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So I have tried a lot of stuff. I asked on any site I could find related to the rom. Reddit, tumblr.

I just cannot get this patch to work.

I added a header using Snestuff
I used The Trials of Mana rom
I used the Seiken Densetsu 3 english patch rom
I tried the non english patch seiken densetsu 3
I tried patching the english patch myself and then putting the hack
I tried hack first and then english patch.

Nothing, nada.
It seems I can't get any answers since this game is super old and anyone who asked it about was years ago. I figured I'd try the posting on the actual site of the rom hack to hopefully get some help. If anyone could help or actually does have a working 3 player seiken densetsu 3.

It would be immensely appreciated.
My little siblings and I really want to play this game

Thank you

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