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Personal Projects / Re: Tomato Adventure (GBA) translation/tools
« on: August 21, 2021, 11:44:10 pm »
As a trans woman, I think the last one is much better. Seems a lot more kind and accepting of trans people than the first one. Thank you for asking the community before doing anything final, I appreciate you wanting to know how others feel about it :) I've already played half of the game in its current translated format and I love it and can't wait to see the final product <3

A couple people made a comment on this dialog:

It's a relatively, but not exactly, direct translation from the Japanese:

Which doesn't refer to a saying but rather refers to the activity as a word that is often translated as "hobby".

I'm considering if it should be changed (which would basically have to move it away from the original Japanese meaning), or just left be.  An alternate I'm considering:

For context, another character refers to this same person as "a real cutie", but that's about all there is here and none of it is even slightly important to the plot.  My intent is not to offend anyone, but just to have a version of the game people can play.

I will say, if this game had been released in 2021, I doubt this character would've said this.

Anyone have any opinions here?

Also, as an update, a few small spacing and line wrapping tweaks have been pushed to GitHub.  Nothing major.  I do plan to make an updated release soon, so if I decide to change this dialog, I want to include it in the upcoming release.


Personal Projects / Re: PaulaBound
« on: March 07, 2021, 10:10:17 pm »
Haven't updated this ROMhack in quite a while, but I want to say thank you to everyone who's downloaded it and gave it a try, it truly means the world to me :thumbsup: Reminder that if anyone wants to help contribute to this hack, feel free to ask! I'm still very new to this so any help I get is beyond appreciated :)

Personal Projects / Re: PaulaBound
« on: July 11, 2020, 02:26:04 am »
Version 0.4 is out now in case anyone's following the reply section!!! I've come so far since v0.1, even if it's only been a week, and I hope you all enjoy :)

Personal Projects / Re: PaulaBound
« on: July 03, 2020, 09:34:30 pm »
Ooh, I love gender swap mods!
Wanted to input with something EquestriaBound missed; the scene in (Onett?) has a guy running into the bathroom. Could you switch the dialogue for the two people in the bathrooms? Or just change it from 'don't come in'?  :)

I will absolutely look into it!!! Thank you so much for the feedback <3

Personal Projects / PaulaBound
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:17:12 am »
PaulaBound: An Earthbound ROMHack

Hello~! Have you ever played Earthbound and thought to yourself: This game is fantastic... but what if my main character was a girl?

Wait, you haven't? Oh...

Well, this hack was made anyway! This hack, which I've named PaulaBound, turns Ness into Paula, and the previous Paula into a... robot? Weird choice, perhaps, but why not put even more diversity into the group? You can name it whatever you want, since it's a blank slate, and the idea is for you, the player, to give it any name you want and make it feel human! The lore behind the robot is:
Buzz Buzz created it to help him fight Giygas (hence its PSI abilities), but when the Apple of Enlightenment revealed Paula was the chosen one, he sent it into the past to find Paula, and it was sent a few years before the present to the Polestar Preschool at Twoson to be with the owners of the preschool and the children so it could learn to have human emotions. It gets kidnapped by Porky and co. because Giygas' henchmen learn of its existence and take the robot so Paula can never meet with it. By the end of the game, the robot has understood what it means to be human, and therefore during the final boss uses its emotions to pray for help!
I hope it comes across in the dialogue well, but it's just being mentioned it here in case it probably doesn't come across well ingame.

Anyway, as implied, this is mainly a hack to play as Paula. Purely cosmetic, only extremely minor changes to the code. Mainly sprites, names, and dialogue has been prominently edited. Also changed Pokey's name to Porky and the trout yogurt to strawberry tofu, and PSI to PK for consistency. You might see some other small but nice changes as well! This is the first ROMhack yours truly has EVER done, so there's gonna be a lot of unfinished stuff here. Feel free to send feedback and help so that this hack can be further improved and someday it can get to Version 1.0!

Some future improvements will hopefully include:

- Replacing Ness with Paula in the Death Screen
- Editing Pokey to Porky in the credits
- Editing Giygas' overworld sprite (the face reveal prior to the final bossfight)
- Further text improvement (if there are mistakes/errors/things overlooked)

If ANYONE wants to help contribute sprite-work or help me with any of the problems I've listed above, PLEASE don't hesitate to approach me about helping! I will 100% give you credit if/when the hack gets done.

Apply the IPS patch on a HEADERLESS ROM. Also, it HAS been tested to if this ROMhack works with other EB hacks, and while it does work with some, it doesn't work with EVERY other hack I've tried, so be cautious.

Enjoy! I know this hack isn't much, but this felt like it needed to be done and I'm very proud of it, so here it is!

Download it HERE!:

Currently on v0.5

You can find me elsewhere here:

EDIT (as of 7/7/20): v.0.2 is out now! I poured in so much of my free time to making so many dialogue and graphical changes for this update and at this point I think I'm done for the time being until I either get help, learn to hack better, or just find more errors and stuff I've overlooked. I'd say this is almost complete though! Enjoy <3

EDIT (as of 7/9/20): v.0.3 is out now! Fixed up some additional text and added a run button!!!! :)

EDIT (as of 7/10/20): v.0.4 is out now! Made some BIG graphical changes and fixed some more text! This one easily crushes the previous version.

EDIT (as of 8/25/20): v.0.5 is out now! Long time no update, huh. Made some more minor text fixes and changes!

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