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Quote from: Darth_Anyan on June 07, 2023, 11:10:15 AMRecently, Glucoboy has been dumped:;_2007)

Its glucometer part including GRP accumulation has not been emulated yet, and four out of five game are initially locked behind the GRP "paywall". A romhack to unlock them (or at least start with 13000+ GRP as you need 13000 to unlock all the games) might make it so much easier to use the games on the emulator.
Not a hack, but maybe a cheat will be sufficient:
The GRPs live at address 0300:4c34 in RAM, so setting the value to 0xffff = 65535 with a cheat code like
13004C34 0000FFFF
should allow you to unlock everything.
Personal Projects / Re: Tales of Phantasia SNES (E...
Last post by skyrunner14 - Today at 12:47:59 AM
WIP is short for "work in progress".
News Submissions / ROM Hacks: Super Monaco GP McL...
Last post by RHDNBot - Today at 12:43:21 AM

Update By: Byros

This is a very simple and tiny IPS patch for Super Monaco GP (Genesis/Megadrive), all it does is correct the colors for McLaren to resemble the white/red paint job they used in the early 90s, in the SEGA Arcade version the white/red colors were correct, but the Genesis/Megadrive port got a yellow/red version of the car which this patch fixes.

The changes should be evident in all modes:
-Super Monaco GP
-World Championship
-Team / Rival browser

Williams/Millions will also get a little bit of white as the car livery had more white and blue than yellow.

The rest of the ROM remains unchanged for those who prefer accuracy & purity over eccentric color mods.

If you want to give it a hand yourself, using a HexEditor search for all instances within the Genesis/Megadrive ROM for the following Hex Code:

00 EE 00 88 (Original Yellow Color for McLaren)

Change it to:
0E EE 0C EE (Modified White Color for McLaren).

After that, don't forget to fix the ROM checksum and you should be good to go!

I've tested this patch on real hardware Genesis Model 1 VA6 & GENS.

Update: June 8th, 2023

The same procedure also works for the SEGACD version (tested on real hardware US SEGACD  Model 1), just open the very first BIN file from the SEGA Arcade Classics 5x1 CD-ROM, and make the HEX changes as shown for the ROM version, there is no checksum to fix, just burn your disc and you're ready.

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link
Personal Projects / Re: Fastrom Hacks
Last post by kaiisen - Today at 12:25:37 AM
Wow, I'm very surprised by that SD F-1 Grand Prix game, it's so freaking sweet. Wish I could read those narrators talk though lol

Thank you for so many hacks.
Personal Projects / Re: Tales of Phantasia SNES (E...
Last post by hmsong - June 08, 2023, 06:48:05 PM
Sorry, but what is WIP?  And I'm guessing "Enhancement" has something to do with WIP.
Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 7 SRAM Patch
Last post by hmsong - June 08, 2023, 06:46:44 PM
Dang it.  For some reason, SRAM doesn't seem to work.  I'm using it with Restoration, and everything works fine, until Load.  Specifically, I can play the game and save, but when I reset, the save file is erased.  My guess is that it has something to do with zsnes emulator (I know it's an old emulator, but it's lightweight and can use PAR codes).  Any idea on how to fix that?
Personal Projects / Re: Fastrom Hacks
Last post by kandowontu - June 08, 2023, 03:37:46 PM
Quote from: w1ck3d on June 08, 2023, 01:35:16 PMOut of curiosity, has anyone in your group tried to use learning AI to play through the games?

I wish I had the skill to pull that off! That would be amazing 🤩
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hack Ideas and Requests: W...
Last post by tobiasvl - June 08, 2023, 03:21:28 PM
Quote from: Tsukiyomaru0 on June 06, 2023, 02:00:48 PMI've seen numerous attempts to fix Link's Awakening DX, but here's my take on what should be done:
• Decensor and also rewrite the script to be more accurate to the original.
• Remove all the "helpful" prompts when interacting with items you need the Power Bracelet/Glove and Running Shoes for.
• Shorten some of the very helpful items hint, specially for the Compass (see "footnote" for a proposal of a change).
• Change the theft punishment so it only happens if you steal a second time or more.
• Make it so pressing Select in the inventory brings up the Save screen.
• Remove the music for Guardian Acorn and Piece of Power.
→ As for visual cue of when you have them, if you have the Guardian Acorn, the hearts on the HUD should flash, just like the sword does when you have the Piece of Power.
→ If nothing can be done about the music here, simply make it so the Guardian Acorn and Piece of Power does not spawn at all.
• Remove the power to send enemies flying when they are hit with the sword while under effect of Piece of Power or Red Tunic.
I'm working on a hack that will address some of these, including the script rewrite, skipping text with B, the theft suggestion (you'll be able to steal once without consequences to get the photo, but not more), etc. I probably won't change the Guardian Acorn/Piece of Power behavior (beyond the text) but maybe I'll make some separate patches for that. Feel free to post suggestions in my thread:
ROM Hacking Discussion / Candra's ROM Hack Wishlist
Last post by Candra Software - June 08, 2023, 01:55:29 PM
Mega Man 8 and X4's English dubs are something, they're quite unintentionally funny.

Mind if I share a little ROM Hack wishlist here?:

Slaughter Sport - 1-Player Character Select (so you don't have to enter codes to play as other characters in 1-Player Mode. Basically, make 1-Player Mode go to the Character Select screen)

VR Troopers (Genesis) Boss Hack - Playable Skug and Kamelion. The former would need to have some of his reaction animations tweaked to avoid softlocking the game. Oh, and also, playing as the villains in Story Mode, lifting the Character Select restriction? Due to the char ID checks, Skug winning a round plays the VR Troopers' Victory Theme instead of the Villains' Victory Theme.

Bomberman '94/Mega Bomberman - Revival on Death, instead of the level restarting on each death. I think Super Bomberman R is like that?

Snow Bros. (Mega Drive) - Choose between Snowman and Princess. You can mix and match Snowmen and Princesses. Early stage palettes aren't designed with the Princesses in mind, though.
Here are codes you can use for that game:
3F2E:0000/AA9T-AABR Player 1 is a Princess on every Stage
3ED4:0000/AA9A-AAGY Player 2 is a Princess on every Stage

Puyo Puyo Tsu (Mega Drive) - PCM Driver Fix, in the vein of Stef's PCM Driver fixes for Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition and Super Street Fighter II. I was thinking about this in case one doesn't have access to System C-2 emulation for its arcade counterpart.

Roll-chan 7 (A ROM Hack of the SNES game, not a spritesheet edit of the 8-bit remake) - Seems unlikely, but fingers crossed! (pro-tip: you can mash out of burn! I had to figure that out on my own)

Speaking of which, refill weapon ammo on death for any of the Classic or X Mega Man games that don't have such ROM Hacks yet.

Super Street Fighter II (Genesis) - Extra Character Slots - After I started replacing characters in a ROM Hack of the Genesis port of this game, people have been wanting Akuma to be added. It would most likely fall into bank switching territory, which I believe Mortal Kombat ROM Hacks such as Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy uses. I eventually figured out how to edit sprite tile maps (bragging rights!)

One problem though, is that how would the extra characters be usable in Tournament Mode, considering that the RAM Addresses for the player entries use 1 digit in the same byte for the character colors and character indexes? They might require an extra flag to determine if Akuma is selected, like in Super Turbo.
Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics ...
Last post by StrikerTheHedgefox - June 08, 2023, 01:53:19 PM
Any luck with the backgrounds from The After Years? They seem to match the mobile FF4.