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Looks pretty good Sics, though Somari with classic Mario style colouring feels a bit weird to me, but still, nice work :thumbsup:

Hello again to all, it's been a while since my last post here, but I have an announcement to make about the project so it's time to break the silence once more and possibly the last time for a while.
PalaceSwitcher has continued to work hard pushing forwards with the technical side of things, however our progress is still very slow and our search for help has come up dry thus far, so together we've come to a decision about what to do.
Between us we've realised that this is simply too much for one person to reverse engineer really, so until we have more members in our team who are able to help with reverse engineering and eventually reprogramming the game, SMW NES The Complete Improvement Project will be put on hold.
I hope this isn't too much of a disappointment for people and I assure you that we are in no way cancelling the project, SMW NES will return one day, but we really need more people for something of this scale as our team just doesn't have the manpower to pull this off in a reasonable manner yet.
We have graphics and sound covered between us, but the coding/reverse engineering work we can't do alone as only PalaceSwitcher is able to do it currently and a big game like this is pretty hard to make sense of, it's an overwhelming task for one person.

We will continue our search for help though and when we find some, I'll announce that here, the server will remain active in the meantime.

SMW NES The Complete Improvement Project will return, if anyone knows who to point us to for help please let us know.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope that we'll be able to resume this soon, take care everyone

Discord server: (disassembly files can be found here too)

Yeah, those sprites are already in this thread lol, the Mario sheet is on page 4 in my second post on the page as a spoiler image since it's pretty big. That shows the entire Mario sheet except cutscene specific sprites.
As for that error pixel in the logo, maybe I'll fix it at some point, but it doesn't bother me and it's part of the SNES original so having it here is just a funny little 'make it a perfect port' thing, but if it bothers enough people I'll fix it.

Glad you like it, though I can't take praise as a programming genius as I'm no good with that stuff, that's all down to PalaceSwitcher, he's the technical brains of all this, but I will admit I'm a genius at NES graphic design ;)
As for the physics fixes and updates to the jumping/gliding mechanics, yup, all of those things will be included. This will be a full port, it's essentially only using the bootleg engine as a base starting point, everything is being redone on top of that so we can basically do whatever we want with the game.

Hello again, it's been quite a while since my last update, over a month actually, so I thought it was finally time to show off a little progress. Now to be honest, not much has happened in this time beyond some technical progress with the disassembly and us now having a composer. Progress is all round rather slow due to our small team and thus having all of the graphics ready asap isn't really a priority for me right now, but rest assured the project isn't dying, it's just not my number 1 thing to do right now and work is still being done.
But just because things haven't moved much doesn't mean I don't have a treat instore for you all, I proudly present what the title screen will look like in SMW NES:

Now I'm sure that you will immediately think this is impossible, in fact part of the large update delay was in hopes of us being able to get this working first to prove it's legitimacy as no one seems to believe it's doable.
So to prove it's real I'll explain how this works; it's cheating. By using interrupts during render we are able to change not only the graphics bank loaded but also the screen palettes which means that the upper and lower halves of the screen can be totally unique from one another. The bootleg already uses interrupts to display the logo graphics and also to keep the logo in place, so all this is doing is making more full use of that trick by performing a mid-frame palette swap, so this NES screen has 8 background palettes present. The 'L' in the logo is a sprite overlay to make up for a missing colour combo in the palette and then the lower part is using some clever background positioning to cover up palette limitations. Last thing is the berries, they are sprites on the title screen, though in game they will just be background objects. To ensure my mockup was 100% accurate I also remade the upper and lower halves of this image in NESScreenTool, a screen mapping editor for the NES, and sure enough it was able to be displayed as shown here, so hopefully that's enough to prove that this is legit despite everyone I've shown calling it fake.

As for technical progress, it's slow but getting there, more banks have been reverse engineered, more uncompiled source code has been found (and also made use of for labelling memory addresses) and more strange implementations of functions are being uncovered. I wish we had more to say in this department but we really don't have the manpower to get things done more quickly here, PalaceSwitcher has said that at the current rate with our current team, it's likely to be at least 2 years at minimum before this project will be done, and that's probably on the lower end of the estimate.
I'd like to ask again that anyone with programming knowledge who would be interested in porting SMW to the NES to please get in touch with us, graphics I can handle on my own when needed, music now has a dedicated new member (Shauing on our Discord, thank you for joining us if you read this), but reverse engineering and programming is something we are very much in need of help with.
We aren't experienced devs, we are pretty new to this in fact and regardless of that it's a monumental task to rework a game into a full port of this scale with just 3 members, only one of which is capable of programming. This is more than just a simple hack, we aim to create a full port and even opensource the reworked engine one day for others to use for making their own advanced NES games but we simply can't make much headway alone, so if you are interested or can point us towards someone who might be able to lend a hand please let us know, it'd help us a lot.

Anyway that's it for this post, the project crawls forward as ever, so thanks for reading and take care everyone!

Links: Discord Server:   ::::   GitHub:   

Hello again to all, it's been a while since my last post so I thought I'd share our latest progress, I've been on a little bit of a break from my graphical work to do some other things but I've still made some decent progress on what I've done.
Map: So we've decided that the overworld map should use the MMC5's Ex attribute mode which allows for 8K of tile data as well as 8x8 palette application for backgrounds. With that in mind, I've ported every single map tile the SNES game has and created a mockup to go with it. We are currently unsure if the sides of the map boarder will be possible on the NES, but for the sake of this mockup they are included. (the numbers around the edge are just for my reference of keeping track of a palette grid)

I think it came out quite nicely for an demake. The downside to Ex attributes is that they prevent normal background animation using bankswaps, so the only way we could animate the water would be using tilemap updates, but we are currently unsure of how taxing/feasible this would be on the hardware.
Luigi: Some of Luigi's sprites have also been worked on with good results, though they aren't an exact match to any of the legit sprites of Luigi, they are as close as I can make them without significant palette clash or looking weird like some of the actual ones do (looking at you Super Mario All Stars + World Luigi)

More have been completed than shown here, but I thought I'd try using a couple of animated sprites in my post for once.
Stage Backgrounds: I decided to start a little bit of work on the stage tilesets, and have completed one of the cave sets so I'll probably make a mockup using it soon. (not much else to say on that really, I just made that one set)
Technical: Technical progress is slow and steady as usual, more banks have been reverse engineered and commented/labelled with a couple of interesting finds in the process. Turns out that Mario has what appears to be a very early skidding action state, when forced to activate, small/super Mario will switch to a garbled sprite (though Fire Mario will use the actual unused frame for it) and move very slowly when you press left/right. While in this state he can't climb properly or ride Yoshi and will return to his normal standing state once you stop moving, it's not much use, but it was an interesting find none the less. There also seems to be an unused state for Yoshi spitting out a 1UP, perhaps it was planned for him to be able to spit out bonuses similar to how he makes 1UP eggs in the SNES version sometimes.

Anyway that's it for now, as ever, thanks for reading and take care everyone

Links: Discord Server:   ::::   GitHub:   

The Banzai Bill is 5 tiles wide by 5 tiles high, so 25 tiles total or 40x40 pixels, this is about as large as I think I can make it before it just becomes too much with all of the other things the Banzai can appear with

Hello again, just a small update today but I thought I should make a post as it's been a couple weeks at least since the last one.
Most of the recent goings on with the project have been behind the scenes as we ran into what we thought would be a massive technical issue due to a misunderstanding of the MMC5's capabilities that stripped us of an additional 4K of sprite RAM, but thanks to a bit of research and me studying the original game more closely I've worked out a way to get everything working with just the standard 4K of sprite RAM. In case anyone is thinking it, I do know about the 12K VRAM trick, but that forces you to use 8x16 sprites and that would mess up all of the sprite banking and would also make the palette clash much worse, so unfortunately this trick cannot be used for the game, we were under the impression that this could be used with standard 8x8 sprites, but you learn as you go ay. But rest assured, we won't be cutting anything important to the gameplay, the only cuts will be to particles and a few animation frames for some objects, I can make this work.

So now that we've solved that issue things are moving forward slowly as normal, PalaceSwitcher has been continuing with labelling code and is currently seeking help with that (if you'd like to help out the thread is here), and I have been continuing with enemy sprites, though most of these past couple weeks have been spent studying the SNES game more carefully and looking at exactly how to bank enemies as I have to be a little more smart about it being down a whole 4K of RAM.
Here's a few of the latest additions to the sprite sheet:

There have also been a few other small sprite tweaks such as the hunched Koopa's shoes being made smaller to reduce the colour clash, so I think that the graphical progress has been good. Also, the reason the red was removed from the Rexes was because it had a lot of cut off/clash on the majority of their frames, it only looked decent on the one frame it was originally shown on in my previous posts. As you can see, the Banzai Bill has been made smaller to work better on the NES as well, though I'm not sure if I'll keep the rather heavy shading around the eyes, but for now I like it.

Anyway that's it for now, I hope you like our progress and with any luck someone with some technical knowhow will join us soon, we could really do with a second technical member,
As ever thanks for reading and take care everyone!

(links: Discord Server :: Github Disassembly )


Hello again to all,
I'm back with another update to show off some good progress on the project, I guess time slipped me by a bit with posting this, but better late than never ay, so without further ado;
Mario's in level sprite sheet is now 100% completed and all of the 1k sprite banks that will be used for it have been laid out ready for later. His cutscene specific sprites are not yet completed, but I felt like working on some other sprites for a while.
(Also I noticed the shading shown on Fire Mario's arms in that image is a little inconsistent, this image is a few days old and the majority of that shading has since been removed).
Now that Mario himself is finished for the moment, I've resumed work on the enemy sprites and am starting to design their 1K banks as well, here's a few of the things that I've worked on so far:

As you can see, things are looking pretty nice, I might make the blue used by the Eeries and Boo Blocks a lighter shade in game, but this blue works fine too.
Some various other sprites have been tweaked and worked on as well, thanks to PalaceSwitcher making test ROM for me, I can try out some of these sprites on hardware just to see how they look. The composite colour blending works nicely here I think and the palette of this system complements the sprites well:
Sorry about the slightly blurry nature of these, taking pictures of a CRT screen is hard, they obviously look better in person, but it gets the general appearance across. (The system used to display these was a PAL 'Power Joy' NOAC Famiclone by the way) As expected, the composite video helps to mask some of the small colour issues some of these have so I was glad to see that working.
Technical Progress:
As for the disassembly, PalaceSwitcher has made excellent progress, almost all of the banks containing code have been successfully disassembled and work will soon begin on the data only banks. Here is a list of the bank IDs that have been completed so far: 37, 39, 41, 42, 48, 49, 50, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 61 and 63. Thanks again to Cyneprepou4uk for your technical insight and disassembly tool/scripts, your help has saved us a lot of time and made things much easier for PalaceSwitcher.
Also, a special thankyou to QuickCurly (my original partner on the project) for making an MMC5 conversion test ROM of SMW NES and for taking the time to help us out once again. Yup, we now have a working MMC5 build of SMW. Now that doesn't mean that the in game improvements will be starting just yet, the disassembly still needs to be completed first and then the MMC5 conversion redone for the disassembled version, however it is an extremely useful reference ROM for later of how to at least get this working on the MMC5 mapper.

Well that about covers the update, I think things are coming along nicely, so, all that's left for this post is responding to some things. So first off, as promised, here's that mockup of the overworld stage using a darker ground colour
This actually looks quite nice with this palette, however I'll need to test it on hardware later as in FCEUX this colour looks rather ugly with the green dots on the ground, so thanks for the suggestion. And also, nice work on those sprites Sics, I quite like the depth and style they have going on, they wouldn't really fit with the art of this game unfortunately, but I'm taking notes, well done :thumbsup:. Not sure why we'd need to implement Reznor on the background layer though, Hummer made it work ok on the sprite layer, the massive amount of flickering that occurs during the fight seems largely unnecessary as they flicker constantly regardless of if there are too many sprites on a scanline or not, so we hope to be able to use sprites for Reznor as well.

Anyway that's it for this update, as ever, thanks for reading and take care everyone!

Links: Discord Server: :: Disassembly:

Just a quick little response to some things and a very small progress update,
First off, to SMLFan1234, I much appreciate your offer to lend a hand and you showing interest in the project however I'm not currently looking for any graphical help, but you are welcome to show me what you've done as I'd be interested to see, always worth a look at someone else's take on things I say.
As for the fire flower sprite, it looks a little weird because it's design doesn't work too well with the palettes so I modified it, basically the red part on the original design goes down far enough that it ends up in the same tiles as the stem so either the bottom goes green or the leaves go red. The altered design with the light shading was to get around this issue as the head was made smaller and light colour used as shading is shared in both. However this design has since been updated again and the fire flower is now using it's original sprite but it's tan instead of red.
In regard to the HUD placement, it uses the same interrupt drawing trick as Mario 3 which I'm not sure yet if that could be done at the top of the screen or not, but assuming it can we might try out the idea when we get to that stage of the project.
Also, I did consider a darker colour for the floor palette, but in the end it was made quite light as a darker colour looked a bit weird when paired with the green dots on the ground, but I'll make a mock up of it for my next post to see what you guys make of it though.

As for progress, we haven't much to report, I've been fairly busy with other things last week so haven't had the chance to do more than a few sprites and PalaceSwitcher is just fixing some slight errors with the previously disassembled banks. But I have managed to make a good sounding 2A03 and MMC5 music track for the game just as a little test, so that's something at least, I'll probably post that on the Discord server later. I *might* also look at creating a mock up art ROM of one of the stages using a tool that someone on the server pointed me towards if I can get everything working, all being well I could load that onto a flash cart and show off how the game could look (minus the HUD) on a few different clone systems I have, but no promises on that one.

Anyway, I hope to have a bit more news to share soon, as ever, take care everyone and thanks for reading

Hello, thought I'd respond to some things and show off a couple mockups for the backgrounds of the game.
So first off, some of you have suggested using a pink-ish colour for Mario, this is something I looked at before while drawing these, however I was never a fan at all of how it looked as without the shading it just seemed kinda ugly to me, as well as causing the enemies to become miscoloured. But for the sake of comparison, here's Mario using a pinkish palette:
Perhaps some of you prefer this look, but personally I think that red is a better fit here and is more inline with the other NES Mario games, but each to their own.
Secondly about Yoshi's colour changes, as Lusofonia pointed out, the 4 sprite palettes I have chosen are very much intentionally designed for this as they will allow for all 4 colours of Yoshi and koopa to be possible at any time without colour clashing. Instead of swapping a single palette dedicated to Yoshi, Yoshi will instead swap between palette mappings selecting one of the 4 palettes for his primary colour, the same is true for the Koopas.

As Sics question got me curious about how this should be handled, here's Mario and Luigi on a black background with a slight palette tweak so they don't disappear and one with their standard palette:
I think simply switching to using this alternate palette in areas with black backgrounds will be a suitable solution to the issue, there shouldn't be too many instances of this change other than in castles anyway.
And I also made a couple mockups of how the game could look, these only cover the first stage/tile set, but this is my vision for the game:
(I later noticed I slightly messed up the top of the hills and the HUD isn't perfect in this, but the actual backdrop is as I intend it to be in game. The numbers along the edges are just used for me to keep track of attributes while making these, they aren't a part of the game obviously)
And a larger mockup of the first stage:
(the final results might look slightly different to this but overall it conveys how the game will look)
And lastly, about the [?] blocks having sprites, the blocks and coins will all be background objects as they are in the other Mario games, the sprite present in the object banks is for when the blocks are hit and get bumped upwards, much like how the real Mario games do it. When hit the blocks will turn into sprites briefly to perform this animation and then return to being background objects. Due to colour limitations the appearance of the blocks may vary slightly in some stages, this mockup shows the least colourful variant, however if a stage were to have a totally black or predominantly white background then additional shading may be possible. (the shading colour has to be omitted in some instances so that the sky colour can be used behind coins and flip blocks)

Anyway, thankyou for all your responses and for reading my posts,
I'll catch you all later, take care!

Hello again, just a small post this time to respond to some things and show off the latest sprite progress.
First of all, thankyou all for the warm responses, I'm glad you all like the new art I'm making for the game and that people are interested in the project, your support is what helps us keep working on this :)
So, to answer the couple questions that were asked ('Will the music be remade? and 'Will the physics be worked on?'), yes, this game is basically being torn apart and once that's done, it'll be rebuilt on the MMC5 with new music, new physics, new enemies, stages and many other improvements, this is a complete overhaul of the game. We would like to make as close to a perfect port as is technically possible, the MMC5 should allow us to achieve this, though due to the size of the project and our small team it will obviously take a fair while to do.
As for sprite progress, here are the latest sprite sets that have been completed:
Standard Koopa sprites and shell (can be palette swapped for each of the four colours)

And Small Mario's in level sprites (missing cutscene specific sprites for now as they are a low priority)

Good progress has also been made on Yoshi's sprites and they are nearly completed, so hopefully I can cross those off the list soon.
On the technical side, PalaceSwitcher has updated the bank 63 labels and has begun work on disassembling bank 50, so there's been a little progress made all round.

Anyway, as ever, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts,
Take care everyone

Hello again to all, I'm back at it again and this time things look quite different, some aspects of the project are being reworked and how I'm working on this has also changed a bit. So, onto the new SMW NES Improvement update:

On the technical side, progress on the disassembly is good, 6 banks have been fully disassembled so far and PalaceSwitcher has been working hard to understand this game's inner workings, finding many useful RAM addresses that the game uses for various things. The disassembly can be found here: and there is also a Discord server ( for those who would like to help out with the project. We would much appreciate any technical assistance you could lend to us if you would like to do so as it would speed up the disassembly process if there were more people working on it as it is currently only PalaceSwitcher working on this task.

Now onto the graphical side of things, there are 3 main changes to how this is being designed now, 1; completely new and more flexible palette sets, 2; Graphics are now being organised in ROMs ready for later insertion, and 3; I'm aiming for a far more legitimate looking game than before.
Here are Some sprites in the new art style:

As promised, Bowser has also been worked on:

And here are all the stage objects I have drawn so far:

As you can see, things are looking a little prettier now, we have a more diverse colour set and, like some of you asked for, Mario now uses only one palette just as he did in the real NES games. This new set of palettes will not only allow for the graphics to appear more accurate to the SNES originals as a whole, but also prevent any palette clash issues when playing as the Luigi or when riding a non-green Yoshi.
Following this new art direction, PalaceSwitcher and I have officially merged projects, so I am now the lead artist of the project as a whole.
The reason that graphics are now being organised and arranged into graphics ROMs is because we realised that all of the work done to the Mapper 90 version of the game will later have to be transferred over to the MMC5 version (as that will be a conversion of the base game) and also, with the MMC5 version we should be able to achieve a far greater level of accuracy with more frames and more memory, so continuing to graphically improve the mapper 90 version seems pointless. Instead all graphics used in the game will be drawn in colourised and ready to insert form, including banking design for said graphics, meaning that when the MMC5 version is ready, we will be able to insert everything as needed.

Anyway, that's it for this update, I hope you like the changes we've made and I look forward to hearing your thoughts,
Thanks for reading and take care everybody!

Hello again to all, sorry for the long silence here, I've been a little busy with other things and haven't had the motivation to do much to my graphics project for a few weeks now. I intend to resume my graphical work in January if not a little sooner, I'm finally getting back into a creative mood, it's just Christmas and a broken screen pushing that back at the minute.

Anyway, PalaceSwitcher has been working hard on the disassembly and is making good progress, the IRQ and sound engine banks have been fully disassembled and my original hacking partner, QuickCurly, has lent a hand here and there as well giving us some technical insight. Also, thanks to Cyneprepou4uk for his disassembly tool, it seems very useful so far and will hopefully make the technical part of the project a little easier for us.

A few more minor gameplay tweaks have also been made, such as the removal of the pause when you find a Yoshi egg and when a vine spawns from a block, although the latter is still a bit buggy. Some more unused content has also been found within the game such as there being specific code for carrying items underwater which works as it would in the original, but there aren't any objects to carry in underwater stages thus it goes unused here.

I intend to do the graphics for the Bowser fight when I start work on my sprites again, so I hope to have something more to share relatively soon.

As ever, thanks for reading, take care everyone and have a good Christmas!

The Enemies Update Preview and The Disassembly Announcement:
Hello to all, it's been a while since the last update but that just means we've made more progress since the last post.
A good amount behind the scenes progress has been made, from a more comprehensive understanding of the game to the start of the disassembly project and many new sprites have also been added.
So, onto the preview:

Almost every enemy currently in the game has new sprites with only a few still awaiting graphics, but as well as this, many currently unimplemented enemy sprites have been worked into the new memory banks.
As you can see, the new enemy sprites are looking much better than the Hummer originals and some enemies such as the Urchin and Pitchin' Chuck now have added animation to add that little bit of extra accuracy and polish to them.
The only enemies in the game still needing new graphics are Diggin' Chuck, Fuzzy, the Super Koopas and the Mecha Koopas, however there are still many sprites to add to the enemy banks for missing enemies.

The Disassembly Announcement:
Yes it's actually happening, my new team member palaceswitcher is working on disassembling Super Mario World NES, while it's still very early days, we hope that this will allow us to expand the game in ways otherwise impossible.
The disassembly can be found here:
If the disassembly is successful, we hope to port SMW over to the MMC5 mapper, thus removing the tight memory restrictions and making it possible to add much more to the game than just prettier graphics
If anyone would like to contribute to the disassembly project or lend a technical hand, feel free to, any help we can get is much appreciated and it would really aid our project

I'd also like to note that palaceswitcher is working on his own graphical hack of SMW which differs from mine, opting for a more traditional NES look with simpler palettes/sprites, so we are working together as a team but also working on our own unique versions to some extent. (palaceswitcher has not created a thread or made any posts about his hack anywhere as of yet otherwise I'd link to it)
We are both also starting to look at new music for the game here and there, but the new soundtrack will likely only happen if the disassembly goes to plan so it's just for testing out ideas of how it could sound at the moment.
Also, nice work sebastianangel, I quite like the background palette in that forest level and your Yoshi's House looks nice as well, good job.

Anyway, as always, thank you for checking out our project and any feedback or suggestions are welcome

Thanks, I'm glad you like how things are shaping up, also well done on your Sonic NES improvement, very impressive stuff Sics.

The tool I'm using is called 'The Chinese Super Mario World Editor', if you want a link to it I'll send you one, this editor is like a less refined and more limited Lunar Magic for the NES version of SMW. I have used the CADeditor a couple times during this project, however it seems to corrupt the colours in game if you do anything other than just placing 2x2 tile blocks and it doesn't support sprite modification for the game making CSMWE a much more suitable tool for the job.

As for Mario's palette, I like it how it is, over composite video the slight colour changing from white to skin tone on the hands and from blue to black for a row of Mario's shoulders will be pretty negligible and even on emulator I think it looks quite good. Although I might think about changing the colour of Yoshi's arms to avoid half of his hands being red and half being green, I'll have to see how it looks on my CRT when I eventually manage to get Yoshi's new sprites implemented.

Sorry there hasn't been an update for a while but I haven't made one as there isn't much to show as most of the recent progress has been behind the scenes, although some progress has been made with the game itself. So while things are a bit slow, progress is being made, since my last update I have found a potential new team member, we have been exchanging notes and discussing the project, I hope that we will be able to work together on the project as we both have high ambitions for SMW NES.
While nothing is for certain yet, there is the hope of disassembling the game one day for a more extensive modification, he has already done some reverse engineering of the game and is slowly creating a data index document which I am now using to help locate data alongside my own document which is proving very useful in modifying sprites.
I have also found a very useful tool for editing the game thanks to Real Retro Kid Knuckles which will make modifying levels, enemy placement and many other things far easier, so thankyou to him again for that.

As for updates to the game, the new Chuck enemy graphics are all done and looking pretty colourful

These guys have all new graphics, use all 4 palettes and I've completely rearranged their graphics banks to be more organised which reduces the amount of bank switching required.
Thanks to my new hacking help, the 100 coin and Yoshi Coin 1UP bugs have also been fixed meaning 100 coins will now give you a 1UP rather that 101 coins as in the original bootleg
I'm currently working on drawing and rearranging all of the other enemy banks, I've almost finished the underwater stage enemy graphics and after that I'd like to finish off the rest of the Super Koopa sprites, so with any luck the enemies update will be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, as ever, thanks for reading my post and I'll hopefully have more to show off soon

Hello to all,
This is just a short post as I haven't updated for a while, I've been a little busy with other things and progress has been slim these last few weeks as a result, so I haven't much to report. As well as this my hacking partner seems to have disappeared and I have been unable to contact him so I've been waiting to see if he responds (hope he's doing ok). So looks like it's just me for moment, but rest assured, the project is still very much alive and I'll be getting back to actively working on it in the next couple days so I hope to have more to share soon.
My current focus is the enemy graphics and how they are arranged in the memory banks, so this could take a while, but it will look good when it's done.
As a small update to the music situation, I've been able track down a rip of the sound engine and a document listing some of the commands the engine supports, still not sure if I'll be able to do it myself, but it's progress.
I also drew up a logo to use for the hack as a team credit

Although it's looking like I'm the only one at the moment, but still, I'd like to make a credits screen with that logo in the centre and the names/icons of all the others who contribute to the project around it
Also, as I'm unsure if/when my hacking partner will show up again, if anyone wants to help with the more technical or musical side of project then it'd be much appreciated, but for now I'll just continue working on what I can do

Anyway, as ever, thanks for reading my post and look forward to a more progress filled update soon

The Yoshi Update Preview and current progress:

Hello again to all, it’s been a few weeks since my last post so I thought it was time for a little update.
First off though, I'm glad to see people are excited for the project and it's nice to see praise for it, so thanks for the positive comments, in response to a couple suggestions:
Vanya: Mario's head being a separate sprite wouldn't really change anything as there are almost no colour clash issues being caused by the current graphics, if you mean it would look better with overlayed eyes then I could agree with that, but it's a change that I wouldn't know how to make and I'm not sure adding more sprites to the screen would really be the best idea anyway. As for Yoshi, again I can't overlay anything, but his tail will not be red when Mario is riding him in the final version.
Cartridge ROM: I appreciate the sprite suggestion from Mario Is Missing, however those sprites use overlays to look as colourful as they do and unfortunately that just isn't something I can implement into the game. (Also some of the sprites in that game look kinda weird if you ask me, especially Yoshi's sprites) That world one demo project that someone was working on a while back is actually one I have looked at as there are some changes it makes that I'd like to include in my hack, such as the added background in castle 1 and more unique blocks in stages. As for the different coloured Yoshi idea, I think it could work, the game currently isn't set up to change the Yoshi palette between worlds/stages (I don't think anyway) so it'd need to be looked into, but it shouldn't be too hard.
Now, onto the update!
Yoshi and Objects Update Preview:
So, all of object sprites have been redone and implemented into the game as well as some palette applications have been changed to make better use of the colours available, such as shells now having white rims.
Yoshi’s sprites are completed and ready to be put in game, however their implementation has been delayed as there is a change I’d like to make to how object attributes are handled which could save a lot of tiles in the bank with Yoshi in, but we aren’t sure how to make this change yet. Yoshi's idle animation where he opens his mouth whilst bobbing up and down has also been re-implemented into the game, appears as though it was supposed to be there but Hummer made it loop too soon.
(in game the red palette will be applied to the feet and tongue)
Currently the palettes/mirroring data for the in level objects are tied to specific tiles in RAM, so each tile will always display it’s respective colour palette, but I want to change this so that the palettes/mirroring are tied to the sprite object itself, so for example, the lower left sprite tile will always display using palette 01 regardless of what graphic tile is chosen. The game actually does this for the items in your item box, so it is possible, it’s just neither of us know how to alter this, so if anyone happens to have any suggestions or wants to take a look I’m open to help.

Yoshi’s House also has an all new look, rebuilt from the ground up, here is the biggest part of this update:

The version used in the ending is still incomplete, but I’ll worry about that later. (HUD hasn't been updated to the new palette yet either)

Other News:
We’ve tweaked the powerup system to match the one found in Mario 3 and the GBA port of SMW. This means that when fire or cape Mario get hit they revert to super Mario rather than just going straight to being small. It’s a small change that deviates from the SNES original, but this system seems to be the preferred one from what I’ve seen and I think it’s a welcome change to the gameplay.
I've also found out that the game seems to perform better in Dendy mode than in NTSC or PAL, there is less slowdown and less frame stuttering for background animations when I switch it to the Dendy timings, so perhaps the game is designed more around these timings than others.
Due to aforementioned technical issue I’ve started work on the enemy sprites to keep things moving.
Koopa Troopas have all new sprites and all of their mappings have been redone to tidy up their graphics banks. All duplicate tiles have also been removed which adds some space to possibly add other colours of koopa, although that’s just an idea. (Super Koopas are still unchanged as of yet) Para Troopas are no longer green, thus fixing the colour change that used to happen when they got hit
As a side note, I’ve found that some unused enemies are actually fully functional, Bullet Bills, Diggin’ Chucks, Spinys and Fish Bones are all programmed in but simply never used, perhaps these could be added to stages in future.

And another mention to the music, any changes to the music will have to be made on the current sound engine, as there isn’t the room for an additional sound driver, (unless someone can write a new engine in place of the old one) and I don’t really know how to write music for it, so if anyone has any knowledge of how to use this sound engine I’d appreciate the insight. (Hummer Team took their sound engine from the game ‘DeBlock’ if that’s any help) I can create music in Famitracker no problem and I actually quite like using the Hummer instruments, with the right composition they can sound quite good, but without knowing how to properly edit that into the game and what limitations I have here it’s not too likely I’ll be able to change the music on my own.

Anyway, as ever, thank you for checking out my project and any feedback or suggestions are welcome

The Mario Update:
Hello again to all!
The Mario Update is finally completed, that means that all of Mario’s in level and title screen graphics have been replaced by nice shiny new ones that look more accurate than ever to the SNES originals.

So, for a quick run down, all of Mario’s graphics have been replaced, some sprites have been moved to different memory banks, many tile mappings have been updated to allow for more unique tiles on certain frames (especially for Fire Mario) and palette application has been modified to better suit the new sprites. But as you can see in the image above, they look pretty good, the effort has really paid off here I think.
Small Mario has been revised again with more tiles when I found out that there were unused Buzzy Beetle graphics being loaded with him and Fire Mario now has a white hat for some frames. Originally I had hoped to do this for all frames, however some bosses change that palette so I was only able to apply it to animations that don’t play in boss rooms (climbing and riding Yoshi). Still, it looks much better than the bootleg did so it’s all good.

Other news:
So, as well as Mario himself now being completed, with the help of Quick Curly we are working out how the game handles music and I can now make very basic edits to the sound. Now that does not mean that we can change the music, but it’s a start. The game is basically out of memory banks so any music updates would have to fit within the original space for the music, but I hold out hope that it can be improved.
I’ve also learned that the game has an object list for each stage (16 entries per stage I think), so this might allow me to swap some items out or possibly add new ones at some point in the future.
There is also a large amount of uncompiled source code which I intend to clear out at some point which will hopefully make some much needed room for something in future.

What’s next?
My next update will be for Yoshi and the objects in the game as these are stored together. Objects being Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Cape Feathers, springs, shells, stars, fire balls and P Switches. Like Mario, all these things will be getting new graphics and Yoshi will be getting some new mappings to try to resolve some of the garbage graphics issues he has when the game lags. Here’s a little preview:

Anyway, thanks for checking out this update and I hope to hear from you all soon

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