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I'm attempting to translate a lesser known Goichi Suda (Suda51) game, which is part of the larger "Kill The Past" series, released in 2001. In 2008, there was a version of the game released for the NDS, which also featured a translation, which appeared to be pretty accurate. The plan is hopefully to find a way to reach both the NDS and the PS2 text files and transfer what text seems to be applicable. I don't have much experience with the PS2, but I've made some progress on the project over the last few days, which I would like to share with you. Any feedback is much appreciated, considering that I honestly have no idea if I'm on the right track so far.
Here are my findings so far:

1. Using hex editors and the PCSX2 debugger, I've found the credits of the game stored in plain-text English, as you will probably see below. They don't appear to be stored in a separate file, but as part of the SLPS_255.34 file. I haven't tried modifying them, as I have no easy access to view the credits, even if I do.

2. I also found either the prototype calls for functions or the functions themselves for the main menu of the game, which is in English in the original release itself. I've tried searching through the available binaries I extracted from the ISO image for those same functions, but so far nothing noteworthy.

3. I have found a perhaps easy way to pinpoint some text file, using the loading screen for the game, as it features Japanese text, but also features the (PS2) string, which I've so far not been able to find  in the binaries I've looked through.

4. I've tried using QuickBMS to try and extract some files from the ISO or the .BIN files using a slightly modified version of the Killer7 scripts that were available (thinking that Killer7 as a Grasshopper title might be running on the same engine or using parts of the same code-base) on the QuickBMS website, but that didn't provide any results, as I am still not well acquainted with the tool.

So far I've only been collecting addresses and strings that might lead to further points of interest. I've also attempted to unpack the binaries to no success, using a variety of tools. I currently do not have the know-how to produce custom tools that might help me, but I am open to the possibility, as I've found trace .cpp files referenced in the game's files, and I would like to naively believe that I am proficient in C and C++.

My current plan on how to proceed is to use the memory card screen and look at it through Cheat Engine, or GameConqueror (Linux), so that I can get the addresses for the read and write for that particular string and hopefully disassemble it further with something like Binary Ninja, since the PSCX2 debugger lacks any dump or search functions. I am looking at the hex data through MadEdit, set to SHIFT-JIS encoding. I am looking at a utility known as SJIS_Dump, but I am modifying it so that I can more easily dump batches of files.

Any further advice or recommendations in welcome.
Thank you for your time!

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