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Hey thanks for this, great tutorial. I ended up using a similar method to you on my own before you posted this and I got it mostly working. Only thing I didn't do was the hex editing, I just saved the .wav as a .raw and got it into the ISO. The only issue I still had was at the end of the track, it doesn't start from the beginning, but ends to silence. So I may try using your hex editing advice and see if that fixes that issue. Appreciate the help!

I am looking to hack the Sabrina ROM mentioned in title. When I open up the game in UltraISO and the like (note that these are bins not an iso not sure if that messes up decoding) I see the audio is in the .RAW audio file. I am unable to open these successfully, in audacity I do not have the header information to read. Has anyone ever ran into this file type, and have any experience working with it? In my full project scope I would be looking to replace these audio files with new audio. Anyone have any direction or advice they could give on this? Thanks all!

Newcomer's Board / NES Sprite Hacking guide?
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:52:12 pm »
Hello!  Sorry for the probably simple question but-- this is the newcomers board!
So I've been learning about ROM hacking and had a great idea for a hack, and would hate to abandoned due to difficulty. Hacking the text, and the palette, had no issues.

However, using Tile Layer Pro, the sprites are extremely scrambled, making it very hard to lay out to edit. A few things like the title sequence are easy to pick out, but the rest there is barely any organization. Are there any tricks to make this easier? For example, in the PPU viewer in my emulator, I can get the assembly locations of the sprites at least on the screen currently. Any way to use this information to locate them more easily in a sprite editor? Any help or tricks to sprite editing would be MUCH appreciated! I know this is just how some games are, as I've done sprite editing in other games and systems with little difficulty. Just looking for ways to do it for some of the more difficult games. For reference in case anyone wants to look, I am using the Gulligan's Island game for NES. Thanks in advance for your help! :cookie:

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