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Personal Projects / Re: NES RoboCop with Arcade sprites
« on: March 25, 2022, 03:45:59 pm »
Thanks Noside!

Hey sics!

Well, the Arcade and NES game are the same resolution, 256 x 240, so it was pretty much a pixel for pixel copy.  I just had to reduce the number of colors used in the Arcade version down form ?? to 3 + black for the NES (initially).  Then when I discovered how to load all 8 pallets for the scene, that number jumped to 24 + black possible colors for the NES.  Just wish the NES palette wasn't so limited.

First of all, SomeOldGuy, I want to thank you for your brilliant work, and speaking of it can I ask you if once finished you can post some step-by-step pictures of what you did? Or at least can you tell me where I can find some guides to better understand the process you used? Since I am using Nes Screen Tool and would like to know how to add some sprites to the image to add a little more color.

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: November 15, 2021, 11:01:43 am »

If it's safe, still requires someone to add new color to each affected portrait. I think everyone uses a unique palette which adds some sanity.
(suggestions on recolor? Fray?)

You can use this on top of your patched rom to apply Fray's Olman's + (partial) un-black fix.

Well, actually, I had already thought of a common color for all portraits. In fact, for the portraits I tested, the four colors to have the double black problem are: 0F 30 27 0F (see image below), so the common color must be halfway between # 27 and # 0F and not even a color who is too dark because otherwise it would go unnoticed. So, taking the nes palette as a reference, we have the colors # 17 and # 16. I would choose # 17 because it is a darker shade than # 27 and also because, if we have to choose a common color, Rossetti has blonde hair and mustache, so taking him as a reference, the "dark blonde" (# 17) for the mustache suits him better, in my opinion.

Personal Projects / Re: The Lord of King / Astyanax
« on: November 10, 2021, 10:58:41 am »
Doing a minor update, here.

Since I couldn't do anything about the stage clears, I had to take a shortcut.  While the original ROM (including the untouched Japanese ROM) listed the land's name as "Remlia" even though the 10ten/DeepL/GoogleTL treatment I had given it called it "Lemuria", I stuck with calling the game's setting titled as just "Remlia".  (This also applies to another area in the game which was listed as "Thelenea", but I got "Terenea" instead.)

I should have a very ALPHA patch ready soon... but I still need someone to TL the script.  (I already have a post up on the "Help Wanted" board about that.)

I don't know if I can help, but from what little Japanese I have learned on my own, when you find a name in katakana, you have to treat that name like a foreign name, and then look for the most correct foreign pronunciation. An example of that is the name "Alice" which in hiragana you would translate as "Arisu", while in katakana it's "Alice". In this case, the romaji transcription should be Re-Mu-Ri-A, so both Remlia and Lemuria should be correct (because they both sound like foreign names). Except that Lemuria, according to wikipedia is a lost continent, like Atlantis, and therefore if the source of that neme is this one, then Lemuria is to be preferred.

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: November 03, 2021, 12:44:58 pm »
Hi minucce, I know you might not want to hear about Ys anymore, but I realized that when you walk into Olman's bar, the image is corrupted. So I thought I'd fix it with what little skill I've learned. I haven't created a patch because it's just a matter of swapping three tiles and so I'm attaching an image from the hex editor to show you what needs to be changed. I hope you will want to include this change in your patch.

There is another thing I noticed in this image, and that is that the image is "burned". In fact if the main color is black why did they make a palette with two blacks? And so changing that color has this result:

In this case, the area outside the window should be corrected using the main black, so the image inside that window would gain an extra color.
The following look like all the images that are "burned":
I noticed another thing, when you arrive in the village of Zepic, the roofs of the houses have tiles that are animated. I think it depends on the fact that they are the same tiles that represent water:

Obviously, without any commitment on your part, I thank you once again!

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: October 20, 2021, 11:25:21 am »
So that was an incredibly bad time fixing Ys again. But it's better and not going to crash for detecting active draw incorrectly.

My experience with Falcom suggests I'm in for another unpleasant whomping; fix something and their kludges will come biting back. I'll deal with it then. I suppose. ::)

Ys 7.4

October 18, 2021, 08:06:53 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

lastdual and darthvaderx sure know how to find Ys errors.
(...I somehow didn't include deadzone in the English plus patches...)

7.4a - re-includes deadzone

Sorry about that folks! Turning out to be a dirty, messy month for me. :angel:

Ok, I don't want to bother too much anyone, but this last patch is less emulators compatible, because it works only with Mesen. I utilise the nes mini and the screen went black after the title screen or is buggy with fceux.
Meanwhile, I done this for the title screen, I only drew new eyes and changed color on one pixel on her ear:

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: October 08, 2021, 01:36:41 pm »
Not a waterfall of tears but fixing Ys was a pain!
(meaning first town and 1 world screen) :laugh:


More corruption stuff. And game no longer randomly crashes on Mesen (2002 VBlank death loops :().
(if there was an emulator hack to disable NMI race condition and other bothersome accuracy hardware flaws, that would be terrific)

With that, I put my signature and move onward (submitted to site; I'm satisfied with the repair work).  :happy:


Toki = I wouldn't know yet how to improve that hud. Unless you mean some random mild coloring??

Unless naturally of course you have some (workable) mock-up design in mind??

Sometime down the line I'll take a peek if we're allowed to do something about the helmet color, but NES gives less freedom about enough things sprite related.. but GBC gave me that same treatment also.


RoboCop. If I have something to chime in with, I'll put it in the official thread (have to do some reading up)



Thanks everyone!

Thank you minucce for the precious time you dedicated to this project. Now Y's for nes is really a better port! :thumbsup: :woot!:

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: October 03, 2021, 04:00:45 am »
Wow :o, I didn't think the HUD was corrupt (I mean the image isn't complete) or the title screen, but apparently it is. Thanks minucce for the wonderful job you are doing :thumbsup:. Mine was just a request made because I thought it was enough just to use the same code used for Kirby to fix the problem, so a short job. Now I feel a little guilty about this request  :-\, but thank you again ;D.

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: October 01, 2021, 12:58:58 pm »
Tricky because I have to insert more code (rewrite parts) but I think it's positively responding to basic tests so far. Will require some time but I'll try to patch it up. ;)

Thanks minucce, no need to hurry ::) :thumbsup:! I asked because when I saw the master system version of this game, I was a "little bit jealous" because everything is fluid and clean, when the nes version is good but not so clean.

Personal Projects / Re: The Minucce Yard
« on: September 30, 2021, 06:19:05 am »
Hello minucce,
if you insist I have a small request for you, if you want to take a look, there is the same problem in the HUD of the game Y's for famicom ...;)

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: August 24, 2021, 06:56:21 am »
Hello,Drax01 that is a very good idea, :thumbsup: I think it had been proposed a while ago ... but the lack of knowledge in asm left it in the pipeline ... but you never know ...
4lorn thank you very much friend! :beer: We continue with this great game! The musical part It is very advanced and everything is settling down ... we have the collaboration of Song6502 and has just joine team Eriknoc  :crazy:

there is little left, but I think it will be worth the wait :happy: greetings :woot!:

That Chun Lee's final image is awesome :crazy:!!! It's an original drawing, right?

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: August 05, 2021, 12:53:57 pm »
Wow sics, that ending is phenomenal!!!! :crazy:
We will wait the time needed, dear sebastianangel :thumbsup: :beer:
Fox Cunning, thanks for your help in advance, is great to see someone who take care about this project for is completion!!! :thumbsup:

Fox Cunning
Really, after watching the demo that sebastianangel sent me, my skin crawled, I'm so excited, I had listened the soundtrack many times already, but to feel the whole experience was superb, it feels really great, congratulations and welcome!!!!

By the way, I adjusted the timer on the title screen to be able to listen to the full opening theme, anyway I sent the file to Hacks roms, so he can send it to you! :thumbsup:

(I did it by changing the value of line 580, by 1A, in the file "bank_FF.asm")

I'm glad you're still working to bring this great project forward, I love what you're doing, by the way, I was so happy about this great news that I started to design this ending for Ken, based on work you posted on Discord, I hope you like it! :beer:

Note: The text has no relevance, it is only provisional

Personal Projects / Re: NES RoboCop with Arcade sprites
« on: June 03, 2021, 02:02:58 pm »
I would also like to know what this is all about. I tried to find any mention of it on Google yesterday and came up empty.

I think, even if this is a little off topic, maybe you're talking about this project:

I love this game! I played it and completed it back then. But my knowledge of English at the time was almost zero, so the story of the game was basically incomprehensible to me. But I still liked the graphics, the two player mode on some nice afternoons with my brother! So good luck and good work :thumbsup:!

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: May 05, 2021, 10:53:19 am »
Ooh good catch on the stage end, put down a G instead of a G# by mistake
Your bassline comment made me reconsider the octaves I was using for the basslines - since I can't tweak the volume or timbre of the triangle, it becomes a tough decision sometimes whether to have the bass be a bit high or a bit low.
I ended up moving the stage end bassline + Ryu's, Blanka's, and Dhalsim's basslines all down an octave. They're all still bright enough I can make them out well on my bookshelf speakers and not just my headphones.
I also raised Vega's bassline back up an octave - makes a section later in the track a bit bright but the droning F# at the start feels too low. Bison's would have the same issue if I dropped it. These two are tough to balance since the basslines spans such a wide range of tones. Admittedly the originals are pretty low at the start too but agh idk :banghead:

Also added an echo to the title track.
As always, feedback is appreciated.

Updated soundtrack .nsf & .0cc:

Very good job Amilgi 8)!

My personal feedback about your changes is this:

About Chun li theme I prefer the old one, because I think is more bright, more similar to the original;

About Vega theme, the old one it seems to better catch the original;

Ryu, I think the bass is too present and in some way it hide the main theme. The old one is more balanced;

Blanka it's really good, I feel more "tribe vibes";

Dhalsim it's the same comment for Blanka, but the old one it's good too, so I think they are both ok;

That said, every choice you will make it's ok for me, because I can see that you're putting all you effort to reach perfection, so I'm glad for that! :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: April 18, 2021, 03:31:38 am »

take note of your good advice :beer:

I am very happy that my little suggestion can be used to improve this project which is already wonderful! :) :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: March 18, 2021, 04:17:33 pm »
sebastianangel Your Chun Li scenery is fabulous!!! It has the right atmosphere. But what is missing in my opinion is a bit of manual retouching. For example, the table on the left has a palette in common with the building, so I would shorten it a bit to avoid this problem. As for the details, you could manually fix the chicken in the cage, the street light, the writing on the signs and the road that leads to the back. The same goes for the buildings in the distance which, having no detail, I guess due to a lack of tiles, would perhaps be more pleasant if they had a pattern.
I made a rough mock up to show what I mean :

sics Your portraits are very very cool!!!! Like Vega, is really perfect! :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: February 27, 2021, 12:34:12 pm »
Sics your work is absolutely amazing!!! If I had to find a flaw, I'd say I don't quite like Ken and Guile's color scheme. I mean, I know about the limitations of the Nes'four colors per sprite, but while for the other wrestlers it seems like there are more colors, for these two portraits the color seems somewhat "monotonous". Maybe if you tried to use Dhalsim's colors on at least one of the two portraits. Or maybe you can use a wider color gradient, i.e. a lighter light color and a darker dark color, maybe that way you would get more contrast ... As for Sagat, his hand doesn't seem out of place to me, and for Bison , although it really looks like another person, if the original is like that, it's not like you can do much more. Having said that, your work is magnificent, and even if there is someone who wants the "old portraits", I think it is more a matter of affection and philology and not because you have chosen the wrong portraits. And then, as I said in another post, they are the same portraits of the sega master system and game boy version, and therefore they can be considered as the portraits that Capcom would have chosen for a port on the NES.

Hello, I want to share with you a new update of my portraits, I know that it will take some time, but I had enough problems adapting to Bison and Chun-Li...

Bison, because he seems like a completely different person when he's defeated and Chun-Li because of the meager amount of colors I have to work with :laugh:

The giant size of Sagat's hand still worries me, but it is part of the original design, so it would be a mistake to make modifications, although I have noticed that in the Arcade version that hand is not present in his defeat portrait, perhaps that explains why seems out of place ...

Anyway, in general lines I think the result has been satisfactory, it would only remain to finish the portrait of Vega, to begin the tests to add them to the game, wish me luck :thumbsup:

I really liked how your compositions evolved, the only observation that I could share is that in Ryu's melody, the tonality chosen for pulse channel 1 was somewhat strange, it reminds me of the sound that is played when pausing Double Dragon II's game NES.

I think you have greatly improved the scenarios you designed, although I recommend you tweak Guile's stage a bit more, to improve the color distribution.

sebastianangel told me that he would like to try to tweak the character sprites a bit, but personally I think the most sensible thing to do is to finish deciding this when the rest of the work is done.

Fox Cunning
Thanks a lot! The fun thing is, this game still has potential for improvement :beer:

It makes me very happy that you pass by, I really liked your work, personally I would have liked to have a similar artistic direction for the scenarios, respecting the original designs and optimizing them to create a feeling similar to Konami games...

If I'm not mistaken, nobody said that this project intends to carry out a port of Champion Edition, on the other hand, I consider that when porting the content of a game to a lower platform, first, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the system in question, to exploit its resources to the maximum.

That is why I did not focus on the original portraits, since they have been created with a very simple coloring technique, which works well with a wide color palette, but loses a lot of quality when recreated with a lower palette, especially in their clothing or for characters that need more contrasting colors like Vega or Chun-Li...

Also, in general, it would be nice if everyone appreciated that we chose to take these portraits, despite their greater complexity and therefore greater difficulty in adapting them :-\

I think aesthetics is just as important as gameplay, a good game always has both, although I agree that in this case it is not something decisive for the project :thumbsup:

I do not understand what you are talking about, we have not touched the characters and the portraits are separated from each other, on the other hand, although they do use sprites, the way they load their graphics breaks the limitation of 64 sprites.

For example, a single portrait of Blanka currently requires 48 sprites, so when viewing two portraits the game would load 96 sprites.

This is achieved by loading the graphics in groups of 2 sprites, so for the processor it is only loading half the sprites, something incredible coming from a game developed by pirates :D

Personal Projects / Re: Famicom Detective Club Translation Project
« on: February 18, 2021, 06:13:44 am »
I'm totally with you! ;D :thumbsup:

indeed! While the remake looks spiffy, I'm all for the NES original.  Hope this translation project gets a boost from the remake rather than remaining unfinished.

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: February 13, 2021, 11:01:59 am »
Well of course these portraits are good, in fact, they are the classic ones, but I think they need more work on it. In my opinion the previous portraits are better and in any case they are the same ones used for the Game Boy port, so I think they too could be considered as the ones they would have used at Capcom if they had released the game on Nes.

Here's my attempt with Champion Edition portraits... a bit too dark for my taste, but it may work.

Uniformly colored version:

Color suggestions (not NES accurate, just a reference image):


Dhalsim background is crazy!!!!!!! :crazy: :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 & 3 hacking
« on: February 12, 2021, 12:01:58 pm »
Actually the balloon distant from Donatello it's the "right" choice because that balloon its intended for Master Splinter. You can see it in the arcade version of the game:
But of course I see your point. Maybe Ness can outline the turtles with brown or darker green...

By the way, good work Ness!! Your efforts to correct all those bugs is priceless! :thumbsup:

Don't worry, I've never requested anything like this, my suggestion about trying to make your own version of the options menu for the TMNT3 was because I think the decisions that the developers of this game made regarding said menu are absurd.

On the other hand, although there are attempts to solve this problem, these patches never feel complete or end up being integrated into the game properly as in the Japanese version.

Being his work with TMNT2 almost like the definitive edition of said game, it did not seem unreasonable to think that he might be interested in doing the same with this sequel :thumbsup:

Regarding the change in the initial kinematics, I think that although this edition is welcome, by moving the dialogue balloon away from Donatello, it causes its outline to be camouflaged in the dark causing it to lose definition, on the other hand, in its edition the visual information important is very compressed in one sector, you should look for alternative ways to correct the "FIRE" dialog.

Note: I have some problems writing in English, so I am not sure if I have expressed myself correctly, sorry if something sounds wrong...

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