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The Mario Update Preview:
Hello again, since the thread has gotten so many reads and some positive comments I thought I should post a little update and respond to things so far. 
So, improving the graphics is the main aim of the project so I’m sure I’ll be able to deliver on improved sprite work, as for Luigi causing colours to be swapped, that’s a hard  one. See Luigi changes Mario’s colour palette, so anything that uses it is also affected, although I do have a rather lofty idea in store for Luigi, but I don’t know how possible it will be for us to implement.
As for the Yoshi thing, I assume you mean when he jumps on things like Piranha Plants, well it might be something we can add, finding out how it handles what to do when you land on something would be the first step towards that goal.
And lastly about the music, I do have a near complete 2A03 NES soundtrack I put together from numerous covers and edited in Famitracker to sound how I wanted, but it’s way out of my capabilities to actually implement such a change. But if anyone on here ever fancies the task I’m open to help, but for now, I’m just focusing on what I can do, graphics and minor tweaks to things.
So onto the update preview:
Work on the game is going well, I have replaced all of small Mario’s sprites and only have one change left to make to them.
Super Mario is well underway now as well, with the majority of his sprites being completed. I have updated the sprite mappings and altered the bank switching for Super Mario to allow him to look as accurate as possible as well as clearing out almost all of the unused graphics from his banks so that any possible future changes are easier to implement. The cape has all new sprites ported from the original as well, which are a nice improvement over the bootleg ones.
As well as this, Fire Mario is soon to begin work, I’ve made some sprites to test how it could look and here’s what I came up with:
As you might have guessed, Mario himself is my current focus, but after Mario is completed I’ll be working on Yoshi, who is going to have his banks updated to make better use of the space he has assigned to him. (trying to prevent the garbage graphics issue when the game lags)

Anyway, that's all for the moment, the next post I make will be when the Mario update is completed, thanks for checking out my hack and I'll hear from you all in a bit

Hello everyone, as a new member I wanted to show off what I’m working on, a complete graphical overhaul of the NES Super Mario World bootleg. This project aims to replace every single graphic within the game with ones ported directly from the original as well as bug fix and improve a few other aspects of the game.
Also I’m mostly making this post to see if anyone is interested in the project and if people are interested I’m more likely to work on it actively, so it'd be nice to know if anyone wants to see this get finished.
Here is the improved title screen for the game:

I’m working with another user, Quick Curly, to achieve these improvements as I do not know much about the technical side of hacking. I’m working on the graphics and I ask him to help find or change certain aspects of the game, then when he has found the data that needs changing, one of us can modify it. For the title screen we had to change the pointers for the attribute data so that the text could be coloured properly and block data for the background also had to be updated to display correctly.
This project is built off of the hack made by The Jabu back in 2017, this is because his hack did a couple of bug fixes. All of the graphics in the game will be redone though, even ones already updated by the Jabu. I originally started this back in 2018, but I lost motivation for it, but I’ve restarted it again, picking up from then but planning it out a little better this time.
Since restarting the project I’ve worked on the title screen and small Mario’s graphics, although far more changes were made back in 2018, most are unfinished or need errors to be corrected.
Here are some more screen shots:
As you can see this is a very work in progress hack and some bits are still wonky from unfinished changes, but it will all be fixed eventually
Small Mario’s sprite data has also been updated so his arms can now be behind him when he runs exactly as in the original. Due to the game originally sharing head tiles between the walking and running sprites this wasn’t possible, but now that it picks a different tile for running Mario can look more accurate than ever.

Anyway, thanks for looking at my post and let me know what you think of the project so far

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: July 19, 2020, 08:36:54 am »
Hello all!
I'm Somari, thought I'd join as I'm working on a little project at the moment which I thought might be worth sharing, so I'll post about that soon. As you might be able to tell by the name, I like NES bootlegs a fair bit, especially ones by Hummer Team, my favourites being Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 4. As for hobbies, I'm a cassette tape enthusiast, casual gamer and enjoy tinkering with old electronics such as Walkmans and VCRs. I also like NES-ifying graphics from time to time and am slowly learning to cover music in Famitracker by ear, so maybe that will be useful for hacking someday. My favourite types of games are arcade style racers, vertical shooters and side scrollers/platformers. As for consoles, I quite like the NES/Famicom, Mega Drive and PS2.
Anyway, it's nice to finally join and I'll see you all in a bit

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