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Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2...
Last post by einlanzer - Today at 11:27:33 PM
Bumping this because I'd love to work on a rebalance for this and i'm just now starting to poke around. Some things I think are needed are a signifcant boost to Amia's slicer and a few tech updates. If anyone has done any exploratory work on these things yet, please shoot me a message!
Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy V Tweaks
Last post by Red Soul - Today at 10:23:51 PM
Quote from: T29 on Today at 05:10:38 PMLike Gau from FF VI?

Yeah something like Gau except without the auto-battling. Just an idea.
Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest Delocalized P...
Last post by Bobza - Today at 09:58:12 PM
On the 1.15 patch with Warrior names applied for DQ 1, is the title screen supposed to say "TRADEMARK OOFNINTENDO"?
Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy V Tweaks
Last post by Lumiere - Today at 07:43:41 PM
Jitterbug needs to steal more HP because it's pitiful by "world 3", the same for Mystery Waltz concerning MP. Tempting Tango gets removed when using a "Sword Dance" item, and it only inflicts confuse. I'm not sure what, but Tango needs to be better.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hack ideas: for those with...
Last post by fsdnm - Today at 06:54:11 PM
Fuck you, Fuck you Fuck you, Fuck you, delete this message already.
For those who understand any street fighter alpha/zero, is it possible to add wall bounce?
Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man World 5 DX (Game ...
Last post by amaturehr - Today at 06:26:30 PM
I'm crying in anticipation.   :'(   Incredible
Help Wanted Ads / [Graphics/Technical] [MD/GEN] ...
Last post by Yggdrax - Today at 06:25:37 PM
The Genesis/MD port of the Addams Family game was one of the first games that I have recollection of playing. Because I grew up with this game, it holds a very special place in my heart, however with time I've come to realize how rushed and unpolished some aspects of this game were.

Since I'm not a master at romhacking or anything of the likes, I've decided to start with a color hack, as it is relatively simple. I've done some work already to make the color palette of this game closer to that of the SNES version (as that port has better use of color). As well as modifying Gomez sprite and some of the hud elements.

As of right now, most of the areas were recolored. However, because of the poor usage of the Genesis color palette, some graphic detail was lost in the conversion. And unfortunately, almost all of the game graphics are compressed, which I have little to no idea on how to deal with.

Now, this port has some other issues, like some of the boss sprites being drawn in the incorrect order, or some of the gallery stages missing music. But those are out of the reach of what this hack tries to fix. What I need right now is to decompress the tileset graphics, specifically from the gallery stages and from the hall of stairs, so I can modify them.
Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest Delocalized P...
Last post by lilpuddy31 - Today at 06:21:44 PM
Quote from: nanashi89 on Today at 04:41:26 PMWhat is the game you are hoping for?

I'm gonna plead the 5th on this since I'm not in control of the project.

All I'll say is that it is an entry in a long standing series
in breath of fire 2 I want to know what the event command is for music changes that occur during a specific cutscene. For example, the town theme plays in the guild's room, but then the overworld theme plays near the end of the cutscene until you exit the room. I know that A9 is used for changes in the overworld theme or battle music but not for temporary events.