were not many of them and that were exclusive to the Japanese Audience but never came overseas.

I'm unsure as to why Japanese Developers did this at the time in the 90s.

Newcomer's Board / How to delete account?
« Last post by mariosmentor on Today at 02:11:02 pm »
Is there a way to delete my account on this site? I signed up because I thought I could learn how to make translation patches, but not only do I have no idea how table files work, despite reading everything this site offers about them, there's also the fact that I have no real means of learning Japanese effectively. Rosetta Stone? Can't afford it. Library books? I can read it, and understand it, but can't retain it. At this point, I'm starting to lose interest in the language entirely. So, what use could I have for this account at this point? If I can't delete it on my own, could I be banned, then?
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