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Personal Projects / Mario A New Day (SMB Hack)
« on: December 11, 2020, 01:53:01 pm »
 Hi all. For the past month and half I have been working on a Super Mario Bros hack for NES. I will provide a few screenshots, then discuss what has been changed and/or added.

 New Powerups:
  • carrot: The carrot replaces the super mushroom and acts just like the carrot from SMB3 Mix and I believe one of the Mario Land Games. When falling holding the A button slows your decent and releasing it will turn your fall rate back to normal. Also added sound affect. 
  • Fire Flower: fire flower acts like an add-on to the carrot. The carrot ability remains with the addition of holding up while shooting fireballs to control the speed and bounce height of the balls. Also, the fire flower give the ability to climb ropes and vines. Without the flower, the ability to climb is gone.
  • POW item: The POW items kills all enemies on screen.
  • Transparent Mario: replaces the star. This item turns Mario into the blinking state. Can walk through enemies and kill enemies without injury as if in   "injury Blink" mode, and gives the ability to walk through certain walls which otherwise kill Mario. This item has a generous time limit.

 Getting 100 coins give a regular star that lasts a bit longer than the original game. May add other affects. You can jump off of enemies if holding down the A button like SMB 3.The game will be open world with no flagpoles. you explore the three levels to find your way to the fourth level (castle). then move on to the next world. Custom graphics. Many ASM Edits. Score has been replaced with a enemy kill counter. new instant kill munchers. Instant kill "firewall" that kills Mario unless he has the transparent powerup.

 This hack was made as an attempt to use ASM for the first time. This hack so far was created without expanding to use a different mapper. thought that will change because the STE title screen editor no longer works correctly for my game. Game needs a title screen. Will also need to add the music. I have some good ideas for the music but I tried to hack music many times and I always fail. I will figure it out somehow. Also need to figure out how to add upside down pipes. Now I am trying to figure out why the animation seems to be skipping a frame or repeating a frame. It as a animation patch that works with a unmodified ROM. I just started learning ASM so expanding the rom and adding things like upside down pipes and swappable chr banks and a new title screen is above my paygrade but it has to be done. Will give updates and more screenshots when I get more things done.

edit: Kicked shells now collect coins. Fireballs also collect coins.

edit: Skid sfx added.

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