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I'd rather have networking.


Soooo.... remapping is an option for the Wii U console, but not for the 3DS? What a load of Betty Crocker Cake Mix. If I pay money for a system, the least they can do is allow basic things like custom control options.... we've had that sh*t since the SNES days. Spanky's Quest, MMX 1, 2 , 3... Secret of Mana, Tales of Phantasia, bla bla bla bla...

Also.... how long do you think -this- will stay up?
(there, not here, obviously no one here gives a damn, lol)
(Yeah I know, TL;DR)...

So I was playing around on a friend's 3DS XL which he had downloaded some older VC games onto, I was playing original Super Mario Bros. and of course, given that I play that stuff on emulators with my Classic Controller (via Mayflash adapter) set to have B button as Y and A button as B (the common Super Mario World arrangment, best for holding Y to run / attack and tapping B with the butt of your thumb to jump), I went to that configuration in my mind, perplexed that nothing was working, lol. I was a little shocked to see them still using B and A same as the old Wii Virtual Console. I mean, that arrangement wasn't bad if you were using a sideways Wiimote with the 1 and 2 buttons which are in the same layout as the original NES's B and A buttons, but soon as you hooked up the Classic Controller and had to use B and A which were at an opposite slant, it got awkward... has Nintendo seriously not figured out that people like having the option to remap buttons??? I mean, loads of games on the SNES gave you that option, Mega Man X certainly comes to mind. So why abandon that now? I mean sheesh, how hard can it possibly be to add a section in the menu options where you can reset the button configuration??? I actually half-thought about getting a 3DS, I mean, if they added games to the portable Virtual Console that I actually wanted, I might be inclined as it'd be nice to have retro-gaming on the go, but the lack of remapping is a definite turn-off.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo announces RPGs
« on: April 22, 2013, 06:50:06 pm »
It's interesting that Square-Enix isn't....

Coming out with a GOOD continuation of the Mana series or perhaps a modern remake of Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu 3? I mean hell, if Capcom and Wayforward can do what they did with the old and obscure Ducktales game on the NES, imagine what Squeenix and Wayforward could do with the Mana franchise?

I consider Zelda 1, the platformer Adventure of Link and LTTP on the SNES my first exposure to the world of 'RPG' games (I didn't touch any of that turn-based Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy stuff, sorry 'purists'), but even with that exposure and fondness, Secret of Mana is still the better of the whole cartoonie, overhead view hack at anything that moves in real time type of game (and maybe Bastion, but that's not a console game so I guess it can't be counted). Much more world to traverse than just Hyrule, 8 individual weapons that each char can use, 8 spells, a leveling and stats system for each of your three characters, but also leveling for their weapons and spells, allowing spells to grow in size and damage / healing power... and charge attacks w/ 8 stages for each of your 8 weapons, as opposed to -one- spin attack for -one- sword.

Also doing either of -these-

Or this.... (Yes, I know it's from ToP and not SoM or SD3)

Is always going to be more fun than just doing -this-

"Unlike previous games in the series, Children of Mana is a dungeon crawler, and the majority of the gameplay takes place in selected locations. These areas are reached by the player selecting them on the world map, and travels to them from the safe area of Mana Village by using Flammie."

''Sorry if you liked flying around and all that cool stuff, here's a numbered world map like LTTP... we got lazy.''

I will reiterate my previous statement about how Nintendo should have just turned the Wii U tablet controller into its own portable system, rather than a wirelessly tethered extra peripheral.

I don't think getting rid of a $300 PS3 is something I want to do just to use a Dual Shock 3 on the PC. Besides, I'd probably have to get one of those Bluetooth adaptors anyway.

Wouldn't know, since I never had one in the first place. I wouldn't sink $300 into a new system anyway when all I really play is the older stuff. (Once I discovered emulators in Highschool and played Seiken Densetsu 3 and Tales of Phantasia, that was kinda it for me...) The only thing 'new' that piqued my interest was the remake / remaster of the old NES Ducktales coming out. (I remember renting [ remember renting? ] and playing the original DT game and Chip n' Dale at my cousin's house when I was like, eight). But I hear that's getting a PC release too. Yeaaaaah, I'm kind of a bad person. What some would call a "nostalgia-phile," it's not that I don't think new stuff looks 'good,' I just don't really have a vested interest in it.

So under this other program, won't pressing the PS button to turn on the controller turn on your PS3? Either you'd have to unsync it with the PS3 or turn off your PS3 again each time you use the controller. Both are annoying.

Or just do what I do and don't have a PS3 or a Wii U or even an old Wii because I only care, and have -only- ever cared about using the controllers for playing emulators on PC... (I'm such a terrible person, lulz). Btw, I spotted a brand new black Wii U Pro controller in its box at Goodwill for $29, about $20 lower than retail. Not sure if I like it... it's kinda, ''mleh...'' I mean the buttons all feel mushy, except for the Dpad, which is pretty backwards from the usual for me when it comes to Wii controllers (Wii U Pro, wiggly dpad, loose sticks), also the analogs haven't got a 3rd of the resistance as what my old flatties have. There's no "spring back" When I go to move the sticks on the old flat CCs, I feel it and when I let go, they snap back into position pretty quick. I -do- however like the fact they replaced the clicker Start and Select with rubber.

From what I gather this adapter (the one for the Wii U Pro controller) doesn't just do what a BT dongle and Glovepie or whatever does, it can sync up to 4 Wii U Pro controllers at a time (in Direct Input mode), those controllers will show up as HID devices which can be calibrated and viewed in Windows Gamepad Setup. If it's still HID, then that means my Joy2Key profiles should still work... I might have to swap zL and zR for L and R (since they switched places on the old Wii Pro and the Wii U Pro), though.

I'm going to -assume- that this adapter will operate similarly to the wireless adapter for the old Wii Classic Controllers, ie: Controller enters sleep mode, press button to turn it back on, everything is still synced to the adapter. Windows still treats it like any third party USB gamepad.

Xinput I guess is for those games like Bastion that won't let you have access to the Gamepad mode unless you're using a 360 controller (but then I got around that using x360ce (fools the computer into thinking whatever you have hooked up is a 360 pad, in my case the Classic Controller).

Even though the idea might seem superfluous or stupid, I think it's nice that they make these things.

Anyone order anything from them before?

Anyone besides me, you mean? lol...

Had the wired model CC to USB adapter since Jan 6th, 2010.
Had the wireless mode since Nov. 25th, 2011.

Both are still going, and neither have ever given me any issues.
I figure I can expect the same out of the Wii U Pro controller adapter as well.


It looks as though this page is just a placeholder and this device has not actually been released yet. I don't know if I'll be getting one, given the rather steep cost of the Wii U Pro controllers. But still, the idea is pretty cool. They've also got a similar adapter for PS3 controllers.

As many on this forum have probably seen me mention, I have their wireless adapter for the original flatties (and old Wii Pro) controllers, and I'm pretty happy with its performance.

After seeing Wayforward's team up with Capcom for Ducktales Remastered... I had this really dumb idea that won't ever happen in a million years because it's impossible except maybe as one of those flash or executable games (or if Wayforward could get the rights to the properties to make such a thing).

Anyway, here goes...

Somehow the worlds of Secret of Mana and the worlds of Chrono Trigger wind up overlapping, like I dunno, some kind of wierd "thinning of dimensional barriers" occurs because of some spell Thanatos was trying out or whatever. Meanwhile in the Chrono Trigger universe, Lucca is working on her teleportation machine (that winds up being a time machine) at Leene's Square Millennial Fair. Instead of the machine sending them to Truce Canyon in 600 A.D., Marle and Chrono get sent to the Secret of Mana universe instead.

I'm not sure how it would be set up or explained that this happened, like I said, mabe a spell Thanatos was trying out or some event in the SoM world caused something to happen to allow the crossing, or some sort of shift in Mana power or some device some villain was creating / using malfunctioned and caused it to make a bridge between their universes that allowed Lucca's machine to act as a bridge.

Anyways, in the Secret of Mana universe, Chrono and Marle get to experience a new kind of gameplay style... one very much foreign to them: Real time attack battles: just walk around and slash at things, Zelda LTTP style. No menu screens and picking techs and attacks from a menu (except in the case of using the Ring Menu to pick spells, switch weapons, use items etc). Here, the CT characters can walk around freely, swing swords and fire projectile weapons like the SoM chars. The CT chars remark about how weird this is for them, but they grow to like it.

They continue on until they run into the SoM chars, Rhandi (the boy), Purim (the girl) and PoPoi (the sprite child) and they help the CT chars understand their world and what's going on; save the world from destruction by Thanatos and the Mana Beast... yadda yadda.

At some point, the SoM chars get to experience the CT universe, which is very foreign and confusing for -them- because of course, Chrono Trigger is a turn-based menu battler. So when -they- cross over, of course they're like "WTF? Why can't I move!?" And the CT characters have to learn the SoM chars the ropes, so to speak.

Maybe there could also be like a... mixing up of major enemies. Like Lavos gets transplanted to the SoM world and the Mana Beast gets transplanted into the Chrono Trigger world.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Ducktales remake announced
« on: March 23, 2013, 05:37:12 pm »
Yeah, Wilbur Post is still going:

I wonder if they'll slip in any Mr. Ed references or jokes...
I know there was an episode where Scrooge goes to the
Kentucky Derby and buys a horse to race.

Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
Disregard title. We just want people to post crap here so we can laugh
at them for not having the skills or capability to "do it their damn selves."

There are like, a gajillion Mega Man hacks out there with all kinds of nifty additions and changes to the gameplay mechanics, but how come nobody does similarly extensive hacks of Capcom's other NES games, like maybe make a Ducktales hack where Scrooge's cane also has the option of firing pellets or something kinda like The Penguin's umbrella?

Maybe have some levels that are themed around other episodes in the show, like the one with the UFOs that actually turn out to be fancy electronic boomerangs? (

Or the giant Transformer robot car that Gyro made for protecting Scrooge's money bin that winds up going berserk and not letting him into the bin? (

How about a Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers hack with a point in the game where you actually get to fly their weird ass tooth-paste tube / jug whatever + balloon plane thing, maybe something Gradius-esque either that or have it like the plane scene in Rock n' Cats, with Chip n' Dale suspended on a platform underneath and the red rubber balls from the boss fights or whatever drop down for them to throw at the oncoming enemies? The plane itself (or at least the occupants) have their own health gauge, so you're not only trying to keep your character from getting hit, but the plane / occupant as well.

[blanked - because I realized posting on the next to last page wasn't very bright]

Do tanks count?

Put that set up (minus the guns) into a black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am with a little red light on the front and I will be the happiest person on earth.

Ironically, none of these showed much interest in the only actual school shooter game out there.

Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4chan, in ur newz, trollin' err'bawdy...

....Hypnotic electronic pulses and targeted endorphin stimulation.

Did they mean the -music?- or were they talking about the refresh rate on the TV somehow having a subliminal influence? And you know what really grinds my nuts? People like Jack (I'm Disbarred Because People Think I'm So Outta My Gourd) Thompson calling video games "Murder Simulators" and saying crap like "The Sandy Hook Shooter TRAINED on FPS and other violent games." People like this believe that holding a controller and pressing buttons and moving crosshairs around a 2D screen with analog sticks or keyboard and mouse is viable training for holding and accurately aiming and firing a weapon? Even when you've got something like the Zapper or the Super Scope, you're still missing the kickback from the reaction of the gunpowder exploding and pushing the projectile out of the barrel. Racing games are fun and I play the hell out of those, but they're not exactly an accurate representation of driving, not until the auto industry starts giving drivers the option to use their Dual Shock or Classic Controller to operate their cars, or unless the person has one of the expensive set ups with the wheel that uses motors to simulate the effects of the terrain and wind in the game and even then it's still just a game.

Oh god. I haven't seen that show since I was 10. After all this time, I don't even think it has been released on DVD yet.

Anyone remember a show called Dinosaurs? It was a Jim Henson sitcom based on an anthropomorphic dinosaur family. Aside from Baby Sinclair being a '90s meme, I think it was notable also for pushing a heavy environmentalist agenda.
In fact, the series ended with the dinosaurs carelessly tampering with the ecological balance (for corporate gain, no less) and inducing the ice age that resulted in their extinction.

Hell yes I remember Dinosaurs, and Jim Henson's Story Teller. Those were the only things I would stop playing Mega Man 3 long enough for to watch...

They still plugged the violence thing, but not nearly as hard as they plugged the zombification thing.  Circa '93 was a book Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry, Captured Your Dollars, and Enslaved Your Children.

Anybody remember this "very special episode" of ABC's Step By Step?

And that book makes my mind recall another book I nearly bought from a Value Village because it looked lulzy.


Parent from the early 90's: Aaa'hm sew upset thut mah lil' Billy is addicckud to them tharr 'In-ten-doez.

Parent from 2000's onward: Hell, I -wish- he'd play something that had a pause button / save feature, didn't have other people demanding he be on the game at crazy hours for their 'raids,' had an actual ending and didn't make him pay real life money for in-game items... -.-

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