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A hack for Sonic 3D Blast that makes it so you use the cardinal directions instead of diagonals... make it play more like Snake Rattle N' Roll or Marble Madness where the directions are all up down left right rather than having to use Diagonal Right / Up to be "Up."

October 21, 2018, 04:05:53 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
"Eh? You mean "up and left simultaneously"? Surely if it sees all four directions, that's enough. Maybe I'm missing something here, but diagonals aren't independent, they're just two directions."
There are no diagonals in this test cart.
There -are- diagonals in this test cart... but it only registers buttons presses from an emulator while in the 4 player multi tap test screen...

Here's an idea.... you know those NES and SNES test carts? The ones with the test screen for the controller inputs?

There's one for NES that is nice but... it doesn't register diagonals, which IMO is pretty stupid. There's another one that -does- register diagonals, it's for the 4 player multi-tap, but it doesn't register button presses from within an emulator. Since people can make stuff like "D-Pad Hero, how hard would it be for someone to just make a nice NES controller test rom that uses decent NES controller graphics, registers diagonals etc?

There are also two Test carts for the SNES, one is a full test cart that tests the electronics and it has a controller test section with really nice "plunk" noises when you press buttons. The other is a Japanese cart that just test the controller, uses the JP / EU button colors, buuuuuut, it has this horrible continuous electronic buzzing sound instead of the nice "plunk" from the US cart. Maybe someone could hack that rom to make it so it's much more pleasant to use.

Original poster's note: This post and the post that immediately follow were moved to this topic by my request.  Sorry for the confusion!

Greetings!  I have a rather odd question/request...

Is it at all possible to hack Mega Man & Bass for the Game Boy Advance to allow players to push a single button to make Bass dash?  The game is most definitely a fine addition to the classic series and this port is, in my opinion, nearly flawless save for this one stupid oversight.  I'd love to be able to do this as I'm pretty much dependent on there being a button dedicated to dashing, as there was in Rockman & Forte on the Super Famicom.  Fighting Astroman using the buster alone becomes impossible for a fumble-fingers like me if I keep having to press left or right twice in succession to get out of the way.  I'd prefer to be able to press R to quickly zip out of harm's way and keep fighting, even at the expense of being unable to fast-switch weaponry. (Of course, that button could easily be plunked on to the Select button, if I desperately need to scroll either way through weaponry...)

Anyway, here's to hoping this is something that can be fixed!  Thanks for reading!

I don't think I can help you on the GBA version, but on the SNES version a long long time ago I used the "code search" feature in Zsnes to narrow down the location of the buttons' code and make some Game Genie codes that would remap the buttons so that R is dash and X and A are the weapon swap buttons... Y and B are still shoot and jump, of course...


I used Game Genie Guy to make an .ips patch, but I haven't a single clue how to submit it to RHDN... - Patch is for unheadered rom, and I don't think it matters if the rom is already english-patched or not since it's only changing the button mappings and nothing else.

October 16, 2018, 07:38:16 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)


Here's some crazy ideas...

A SNES version of "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" using the Super Mario 2 SNES engine from All-Stars as the base. Since that game still revolves around the mechanics of picking things up (plants, mushroom blocks, etc). You could take the plants out of the equation entirely... use the Mushroom Block physics to replicate the "metal cans" from Chip and Dale (the ones you can stack up), maybe make an extra variant of it that acts like the wooden boxes but actually travels across the screen unlike the Mushroom Blocks. Bring in the "throw blocks / objects straight up" mechanic from Chip and Dale 2. It would probably be too complicated to make it into a simultaneous 2 Player game, so one character at a time would be fine... maybe you could use the 4 selectable character thing to your advantage and add Gadget and Montey as extra playable characters. Also all enemies would have to be "harmful from all ends" including the top, otherwise it would not be very fair if you could just jump on top of a Metal Dog or whatever and pick it up and throw it around.

If that's too ambitious, then maybe a Chip N' Dale NES hack where you fight against each other in vertical scrolling stages, like that Contra - Mountain Challenge hack, where the goal is to reach an eagle trophy at the top of the stage... except here the only goal would be to survive the level and if you can, knock your opponent off a platform or at least slow them down with a box. You could also have things other than boxes, like the canisters and apples from the first game and maybe baseballs and basketballs and each one would do something different. I dunno... the idea of having a versus Chip n' Dale where the goal is to just trash the other player seems fun, since that's pretty much what people tend to do when you played those games anyway (or at least you did if you were sadistic).

Other idea...a remake of Willow for NES but using Link to the Past as the base... they're very similar as it is, I mean Willow had the ocarina summoning a pterodactyl thing before Link had his weird pelican / bird thing.

Other idea... a hack of Sonic 3 that replaces the characters with those of the indie game Freedom Planet (which originally started out as a Sonic fan-game before the maker decided to make their own IP).

Other idea... a hack of Ducktales 1 on NES that uses sprites, elements and level concepts from Shovel Knight....

ROM Hacking Discussion / Can't get Gun-Dec english patch to work....
« on: October 13, 2018, 03:09:01 pm »
I know I could just play Vice - Project Doom, but I wanna play this Gun-Dec english patch... saw a youtube video of it so I know the patch must work, but I have tried both Beat and Flips (which handle .bps patches) but I can't get either to work, and yes, I'm using the Gun-Dec (Japan) rom file. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong...

Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:52:54 pm »
"Hum... I have an idea, It could be interesting if items cost goes up depending on how much you carry."

That would definitely work, but how to implement it would be the trick.I don't know how it would get the inventory data to be able to pull it off.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: August 11, 2018, 10:18:20 pm »
Is there an option to have a different setting for number of items you can have? In the HD remake they have 4, 8, and 12. Odd, number choices. There was also a patch for the rom (by Masterflow) that made it so you can have 9 of each item like in Seiken Densetsu 3's inventory. Having more of an item obviously makes the game easier (depending on the cost of the item in question). Perhaps a way to balance would be by making certain items cost more than usual. Candies should stay cheap, but really important items like Cup of Wishes and Faiery Walnuts should stay pricey so that you have to kill more enemies to be able to afford them.

Gaming Discussion / Secret of Mana 3D is so glitchy.
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:42:13 pm »
It's playable... but it's pretty disappointing. It really feels like they didn't even playtest it at all. I was at the Biting Lizard and when I stood in one spot in the playing field my arrow would reverse direction, it went straight up instead of going diagonal towards the enemy. In the place just between Gaia's Navel and Water Palace, the one with the Canon Travel to the right, I killed all the flowers with the Punch Glove, they added a "throw" feature and throwing the enemy messes with the detection, my other characters kept trying to attack a flower that wasn't even there anymore. They added quick binds for using alternate weapons, I get the point, being able to swap between the Sword and Whip on the fly without having to enter the Ring Menu makes plenty of sense, but the way they execute it is really stupid; you have to set both the LB and RB to a weapon, you can't just set one, otherwise when you try to swap you're stuck with that weapon and can't just tap the same button to get back the weapon you had. They also have quick binds for the spells, but this just makes things more confusing. What I really really really find obnoxious is they don't let you remap the buttons - only the keyboard keys. I don't like the fact they set the "swap leader" button to the left and right on the Dpad, I wanted to set that to Select, like on the original Snes game. Or maybe I'd really like to play using the Dpad instead of the analog stick. The lack of options is disheartening. They really didn't put very much thought into this remake, otherwise they would have done more with it, but it's very clearly just an easy cash grab for Square Enix. I highly doubt _anyone_ is dumb enough to drop 40 dollars on such a broken game. Sad, because I had hoped if this remake did well then it would maybe encourage Square to give a similar treatment to Seiken Densetsu 3. Oh well... it'll probably end up being just as unplaytested as this halfassed remake.

I read that Zhade has been working on an improvement patch for original SoM, I'm excited to see how that will turn out.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: December 28, 2015, 01:24:56 pm »
Nice, and thank you for taking the suggestion into consideration. ^_^

Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:03:18 pm »
Something I would like to see, if it has not already been mentioned ~ modify the dashing so that, rather than having to waste a charge each time you dash, it just works the same way it would in Chrono Trigger or Teranigma. You just hold down a button and you can run and keep running in whatever directions you like. You aren't forced to keep running in the same direction you were facing. Also, a map indicator for Flammie Mode like there is in Seiken Densetsu 3 would be nice, and would make getting to places easier, probably.

Oh... and dumb idea maybe, but... the ability to have multiple characters use the same weapon? Like, if I wanna give the Sprite and the Girl both the whip... >.>

The iPad doesn't have a physical Dpad, analog sticks, buttons.... etc. Imagine trying to play Mega Man X on an iPad and you have your Shoot button as Y and your Jump as B and your Dash as R (my preferred setting over the "double tap to dash" arrangement). You would have a tought time hitting the "virtual" L and R. Even on a PSP you'd still be more comfortable hitting those...

I've been saying for some time that the Wii U -could- have just become the next portable for Nintendo, but that the whole "tethering" thing was just dumb and limiting. Slap a little hard drive in there and let you download games to it, take the Gamepad with you and play on the go.... would've been great. But packing along the whole console and plugging it into a cigarette lighter jack in the van or whatever, it's just too much. For cartridge based stuff like the NES and SNES, that would've been fine, and I did indeed drag my SNES with me on a few camping trips with my parents and it was nice. But discs can get scratched from the constant gyration of the vehicle. Really I would like to see Nintendo at some point just move past the home console market and go straight to portable, internet capable gaming tablets. But they won't do that, I don't see anybody doing that for a long time until tablets really start taking off and showing the big 3 that they're viable as gaming systems.

I would also like to see a hack of Secret of Mana that does to SoM what Parallel Worlds did to Z:LTTP. Completely change the landscape to something unfamiliar, expand the story and world, making it a new game entirely (like... maybe after defeating the Mana Beast, Purim and Rhandi have kids and one of them takes up the Mana Sword in the face of a new crisis?).

There's no complete editor for Secret of Mana (Though I think one was in the works and may still be.  But last I heard he's been kind of leaving it), so it'll be ages before that happens sadly.

That sucks... any kind of expanded SoM or Sd3 hack would've been pretty awesome. I mean, looking at stuff like Zelda: Paralell Worlds and the various Chrono Trigger hacks makes me pretty jelly that my two fave games don't have similar treatments.

How about a hack of Chrono Trigger that basically turns it into one giant Doctor Who RPG.

Replace Chrono with Rory.
Replace Marle with Amy Pond.
Replace Magus with the Doc.
Replace the Robot with a Dalek.
Replace the Epoch with the Tardis.

May 20, 2013, 12:47:41 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I would also like to see a hack of Secret of Mana that does to SoM what Parallel Worlds did to Z:LTTP. Completely change the landscape to something unfamiliar, expand the story and world, making it a new game entirely (maybe after defeating the Mana Beast, Purim and Rhandi have kids and one of them takes up the Mana Sword in the face of a new crisis?).

What about games that were never made available stateside and still have yet to see a VC release?
What about fan performances and remixes of Nintendo and other companies' copyrighted music?

Is Squeenix going to start trying to monetize all those videos of Seiken Densetsu 3?
Is Namco going to start knocking on Renard Queenston's door and ask that they be compensated
for his use of the title theme from Splatterhouse 3 in one of his remixes that he released under his
alias, Truxton? - -- 0:45

Are Ninty and others going to start scouring 8bitcollective looking for reworkings of their
stuff so they can send cease and desist letters or "give us our cut" letters to people?

I just happened to notice, aside from this issue, that it could be a bit interesting as far as fan modifications of intellectual property goes, like romhacks for instance, or PC modding.

Orrrrrrrrrrr.... controller adapters. The last thing I want is for Mayflash to get Lik-Sang'd
because Ninty saw mine or someone else's video of a PC USB adapter for one of their
peripherals and decided to crack down on them for "illegal reverse engineering."

I wish there were more hacks for games that don't normally get hacks....

Like Spanky's Quest. The game itself is pretty easy, the gameplay and mechanics are solid and something about playing it is just really.... relaxing. But it's just so damn short. I think it would be great if someone did a hack to increase the number of levels so that the game lasts longer, maybe make some of the level structures a bit more roamy like an older Mario game instead of just being stuck in a room or a level where you can literally keep falling forever. Make it play out more like Little Nemo (another game where you have to find a certain number of keys to pass the door to the next level), have a big environment to traverse so that levels themselves aren't over with in a less than a minute. Maybe also add more balls other than just the existing Baseball, Soccerball, Volleyball and Basketball.... like maybe a football that would keep bouncing end over end along the floor until it hit an enemy or have a "Death Ball" that would be like a black orb covered in electricity that would act sort of like a cross between the sticky Volleyball and the fully leveled up "Dark Force" spell in Secret of Mana. And also put platforms in the boss fights instead of them always just being big empty rooms. ---

I think the biggest reason they stuck with that setup on the GBA is because it's more comfortable for menu browsing than the setup you show above. Nobody wants to use B and Y to navigate menus. That setup is strictly geared towards action games and platformers, and doesn't provide any real benefit to games lying outside of those genres. Some [PS] games use X to confirm and O to cancel, some switch that around, and yet others use X to confirm and Triangle to cancel... it's such a mess.

On Secret of Mana, when I play that in Zsnes via the old flat Classic,
I have Y set as my "Attack" button, B as "Your Icons / Cancel,"
A as "Ally's Icons" and X as "Dash." I prefer some variation of
this regardless of if it's SoM, SD3 or Tales of Phantasia, because
I always think of Y as my main "confirm" button and B as "Cancel."
Even if I'm playing the PS1 remake of ToP, I still have it like this.

What game doesn't allow for remapping in the options menu?
Usually ones that came out before the SNES, and some SNES games that
for whatever reason, omitted the function (Mega Man and Bass, but thanks
to some nice person on here, I have a patched rom that has R as Bass's Dash).
Irregardless of the fact that SMB and such didn't have remap on the NES, it still
should have been given as an option in the VC menus themselves. They shouldn't
just only allow remapping if the -game- already has remapping in it...

That's because the DS has four face buttons.

Yeaaaaaaaah.... four face buttons in an angled "diamond" arrangement,
which Sega (Dreamcast), Sony (PS) and Microsoft (Xbox), and -sometimes-
Nintendo themselves were smart enough to copy (from the SNES pad)
because it's a damn good configuration that allows the thumb to cover
two face buttons at a time while being in a natural, comfortable angle.

Sometimes Nintendo really needs to just stick to their own precedents...


The GB, GBC, and GBA only have A and B, which are arranged in a slanted position and are geared towards the control method I showed before.

Oh, I've played GBA games on a GBA... can't say I liked it as much as on DS,
or in VisualBoyAdvance with my old 'flatty' Classic Controller mapped up to it.

Have you ever owned a GameBoy or GBA? They pretty much require that sort of method as well.

Played Klonoa - Empire of Dreams on my bf's older model DS.
That one has the Y attack / B jump arrangement from the get-go,
but it at least allows another control scheme.

And when I've got the choice to re-arrange button configs for
the Classic Controller to my liking with Joy2Key, I don't -need-
to do any weird side-ways side of the thumb button hitting.

All the Zero saga games let you change things around
to your liking, and I always have Y as my attack, B as jump
L as my weapon switcher and R as my dash... with the CC
I have my X button set as a turbo fire and A as a normal jump,
so if I wanna run around auto shooting while still having the
ability to jump, I can.... 

I don't feel inclined to pay for a system, portable or home,
then pay for games and NOT have a choice of control scheme.
It's not a matter of "whining" or being a pussy, but what's
practical for the way the buttons themselves are laid out.
Hell if anything, their omission of remapping just lends
more reason for anyone to hack their PSP or Vita and
play the games on that with an emulator that they -can-
remap and reconfigure the control scheme on...

Not impossible, but not at all as comfortable as using Y and B
like we've been trained to do since Super Mario World...

The only reason that B and A / 1 and 2 aren't uncomfortable
on the actual NES pad or the Wii Remote is because they're
side by side... in line with one another, you can still hold down
B with the tip of your thumb and hit B with the butt of your thumb.
The control scheme -took advantage of- the button layout...

And a position like in your Gif image is eventually going to cause
one side of the A button to wear down...

Remapping would make it so that such 'Thumb Contortionism' would be unnecessary.
Going from having it on emulators, to not having it on a legit piece of hardware, imo,
puts into perspective this ability that I take for granted when I use the CC on PC.

What did any of you (if you even looked at it) think of my thread on the Nintendo Tech forums? (Yeah, I realize that it has nothing to do with the topic at present though I was thinking of posting a new thread with the image below... though I don't wanna ruffle any feathers, as it stopped being a "free and open discussion board" and started being a "serious tech support board" after they killed off the Nsider forum).

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