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Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« Last post by slidelljohn on Today at 07:21:48 am »
So this is a Super SNES-ROM-ROM upgrade? ;D
Um...yea ::)

why is underground stage 3 so slow? And why do the stars still stay on BG using 30 sprites? is it possible to remove?
I’m sure there are more than a few things causing the slowdown on stage 3. The stars are both on a background layer and on the sprite layer. The stars that are on the sprite
layer uses 25% of the games sprites which I do not like but
it is how the game was made. And yes, you can turn the stars off on the sprite layer by changing one byte in the object data but that 25% of sprites will still be reserved for stars in oam-ram. If I make a new gradius game I will probably completely remove the stars that are sprites so there can be more enemies and bullets on screen.
Newcomer's Board / Re: Starting Snes Rom Hacking
« Last post by slidelljohn on Today at 06:45:43 am »
Your welcome, and thanks! I have a lot left to do
with gradius but I also have projects for 7th saga
and mega man x.

The vsnes tool will help you find what you are
looking for and you should play around with it.
For the sprites you need to look for the oam
ram. Open vsnes and a savestate that has a
sprite that you are looking for like maybe your
ship. After you open your savestate in vsnes
open the hex viewer in vsnes and scroll to oam
ram. The oam ram is the data for your sprites.
The link for the sprites that I posted shows you
that each sprite uses 4 bytes in oam ram. In the
scene viewer if you show the sprites you can see
them change if you change the bytes in the oam
hex viewer. Usually if you look at the oam ram
in the hex viewer you can find the same bytes
in the wram hex viewer. If you can find the oam
data in wram then you can trace your code back
to find out how that data got there for that particular
sprite. You can also do this with cg-ram which is for
your color palettes. Play around with this for awhile
and see what you can find. As you find stuff keep
notes for it in a rom map and a ram map. The more
stuff you document the more you will understand. ;)

Here is a test for you. Try to find your ships color palette
in the rom.

Step #1 find ship color palette in cg-ram
Step #2 find cg-ram in wram
Step #3 trace code back to find out how it got in wram

When you go to trace the code for finding the color palette
make sure that you do not use trace once when you
trace the code. When you go to trace the code start the
trace just before the data for the color palette gets loaded
into wram then stop tracing after you see it appear in wram.
Personal Projects / Re: Dr. Mario DX
« Last post by Da_GPer on Today at 06:05:26 am »
I just finished working on the game field, which includes the clipboard and bottle. I used the NES tiles to make this except for the very top of the bottle's opening, which was custom made due to there being no sprites for it. I'm not sure if I will make the score area and the high/med/low area black or not. I have also noticed that the score box and the bottle share the same sprites, so I might make the score box the same color as the bottle to save on colors, but I do like the colors I have for it and I also plan on using the colors for the game select screen. I have also been thinking about maybe making the virus and Dr. Mario boxes black as well and see how it would look. I might post compare pics to ask for everyone's opinion for that one. I will say that I am quiet pleased with the results, yet I am not sure if it will work or not. Can marc_max please PM me so I can ask him for some info? Anyways, next is the select screen. ;D
Well I don't know if this still works for something, but I already understood what Johann meant, so I corrected the edges of Stella and Loretta, no more red edges, and I'm sorry for having so many mistakes hahaha but I think it will look good in the end xD  :)

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 191018
« Last post by teahouser on Today at 12:59:24 am »
Hey Queue, yes I have tried continuing further, but I'm pretty sure I'm stuck. I went into the dawrf village and watched the sprites show/confront them in the back for my money back, but leaving the room doesn't trigger the earthquake event that warps me, the sprite, and the dwarf to the main floor where the sprite joins the team.

When NG+ started, I went from the village to the warp gate infront of the water palace, talked to dyluck and his men then followed them through the gate. Used the whip to get back entry to forest, warped to the witches castle then beat it.

Another thing I noticed is when you start new game plus whatever weapons the girl and Sprite had equipped when you beat the game, stay equipped on them. Selecting a weapon they have switches it with the one the boy is using, so you can't set his secondary weapon to either of the two weapons the sprite and girl have equipped. Could you make it so the Girl and Sprite have their weapons automatically unequipped when new game plus starts?
Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X5 Improvement Project Addendum (v1.0)
« Last post by SCD on Today at 12:45:51 am »
This is pretty cool, maybe for the next version, can you try and restore Dr. Light's unused track?
I had no idea I wanted an addendum such as this.

But there's one problem: the Hex Editing Customization doesn't really work for me. I did what the Readme asks, saved it, and nothing's changed in the BIN file (that I know of).
Personal Projects / Mega Man X5 Improvement Project Addendum (v1.1)
« Last post by acediez on Today at 12:15:57 am »
Mega Man X5 Improvement Project Addendum

This is an addendum to the Mega Man X5 Improvement Project by DarkSamus993 (v0.01.1), mostly focusing on restoring content from the japanese version.
It's merely a laundry list of things I wanted done for myself, which was made possible thanks to Metalwario64's help on the graphics side.
IT's NOT an "X5 Tweaks". Beyond bugfixes, no further work on this is planned on my part. I've let DarkSamus933 know that all the work done here will be handed over to him if/when he continues working on the Improvement Project.

Included changes from the original Improvement Project (v0.01.1):
- Alia's hints are permanetly disabled
- Keep both character bonuses regardless of which one is chosen
- Each Heart Tank/Life-Up Part affect both X & Zero
- Save/Load menu was given a redesign
- Fixed the 'injured' sprites for X & Zero

Addendum changes:
- Graphic changes:
   - Title Screen restored from the japanese version (custom graphics by Metalwario64)
   - Mavericks renamed to their japanese/MMXLC2 names (custom graphics by Metalwario64, based on MMXLC2 new graphics, ripped by DarkSamus993)
- Script changes:
   - Mavericks renamed.
   - "Cristal ball" typo corrected.
   - "Octopardo" changed to "Octopus".
- Sound track restoration:
   - Opening theme replaced with the japanese opening song "Monkey"
   - Ending theme replaced with the japanese ending song "Mizu no Naka"
   - Tidal Whale's stage theme changed to the unused track "Deep Sea".
- Voice clips restoration:
   - X's Charged Shot
   - Zero's Giga Attack
   - X and Zero on low health
   - Maverick introduction name calls
   - Title screen "Rockman X5" call ***
- No need to waste "hours" to get upgrades
   - Get Life Up/Energy Up at any level
   - Get Life Up+/Energy Up+ (Parts) at any level
- All Parts obtainable on a single playthrough
   - Get both Parts regardless of Life Up+/Energy Up+ selection
- Others:
   - Cutscenes and dialogues fast forward by holding START
   - Cheat Code to unlock Ultimate Armor will keep the Fourth Armor selectable
   - Cheat Codes to unlock Ultimate Armor and Black Zero can be combined 
   - Longer/harder "X vs. Zero" fight (damage tables halved)
   - Faster pause menu transitions
   - Exit Button always available

*** For localization consistency, this one isn't included in the patch, but some of the code needed to include it is. If you want to enable it, there's instructions for that in the "Customizations" included in the "readme" file.

There's a couple more things I decided to leave out of the patch, but are included in the "readme" as hex editing instructions. There's also instructions to reverse some of the changes that are included.

Change log:
- "Mizu no Naka" fixed.
- Initial release.


Format: xdelta.
xdelta UI (Windows)
MultiPatch (OSX)

Target: "Mega Man X5 (USA)", "REDUMP" release.
MD5: 98C0D278DC4A795A0A7562D950D37CC9

acediez: Addendum author.
DarkSamus993: All the groundwork from Improvement Project. DAT files documentation. Maverick names graphics ripped from MMXLC2.
Metalwario64: All custom graphics. 
gledson999: DAT/ARC extraction and reinsertion tools. Text editing tools and tables.   
Z3R0X: Trainer tool used as reference for some of the hacks (
In other news, I noticed on TCRF that Cannock Castle also had a map change between the Japanese and English releases, so I figured I'd make a restoration patch for that too, and while I was at it, I figured I might as well also upload some patches for DW1 and DW2, so hopefully those will be approved shortly!

Yeah I saw that, it's really minor change that just makes you go "Why?" There's a lot more in DW3, but the Data Crystal entry says map graphics are essentially like text. I would assume they're done in rows so I hope it turns out to be easier to edit.

So, abw, I did a "fresh" rip of DW2 with abcde v5. Copied my script over and changed the appropriate variables and there's two weird things. While my previous Atlas.txt was kinda all over the place, my new one is more in line with the rip.

First: It ripped the Prologue and everything else fine, but when I try to re-insert it says it can't tolkenize spaces and points to the first space I have there (Left side of the first line). I realized I needed to add the Table line to make sure it uses the spacer.tbl file but the Atlas readme isn't too insightful on how to use different tables I have it as:

Code: [Select]
#VAR(nonScriptTBL, TABLE)
#ADDTBL("spacer.tbl", main) // or whatever you named your table file

I'm sure it's something painfully obvious I'm missing. If I don't add the main part it says it tries to call a table that doesn't exist, and when it's added it says main table unknown. @_@

Second: As I said in a previous post, I incorporated your full name hack (thank you again for that :))and I ripped the script in the menus to see what you did. I see that the new value $9C is for names in battle with trailing spaces, but I'm having trouble with the new field menu party list. YOUR Script shows for the beginning solo Midenhall status like this

Code: [Select]
═NOMEN═════GR══SL══LM[border line]
<$5F>[Midenhall's short name]  [Midenhall's level]<$5F>[Midenhall's current HP]<$5F>[Midenhall's current MP][line]

I think something might be going wrong with the fact that NORMALLY $5F and $81 are both spaces. I guess I'm stumped because I expected some kind of new value instead of "Midenhall's short name". Does the $5F really do something different here needing a change to the menu_params.tbl?

EDIT: Oh! I see your patches have just been approved! Maybe I'll use the menu improvement patch instead of trying to reverse engineer it from your Latin translation!

EDIT2: Between your Latin version and seeing how your new menu improvement patch works, I'm getting really turned around from the pointer values jumping back and forth. Makes it super confusing to edit! I totally see what you did but I just need to know: If I rip that part of the script with abcde/cartographer, with it's random Pointer Jumps (going from pointer #73 to Pointer #8) and edit the menus will Atlas still insert it properly? I'm curious how you even went in and said "Okay $7694 is practically the same as this menu pointed to $7690 so just point to that one"?(within something like abcde, I get how you'd do it manually)

EDIT3: Not a question, just a minor observation, but I'm surprised with your battle menu edit, you didn't just move the command menu to the left a couple of spaces over so that the monster name window doesn't overlap with the command window. That's what I did *shrug*
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dragon Warrior III MMC5 Bankswitch Help
« Last post by Dracula X on October 21, 2019, 10:14:07 pm »
In the original game, they are both the main bank swapping routine.

I also fixed the bug that I ran into as well.
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