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Just saw these in an earlier thread.  They're caused by SNES9x 2005 plus, other older versions also have bugs.  Current day emus don't have bugs to my knowledge.

Actually I was watching a stream by playing the game on the actual collection and this bug did occur and I pointed it out to them. So yes, the weapon menu bug is in the rom.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 text compression help
« on: June 17, 2019, 12:40:55 pm »
Jezze might also create a “Trials of Mana” logo in the style he has done it with the “Secret of Mana 2” and “Seiken Densetsu 3” logo.

That would be cool. Jezze was always very nice. I'm sure he could create such a patch. But I would also like to see more. Since the Trials of Mana rom reportedly uses a Variable Width Font.

Is the Trials dialogue font a Variable Width Font? Can the Trials rom be edited to change that font? Can the title screen from Trials be grabbed and transplanted back into the Niel Corlette patch?

Nope, Canoe just has a black screen. I'm using Retroarch for the Snes Classic.

SNES9x 2005 Plus, actually. If I play it in SNES 9x 2010, the menu and the beginning select a character section has slow downs. If I play it in regular SNES 9x 2005 (non plus) then the candy sound is muffled and is only the drum sound effect without the synth sparkle noise. 

A VWF would be more desirable than either the localization's or Corlett's smaller font, I think. Or even injecting Chrono Trigger's font, similar to how the Secret of Mana Relocalization/FuSoYa patch did theirs:

I personally just want the Trials of Mana logo for the title screen and opening credits crawl. The fan effort we got years ago is more than suitable.

Well. The ROM for Trials of Mana has already been extracted and is circulating the internet. I'm sure someone out there can figure out how to extract the title screen and create a patch to put _just_ the title screen into the old translation. But what I would really want to see is a version that tries to combine the best of both.

Scrap out the bigger text from the memory to free up space. Take the item / spell information font from the old translation and use that as the main font. Swap the lowercase M's for inverted lowercase W's. So that the m actually has distinguishing features. Ridges. And a middle leg that _doesn't_ go all the way down. I have always hated the M's in that font, how they just blur together. Even in the new official localization the M's just blur because of how close the "legs" are in proximity to each other.

Copy as much of the "official localization" text as possible. Names for characters. Spells. Items. Places. Etc. Then bring that over to the old Niel Corlette translation after implementing a smaller font. Or VWF, or whatever.

Personally I like FuYoSa's SoM font but it would probably look very out of place in SD3 / Trials.

The official localization font is honestly just _too_ small. It's hardly legible from a distance. But they made this for Nintendo Switch. They figured people are more likely to be playing this in handheld mode than on a TV.

The new font is tiny even compared to the old Niel Corlette font.
New "press A to select character"
Old "select a character and press A"

And something I actually wonder about.

In the old translation, the intro scroll backstory uses the same font as the in game dialogue boxes.
Old intro scroll.
Old game dialogue.

The text is being recalled from the same place. It's the same font in both places.

But in the new official Square translation, the intro scroll font is a different font from the in game dialogue font.

It's actually a better font than either the new localization's small font or the old Niel Corlette item / spell information font.

It's small without being too small. M's aren't blurry. The text actually looks nice from a fair distance, so why didn't whoever Square hired to romhack their game just use this as the main dialogue font the same way Niel and his team used the same big font across both intro scroll text and dialogue text?

Sure it probably wouldn't work as good in the tight spaces in the menus like the super condensed font, but it would certainly make a much better font for the actual game dialogue.

I don't see why they'd make such a nice medium sized font for the intro scroll and then choose the tiny little menu font for in game dialogue boxes instead, makes absolutely no sense.

So far, if I try loading an old save from Fantasy Anime, the old Sram website, the characters end up only having their first letters of their names show.

Also, on a clean playthrough. IE: newly created save, when I swap from Bronze Spear to Long Spear, the name garbles into this.

I'm not surprised since back on the old Niel patch, the red B button would get cut in half sometimes.

It's like it's spazzing out and trying to load part of the "bronze spear" text and adding it to the end of "switch out."

Oh!!! It totally is. It's loading the "t." and "Bro" from Bronze Spear is getting shoved where the t. are supposed to be.

Here's a hack idea - Take the title screen from Trials of Mana and copy it. Then take the small font that was already in the Niel Collette patch of SD3, the spell and item information font. Scrap every bit of the big text from the game's memory. That should make room for more dialogue space. This idea would basically be what Secret of Mana Relocalized is, but for SD3. A condensed font. Dialogue more closely following the Japanese script. And if it's even possible - fixes for some of the stat effects that didn't get implemented due to coding errors.

Even in the official Trials of Mana translation I've read that none of those bugs were fixed. Also - the M's. Even on the old Niel Collette patch the way the "legs" of M's blur together always drove me crazy. Not on the big font, those were always clear due to the size of them. But the M's in the spell /item font would mash together especially on CRT Svideo, and this is a thing even on the new translation. I've always thought... Why not take those lowercase W's - invert them and use _those_ as M's? It would still look fairly clear since the little divits in the lowercase W is very pronounced.
An upside down W makes a much better M. It just looks easier to distinguish.

Gaming Discussion / So... question about Dracula X
« on: June 12, 2019, 10:34:47 am »
How come there isn't just a patch to add back in the blood? I could get that affect from the Trevor patch, but maybe I don't want to change the main sprite and all I want is the blood added back in?

This makes me really curious about what of the patches on RHDN will work on the official english rom without "bricking" it... the 3 player patch, the various "hard mode" patches etc... surely also someone out there will figure out a way to extract the title screen from the official rom and transplant it back into the older fan translated english rom. I remember back when Dragon's Bretheren took the Secret of Mana 2 title screen from a German rom and made a title screen patch with that. (I also remember getting chewed out by everyone on Zophar forum for even asking for such a thing, and then the really _good_ title screen patch came out in 2015. I remember chatting with Jezze on ICQ because he was the one person besides Dragon's Bretheren that didn't chew my head off, lol).

I'd also like to see if older save files (like the ones from Fantasy Anime) will still function with the game. Or if save state and sram editors still work.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: May 26, 2019, 11:18:34 am »
So what is this essentially? A hack that restores the critical hits and other stat-buffs?

That seems useful. I know there was a ton of stuff that didn't get properly executed.

*sighs* - All I have for "examples of Reason's capabilities" are my old hip hop beats that I was making, way back before I had a depressive melt down and my ex took my computer and everything else (don't date someone with borderline).

Kwizstrumental on Soundcloud if you want to hear what I was making...

And Reason _does_ have note velocity / aftertouch. You get that from either the keyboard you are using (I had an Axiom 249 keyboard with semi weighted keys and expressive after touch) or you set it on the notes themselves by setting their velocity manually.

I really wish that Native Instruments Bandstand was still around or that I could find a copy of it, because that software looked promising, at least for being able to just throw in a midi file and start setting the notes to instruments.

I know this is an obscure game, but I wonder what it would take for someone to do a romhack of NES Knight Rider where it replaces that drab boring "copyright free" music from the intro and replaces it with an 8bit rendition of the actual TV show theme... and also maybe clean up Michael Knight's sprite so that his face doesn't look like a big black and blue splotch like half his face is missing.

I was able to... "Acquire"... Reason and Ableton fairly easily. Back when I was still trying to produce. I also had a ton of extra instruments. It's not a hard software to learn and it can do a lot.

There are other programs that can convert a Midi file into something more realistic sounding. Cakewalk comes to mind. There was also a neat software called Bandstand made by Native Instruments a long long time ago. I think doing a full update of the soundtrack is a good idea.

Also I did like "Genesis" of Mana, but many tracks are missing.

When I still had my computer, my keyboard and other equipment (lost all that to my Borderline ex bf) I had Reason and Ableton Live and was using it to make hip hop beats... Reason is really easy to use or learn how to use if you don't already know. All I did was study tutorials on Youtube. - - I was using version 4.0 and never really bothered with the newer incarnations. The useful part about it is you can import midi and assign it to instruments. The only other software I can think of that does that is Native Instruments Bandstand, but that software has long since been discontinued. There's also Acid and Cakewalk, that I briefly messed around with, but didn't understand as easily as I understood Reason.

There _are_ other ways to acquire Reason and Ableton... >.>

Gaming Discussion / I had a thought... about MSU-1 Secret of Mana.
« on: May 10, 2019, 09:41:49 am »
So a lot of people like to make "music packs" for Secret of Mana for the MSU-1... but majority of the time, these music packs end up just being collections of orchestral renditions that are grabbed here and there. It is usually improperly normalized (the volume tends to vary from track to track).

Here's an idea - why doesn't someone get a hold of a software like Propellerhead's Reason, get some good quality virtual instruments (violins, horns, synths), and grab some Midi files of the songs from the game (here's a big collection of Midi renditions of the OST- Drop those into Reason and just do a complete remade version of the score that isn't just a bunch of randomly grabbed orchestral tracks? Reason is a good software, you can import midi files, select the instruments you want to assign to each set of notes and that midi track will sound amazing. And since nobody wants to produce the music for an entire game by themselves (unless you are Toby Fox), maybe it could be like a big contest.

Like different variations of the same theme would be mixed by different people and voted on and the one that got the most votes would be the one that gets selected for the finished pack. The rules would be 1: You have to use Reason. 2: It has to match up with the original game - it has to be uniform with what it would sound like if Hiroki Kikuta was producing it, 3: tracks can't be longer than the original tunes (no crazy 10 minute long Prog Rock craziness like the remade Matango theme from that SoM 3D Remake), 3: The volume for the song has to be normalized to a specific volume so that track changes aren't completely jarring to the listener.

I just think that grabbing random mish-mash orchestral versions of songs we probably downloaded 17 years ago on Napster is pretty meh. I mean I've probably heard that one symphonic version of Fear of the Heavens a hundred times, and while it is a good tune, it just doesn't really fit.

Once the "Secret of Mana Reason Remix Contest" is completed and voted on, there could be another one that aims to remake all the songs in 8bit using something like Famitracker or Mod Tracker or something, just because why the hell not. Ever since I heard "Dueling Consoles" I've thought "Damn, it doesn't actually sound that bad."

I was playing Seiken Densetsu 3 just now after playing SoM (and lamenting that translation error in the VWF Edition - "I'm was born in the Empire" lol) and I had this thought and I'm probably not the first to consider it.

Buskaboo, the giant bird turtle you call with the flute in SD3, died and his floating corpse / shell was turned into the Turtle Island in Secret of Mana.

I love love love your relocalized project for SoM, and it's cool your building off of Fuyosa's Variable Width Font edition patch, but since you are working on this, could you please fix the spelling error for the man on the Turtle Island who says "I'm was born in the empire, but the emperor's gone nuts!" ??? that spelling error has driven me crazy since the first time I played Fuyosa's VWF patch... It should be "I was born in the empire" lol... not "I'm was" or maybe "I'm from the empire, but the emperor's gone nuts, so I escaped here with my family."

Alright, so here is an idea I have...

I have an SNES Classic, I really like the little system and I love using Retroarch on it to play the games... but something I've always wanted is to be able to have Gane Genie for each of the systems, the actual Game Genie, not the "cheats" feature in Retroarch. What I think would be cool is to be able to have a program / util that would take the Game Genie rom for that particular system and attach it to the rom of the system. Let's say I want to have Game Genie + Super Mario Bros 1, the util would take the NES Game Genie rom and attach it to the SMB1 rom, so that when I stick that rom on my SNES Classic, the Game Genie screen comes up before the game and I can input my codes.

If I wanted to do that to a Snes rom, you select the SNES Game Genie and the rom and the program combines those into a single rom. I don't think something like this is unfeasible. I mean, if something like Super Mario All-Stars NES can be done, where it's fusing Mario 1, 2, 3 and Japan Mario 2 (Lost Levels) I don't see why a util to fuse a Game Genie rom to a game rom can't be done. It would need to be able to do NES Game Genie, Snes Game Genie, Sega Genesis Game Genie. Maybe GB and GBA too if you wanna go the extra mile.

Why would I want such a program? Why would I want to add Game Genie onto individual roms when Retroarch already has a cheat feature? Authenticity and nostalgia. Why else? Because seeing that screen come up before a game loads brings back pleasant memories.

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