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So far, if I try loading an old save from Fantasy Anime, the old Sram website, the characters end up only having their first letters of their names show.

Also, on a clean playthrough. IE: newly created save, when I swap from Bronze Spear to Long Spear, the name garbles into this.

I'm not surprised since back on the old Niel patch, the red B button would get cut in half sometimes.

It's like it's spazzing out and trying to load part of the "bronze spear" text and adding it to the end of "switch out."

Oh!!! It totally is. It's loading the "t." and "Bro" from Bronze Spear is getting shoved where the t. are supposed to be.

Gaming Discussion / So... question about Dracula X
« on: June 12, 2019, 10:34:47 am »
How come there isn't just a patch to add back in the blood? I could get that affect from the Trevor patch, but maybe I don't want to change the main sprite and all I want is the blood added back in?

Gaming Discussion / I had a thought... about MSU-1 Secret of Mana.
« on: May 10, 2019, 09:41:49 am »
So a lot of people like to make "music packs" for Secret of Mana for the MSU-1... but majority of the time, these music packs end up just being collections of orchestral renditions that are grabbed here and there. It is usually improperly normalized (the volume tends to vary from track to track).

Here's an idea - why doesn't someone get a hold of a software like Propellerhead's Reason, get some good quality virtual instruments (violins, horns, synths), and grab some Midi files of the songs from the game (here's a big collection of Midi renditions of the OST- Drop those into Reason and just do a complete remade version of the score that isn't just a bunch of randomly grabbed orchestral tracks? Reason is a good software, you can import midi files, select the instruments you want to assign to each set of notes and that midi track will sound amazing. And since nobody wants to produce the music for an entire game by themselves (unless you are Toby Fox), maybe it could be like a big contest.

Like different variations of the same theme would be mixed by different people and voted on and the one that got the most votes would be the one that gets selected for the finished pack. The rules would be 1: You have to use Reason. 2: It has to match up with the original game - it has to be uniform with what it would sound like if Hiroki Kikuta was producing it, 3: tracks can't be longer than the original tunes (no crazy 10 minute long Prog Rock craziness like the remade Matango theme from that SoM 3D Remake), 3: The volume for the song has to be normalized to a specific volume so that track changes aren't completely jarring to the listener.

I just think that grabbing random mish-mash orchestral versions of songs we probably downloaded 17 years ago on Napster is pretty meh. I mean I've probably heard that one symphonic version of Fear of the Heavens a hundred times, and while it is a good tune, it just doesn't really fit.

Once the "Secret of Mana Reason Remix Contest" is completed and voted on, there could be another one that aims to remake all the songs in 8bit using something like Famitracker or Mod Tracker or something, just because why the hell not. Ever since I heard "Dueling Consoles" I've thought "Damn, it doesn't actually sound that bad."

I was playing Seiken Densetsu 3 just now after playing SoM (and lamenting that translation error in the VWF Edition - "I'm was born in the Empire" lol) and I had this thought and I'm probably not the first to consider it.

Buskaboo, the giant bird turtle you call with the flute in SD3, died and his floating corpse / shell was turned into the Turtle Island in Secret of Mana.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Can't get Gun-Dec english patch to work....
« on: October 13, 2018, 03:09:01 pm »
I know I could just play Vice - Project Doom, but I wanna play this Gun-Dec english patch... saw a youtube video of it so I know the patch must work, but I have tried both Beat and Flips (which handle .bps patches) but I can't get either to work, and yes, I'm using the Gun-Dec (Japan) rom file. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong...

Gaming Discussion / Secret of Mana 3D is so glitchy.
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:42:13 pm »
It's playable... but it's pretty disappointing. It really feels like they didn't even playtest it at all. I was at the Biting Lizard and when I stood in one spot in the playing field my arrow would reverse direction, it went straight up instead of going diagonal towards the enemy. In the place just between Gaia's Navel and Water Palace, the one with the Canon Travel to the right, I killed all the flowers with the Punch Glove, they added a "throw" feature and throwing the enemy messes with the detection, my other characters kept trying to attack a flower that wasn't even there anymore. They added quick binds for using alternate weapons, I get the point, being able to swap between the Sword and Whip on the fly without having to enter the Ring Menu makes plenty of sense, but the way they execute it is really stupid; you have to set both the LB and RB to a weapon, you can't just set one, otherwise when you try to swap you're stuck with that weapon and can't just tap the same button to get back the weapon you had. They also have quick binds for the spells, but this just makes things more confusing. What I really really really find obnoxious is they don't let you remap the buttons - only the keyboard keys. I don't like the fact they set the "swap leader" button to the left and right on the Dpad, I wanted to set that to Select, like on the original Snes game. Or maybe I'd really like to play using the Dpad instead of the analog stick. The lack of options is disheartening. They really didn't put very much thought into this remake, otherwise they would have done more with it, but it's very clearly just an easy cash grab for Square Enix. I highly doubt _anyone_ is dumb enough to drop 40 dollars on such a broken game. Sad, because I had hoped if this remake did well then it would maybe encourage Square to give a similar treatment to Seiken Densetsu 3. Oh well... it'll probably end up being just as unplaytested as this halfassed remake.

I read that Zhade has been working on an improvement patch for original SoM, I'm excited to see how that will turn out.

So I was playing around on a friend's 3DS XL which he had downloaded some older VC games onto, I was playing original Super Mario Bros. and of course, given that I play that stuff on emulators with my Classic Controller (via Mayflash adapter) set to have B button as Y and A button as B (the common Super Mario World arrangment, best for holding Y to run / attack and tapping B with the butt of your thumb to jump), I went to that configuration in my mind, perplexed that nothing was working, lol. I was a little shocked to see them still using B and A same as the old Wii Virtual Console. I mean, that arrangement wasn't bad if you were using a sideways Wiimote with the 1 and 2 buttons which are in the same layout as the original NES's B and A buttons, but soon as you hooked up the Classic Controller and had to use B and A which were at an opposite slant, it got awkward... has Nintendo seriously not figured out that people like having the option to remap buttons??? I mean, loads of games on the SNES gave you that option, Mega Man X certainly comes to mind. So why abandon that now? I mean sheesh, how hard can it possibly be to add a section in the menu options where you can reset the button configuration??? I actually half-thought about getting a 3DS, I mean, if they added games to the portable Virtual Console that I actually wanted, I might be inclined as it'd be nice to have retro-gaming on the go, but the lack of remapping is a definite turn-off.


It looks as though this page is just a placeholder and this device has not actually been released yet. I don't know if I'll be getting one, given the rather steep cost of the Wii U Pro controllers. But still, the idea is pretty cool. They've also got a similar adapter for PS3 controllers.

As many on this forum have probably seen me mention, I have their wireless adapter for the original flatties (and old Wii Pro) controllers, and I'm pretty happy with its performance.

Gaming Discussion / Interworks weird SNES / Wii Pro controller is real...
« on: January 05, 2013, 10:22:50 am »
Too bad they decided to make it some crazy hybrid thing though, then I might have been able to plug it into my wireless Mayflash CC to USB adapter and used that instead of my old flatties with their frighteningly weak zL and zR buttons (got save state and load state mapped to those buttons in Joy2Key and I'm always paranoid of using so much force I'll break 'em. Srsly Ninty, Y U NO USE RUBBER CONTACTS?) From what I've gathered it doesn't even work as a Wii U Pro controller, it's more or less another fused Wii-Mote and Classic Controller combo like the Datel "Retro Controller."

Personally I'd rather have seen them make something like this, lol....
(shields at maximum, photon torpedoes armed and ready)

It certainly would have been cheaper to make on account of no speakers, no gyrometer,
no infrared sensor and less plastic. And call me stone-age, but I still like flat gamepads.

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