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could be simple, but would pressing UP activate the special? (I have no experience with this game)

[Superman NES easier controls hack]

I don't see why not.

Or sou could make it work Castlevania style (where you need to press both UP and the attack to activate the special)


Here's an idea.

Could someone possibly do a button switch patch for Superman for NES that would trade the placements of the Special Power button and the Jump Button????

It has always infuriated me that Jump is set to UP on the D-Pad, this makes walking left and right without jumping a total pain.

Plus it's just awkward when you consider that MOST games of the 2D era had jump set to one of the buttons, not a D-Pad direction.

Considering other people have made simple button swap hacks for things like Mega Man and Bass to set the dash to R instead of A, editing the buttons for Superman NES should be relatively simple. Right?

Hi guys. I found out today about Trials of Mana, the official English localization of the game on the SNES. While the localization is good, sadly, it is somehow slower than the original game and the fan translations (during room transitions, dialogues, menus...). It would be nice if a hack could fix this, but I don't know if that is doable without remaking the localization from scratch.

Yeah. I was noticing this too. Those menus are so slooooooow. Also Reisz is the only one it seems that has a text glitch when you change weapons. Charlotte and Angela don't have the glitch. Even if I don't swap a weapon the box tries to eat the weapon name.

I think the Localization dialogue could maybe be copied down and then use the font / character set from the Weapon / Spell Description screen as the main font, as it is somewhat similar to the Official English Localization font.

It could make a really awesome indie game.

Or, you could maybe make it as a hack of Sweet Home. And you're basically traversing the walled city.

Idea 1:

A patch that applies the Variable Width Font for Secret of Mana - BUT, it keeps the original Ted Woosley script with some minor edits to fix redundant sentences like "Dwarves live in that cave. They make good weapons and know all about weapons."

That sentence should just be: "Dwarves live in that cave and they know A LOT about weapons!"

Item names would pretty much be left alone, since even in Trials of Mana Official English they didn't really alter the item names much....

In ToM, the red plant is still called "Medical Herb" and not "Presto Root." A "Chocolate" is still "Chocolate" and not "Chocochomp" and "Candy" is still "Candy" and not "Gumdrop" and "Cup of Wishes" retains its name in Trials as well, so I'd say just leave the item names alone to keep the consistency between SoM & ToM.

I'd also leave Elementals as it is, because changing it breaks the grammar ~unless~ you change the AN to just an A. - "A Spirit."

Unnecessary name changes would be avoided...

There would also be a heavy emphasis on caps lock being put on the RIGHT parts of a sentence.

Like when the Sprite remarks after acquiring Undine's magic.

The VWF and Relocalized both say: "Nobody can stop ME now!"

A possible re-write could be "Nobody can stop me NOW!"

Or "Now NO ONE can stop me!"

(I googled it, it's two words, never "noone" as that's just Noon with an E).

Also... it would try to avoid typos... Like the green haired man in Pandora Castle saying "Qui'T'ing the army" instead of "Qui'TT'ing the army."

In the original Ted Woosley script, he doesn't actually say anything about being part of the army, he just says "My life is precious and this place is dangerous, so I'm moving away."

There's also another green haired man in Pandora who says "The Empire attacked us once about 15 years ago" in the Woosley script.

In VWF and Relocalized this is turned into 6 whole screens of text.

In the Japanese script, the guy only has one screen of text.

FuYoSa definitely added that extra stuff about the Knight chasing the Emperor -- and while it's good and it expands some of the mystery / ties SoM to the other titles, it is quite a lot of text for just one NPC.

It could either be left as it was originally in Woosley's script, or edited to have more of a "flow."


1. "The Empire attacked us before, almost 15 years ago."

2. "The battle between our two forces cost many lives, Pandora's army was nearly decimated."

3. "Then the Legendary Mana Knight turned the tide by defeating the Emperor in one-on-one combat."

4. "Both were wounded in the fight, but the Mana Knight still pursued the Emperor and his forces."

5. "Then... the Mana Knight went missing, the Emperor escaped and made a full recovery."

6. "Nobody knows how the Emperor was able to dodge death, or why the Mana Knight suddenly vanished."


It's presumed that the Emperor had used Dark Magic to cheat death, similar to how Belgar was trying to learn a Forbidden Spell in order to save a girl in Holy City Wendell. (When the Priest of Light exiled him and he turned against all of humanity).

It's still a mystery to me if SoM is set AFTER the events of Trials / SD3, or if it's set directly after FFA / SD1. But personally I like the idea of SD2 being set in a time ~AFTER~ SD3.

And... Despite the risk that comes with trying to insert new stuff (Spelling & Grammar problems) I'd love to see some stuff that ties those two game universes together more.

Like... having the Cannon Travel Man hanging out in Kippo Village tell the history of Cannon Travel and how the whole enterprise was first started by his great ancestor, Bon Voyage - instead of him just saying "Dis's my home. Da misses is upstairs."


Cannon Man:

1. "Hey, it's you! Welcome to my house!"

2. "Since you're here, do ya wanna hear about how all this Cannon Travel stuff got started?"

*(Box with Yes / No option)

If you choose "No" he says:

"Darn! Guess you would just be bored by it."

If you choose "Yes" he says:

3. "Well ya see, my great great grandfather, the inventor Bon Voyage, started this business."

4. "Some folks were trying to get to their destination on foot, but the bridge got blown to bits!"

5. "Luckily, Bon Voyage was working on his cannon, which let them fly there in a jiffy!"

6. "Cannon Travel was a huge success, and it became a worldwide franchise!"

(End Dialogue)

Or like... Thanatos actually ~being~ Belgar, but it's been so long and he's been so corrupted with hatred for humankind and warped by his constant pursuit of new bodies to extend his own immortality -- that he honestly just forgot his original identity... until he hears his name spoken to him again by one of the main characters who "picked it up" in another conversation with an NPC who was discussing the history of the previous large scale war between the nations.

Or maybe... his name isn't even mentioned at all. It's just sort of hinted at vaguely.



1. "A very long time ago, a Priest from a Holy City was trying to save a sick girl."

2. "He combed through every book he could find, looking for a spell that would cheat death."

3. "In the end, he went mad and he was exiled from the city."

I think stuff like that would be great to throw in as a subtle nod to ToM and SoM having a direct relationship as well as diving into some of Belgar's history -- he was in Heroes of Mana as a playable character. He was the "Oracle of Shadows" who worked alongside the Priest of Light in Wendell.

There are similarities between the two characters which can't be ignored.

Masked Mage (Belgar) turns into a Dark Lich. Thanatos wears a mask and he also turns into a Dark Lich.

I think they're the same entity, they just forgot who they really are due to the sheer amount of time that's passed between the two games' timeframes.

ToM was medieval, they had very little technology. SoM has lots of technology - the Mana Fortress, the Sunken City with its Railway. The "Veedios" that record past events.

It's clear that a huge chunk of time passed after ToM, but Belgar is immortal and who knows how many bodies he's gone through before he settled on taking Dyluck's.

It's just an idea.

And I'm not trying to be a rude jerk or be ungrateful or nitpick a rom hack that was made two whole decades ago, a hack that I've played and enjoyed for a long time without saying a single negative word about it.

And I'm not picking on Relocalized either, I love that hack, it's really good... despite the introduction of some pretty strange grammar mistakes.

I'm just proposing a simplistic hack that takes the smoother and cleaner Variable Width Font and applies it to Ted Woosley's script... With minor edits to cut out some of the redundancy of the original sentences.

And ~maybe~ some small additions that help tie the history / universe of ToM & SoM together.

Also... maybe combine it with the patch that turns the "Crosshatch" window background into a solid color -- but without defaulting the border to the "Carved Wood" pirate ship type design and instead leaving it on the basic "Steel Pipe" border seen in the character naming screen.


Idea 2:

A "Magic Rebalancing Hack" for either Trials of Mana or SD3.

I know I'll probably set off alarm bells with purists, but I've always used a Save Editor to customize my Spell List so that I have exactly the type of spells I want to have for each character for their kind of Class.

In my vanilla playthroughs of ToM / SD3, spell acquisitions were pretty cumbersome and even by the end of the game I did not have a full Spell List.

What if... Getting Spells worked more like how it did in SoM? You get that spell WHEN you acquire the Elemental that it's associated with.

So if you pick up Salamando, your party gets the spells that are associated with him. Instead of you getting new spells by raising your Intellect and getting a "Learned [insert spell name]" text.

Grinding in general can be really tedious.

Why not make it so you get the Spells with each new Elemental that joins your party, but at the start they cost more MP to cast, until you start raising up your stats, and then the MP cost starts to go down significantly.

When I build my party, like... say I have Riesz, Angela & Carlie / Charlotte.

Well... when I do an SRAM edit, I will typically build Carlie as the Healer of the group.

I give Carlie the following spells.

1. Healing Light.
2. Twinkle Rain.
3. Strengthen.
4. Mental Boost.
5. Crystalline (TransShape)
6. Dispel Magic.
7. Magic Shield.
8. Lunatique.

For Angela I give her:

1. Holy Bolt.
2. Lucent Beam.
3. Evil Gate.
4. Dark Force.
5. Fireball.
6. Explode.
7. Ice Smash.
8. Spike Freeze (Mega Splash)
9. Thunderstorm.
10. Diamond Shards.
11. Ancient Curse.
12. Glitter Dust (Rainbow)

That's a full and well-rounded Spell List that covers the whole elemental spectrum. But outside of SRAM hacking, you would never encounter that kind of a list in the game on a clean playthrough.

For Riesz - I give her all the Saber Spells, I know they aren't what she's ~supposed~ to have. And if I was using Duran, I'd still be doing the same thing with him.

For Riesz / Lise:

1. Holy Saber.
2. Dark Saber.
3. Flame Saber.
4. Ice Saber.
5. Lightning Saber.
6. Stone Saber.
7. Moon Saber.
8. Leaf Saber.

I always build Riesz as being more of a Mele / Direct Combat fighter. Carlie as a Healer. And Angela as the purely Offensive Spellcaster.

I realize a build like this completely defeats the purpose of having "Class Changes" - but if a full scale hack were to be made that created a full spell list for each Character and each Class -- that was suited to their Path, it wouldn't need to be such a terrible thing...

Personally, I think the Spell Acquisition in ToM / SD3 is frustratingly slow and limited in what you get, even by the end of the game.

I loved SoM for the fact that once you add a new Elemental to your party, you get their spells, all you have to do is level them up so they are bigger and badder.

In ToM, all the spells are static: they only have one form and one strength setting throughout the entire game.

They don't Level Up the way SoM's spells do, so no fancy "different" animation at level 8.99 -- it's a disappointing aspect of ToM, but what could they do? They were already pushing the limits of the Super Famicom and the cartridge space limits didn't give them a whole lot of options.

Maybe if the SNES-CD had actually gotten to be a thing, they could have afforded to have Spell Animations that got bigger as you leveled them up.... (On that note, does ToM 3D also have plain static spells? Or do they get bigger and better with each use?)

The best I could say you might do to replicate a similar experience to SoM's spells is to just change the amount of MP a spell costs to use as you go along. Start them off costing you a lot of MP to cast, then by the time you max out your stats in the Level Up screens, they barely cost anything at all.

If possible, increase the amount of MP each character has available to them at the start, like maybe their Starting Max is 30 MP, and make it so even a basic spell like Holy Ball cost 3 times as much as it normally would because the character is fresh and new.

Holy Ball for me is currently at 2MP, so in "Rebalanced," it would be set at 6.

Something like Glitter Dust / Rainbow Dust is set at 10MP, that's a heavily abused spell because of how destructive it is, so increasing that cost to 30 would at least put a limit to how many times you could use it until you've maxed out your Magic stats.

At the end of Grinding / Enemy Farming [something I honestly hate doing because it's tedious as all heck] you have 99 MP. That would maybe get you 3 whole casts of Glitter / Rainbow. But as you build up the Spell related parts of your stats after each level up screen, the cost to cast it shrinks.

As a lower level "fresh" character, you wouldn't get to cast the higher costing spells very often and the majority of the time they'd be grey'd out for you.

When you Class Change, you still have a fully stacked Spell List, but the spells are related entirely to that Class Type.

And if you're a lower level newbie, they will basically be behind an MP pay-wall.

I think this is a lot more forgiving and less tedious than having to "Learn" the spells.

They're already there in the Spell List, you just need to be able to afford the MP it takes to cast them. And as you level up your Magic related stats, the cost it takes to cast them reduces.


Idea 3:

A hack for Super Mario Bros. 3 that replaces the "bland" prizes in the N Card bonus game with fancier stuff. Like the LEAF!!!

As it is normally, the N Card bonus game is kinda boring. Oh look, here's another Mushroom to add to your stack of 7 other Mushrooms. I'd be more inclined to play the N Card bonus if it didn't mean my inventory got stuffed full of Mushrooms and Fire Flowers when I would much rather have Leaf, Tanuki Suit, Hammer Bros Suit and Frog Suit as a potential prize. I wouldn't stack the board with them, just make it an occasional addition amongst all the weaker stuff...

Why not post that in the hack's thread. Seems like this should be a bug report.

I can't post a review of a hack that I've already reviewed.

I sent a PM to Timbo instead.

Here's a thought.

A hack for Super Mario 3 that puts the Leaf into the N Card bonus game. Since, other than the Tanooki Suit and P-Wing, the Leaf is one of the most valuable items to have.

Or even crazier! Make it so that the card matching game occasionally throws in a special suit. So one time you might be able to match to get a Frog Suit, or a Tanooki Suit, or a Hammer Bros Suit, or whatever. But the rest of the items are the non-suit stuff. Leaf. Fireflower. Star. 1up (replace it with a 5up).

I just always thought it was weird how the default N Card game has the lamest prizes. Who the heck wants a plain old Mushroom? Gimmie dat Leaf!

I don't wanna be that guy, but the copy editor in me compels me to point this out.

I'm doing a playthrough of the 1.7 Secret of Mana Relocalized patch.

When I defeat the Biting Lizard in the cave near Luka's Palace and I obtain Undine's magic, she says a sentence that doesn't make sense gramatically.

"However, you can receive AN Spirit's power, such as Ice Saber, on your sword."

I know that the AN is probably a leftover from when the Mana Spirits were still called Elementals. English is weird so I can forgive. That watermelon smashing comedian, Gallagher, would do whole routines about the strange quirks of the English Language.

Generally, anything with a vowel for the first letter usually gets an AN before it, but the opposite is true of consanants. The only instance where this is given some leeway is H words. "An historic event" - I'm only going to guess that it's because over in the UK they don't heavily emphasize their H. So it's more like 'istoric. So they're cheating and counting it differently. "Oh, 'es an 'ealer is 'e? (Oh, he's ~A~ healer, is he?).


"An accident" - "A mistake"

You don't say "It was an mistake" because that sounds too awkward.

Sorry. Minor complaint.

October 12, 2020, 02:16:00 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Annnnnnd Luka just did it too. She said:

"Crystal Orbs are made to react to AN Spirit's power."

The "AN" would only make sense gramatically if they were still called Elementals. Because E is a vowel.

S is a consonant.

"A Spirit"

"An Elemental"

In all the years of people playing A Link to The Past am I the _only_ person who has noticed the fact Link's eye on the left side has an extra black pixel when he is standing normally, but when you charge up the Sword Spin Attack, that extra pixel is gone? It also isn't there at the beginning of the game before you have the shield. His eyes are normal until then. After that one pupil is larger than the other.

It's not as noticeable on a CRT, so maybe that's why they missed it. But on an HDTV it's noticeable and kind of offputting especially to people like me who have OCD, lol.

October 08, 2020, 05:50:49 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Better yet: remove command dash, move dash to L and R. And for Mega make it so it's the slide button.

Seconded. R Dash is superior. Why they made it Double Tap is beyond me. Every time I would play Mega Man X I always, always, always set the Dash to be the R button.

Also wasn't there an R Dash patch for the SNES version of Mega Man and Bass?

Ya wanna know a good idea for a hack? How about someone remove that annoying and time consuming "Buster falling into a Dumpster" death animation from Buster Busts Loose for Super Nintendo. That death animation is entirely pointless and obnoxious when you consider that Buster flies partway up the screen after already falling from losing his last heart (Seriously, go dash up the sides of the book cases in the first level and tell me that death animation isn't irritating). It could easily be replaced with a "White Washout" screen like in Mega Man X or Rockman and Forte.

Absolutely crazy idea but how about a hack that replaces all the spritework in Secret of Mana with the fancier looking sprites from the iPhone port?

Could give the game a nice fresh look.

I wish that Secret of Mana had a Mini Map that was more like SD3's. I dunno how hard it would be for someone to add it but it would be damn useful. The Globe view is slow in movement and is kinda pointless. A big map laid out flat that shows you all the continents at once with your current location would have made much more sense.

Also it would be cool if all the smaller islands actually took you to something when you landed on them. Like if they had special unique items in chests, or super powered enemies that gave you tons of EXP like the Black Rabite in SD3.

Having all those tiny islands that you can't even land on seems such a waste.

Since the official Trials of Mana ROM is out in the wild will someone please figure out why it glitches the text in the menu?

"Select the equipment and confirm to switch out."

If you move to pointer to something, it becomes:.

"Select the equipment and confirm to switch ouCui"

Because it's eating part of the equipment names.

Oddly enough it only happens for Riesz. Doesn't seem to affect Charlotte.

Without 3 bullet stacking like in the NES Mega Man games, Wily Wars is extemely annoying to play. Even the Mega Man X games let you stack bullets behind each other.

Is there any way that someone could either add the feature back in, or maybe make a duplicate of the Nuclear Fire weapon, retool it to look more like the full burst you'd expect from Mega Man 4 and set that as the default Buster weapon. Each level of charging should only take half of a second of holding down the fire button.

Mega Man would flash white for the first level of charge, then flash green for the second level of charge. This would make it function more like the charge shot in Rockman and Forte. If re-tooling the Nuclear Fire weapon to be the main Buster weapon would be too difficult, then maybe another option would be to reduce the number of hits needed for smaller enemies by half. Like, the Shrimp enemies in Bubble Man's stage normally take less hits in the actual NES game, but in Wily Wars they need more hits to kill and they start ganging up on you.

Same deal with the clock spring guys in Metal Man's stage.

Is anyone going to do some work on the official Trials of Mana rom to clean up the menu text glitches? You probably won't see it until you get a new piece of armor but if you go try to equip something the text from the end of "Press to equip" gets fused into the item name.

If that is too hard to fix, maybe someone could do a hybrid version patch that combines the new font and game script with the fan translation version. Since the only glitch in that one is that half of the A button gets eaten in menus.

Idea - Get rid of or speed up the turning animation in the game Moon Crystal for NES. This would actually make the game a lot more easy during boss fights. The big mecha guy is just too difficult when the only time I can turn quickly is just before landing a jump.

Idea: Take that awesome engine used to make Sonic Classic Heroes and make a Genesis version of Chaotix. It doesn't even have to be a 1:1 recreation of the 32x game. You just need interesting stages and lots of "tiered" platforming. As in there are parts of a stage where your main character can get trapped above the secondary character. That's most of the "fun" of Chaotix. Using your second character's distance from you to charge the elastic ring band for momentum.

The 3D stages (the run through the octagon tube) would obviously have to be omitted since the Genesis can't do polygons without the 32x helping out, but maybe the special stages could be replaced with Blue Sphere stages instead. The game would only need to be DIFFERENT from Sonic 1 and 2, have tiered level platforms with lots of curved parts, and have teams of two characters attached by the ring band.

Levels would have general themes, Grass, Fire, Water, Ice, Electric.

How about a hack / improvement for Mega Man - The Wily Wars that would add in the charge shot from Mega Man 4, Mega Man X, Mega Man 7. Something to make playing Wily Wars less frustrating.

As of the moment, even with the NTSC hack and bullet hack it's impossible to do the 3 bullet pulse like you can in the NES version of the games. Adding a charge shot that would do 2x as much damage as the regular bullet would drastically improve Wily Wars and make it so enemies can't just bumrush you.

Go try playing Wily Wars version of Mega Man 2 Metal Man stage and shoot at the drills. Then try doing the same thing in the NES version of Mega Man 2. It's a slower process in Wily Wars because you can't pulse your shots. They just fire one at a time.

Adding charge shot would make the game(s) more enjoyable. The slide was carried over to 1 and 2 from MM3. Maybe it's possible to make a "Dummy" of the Fire Shot charge weapon from Heatman's weapon and turn the shot blue. But also drastically reduce the amount of time needed to charge. The Atomic Fire charges between its three stages incredibly slow. But as a charge weapon, it's good for taking out ground enemies like the small frogs and the wheelie shells after you knock their shell off.

How about a hack for Super Mario All Stars that replaces the ugly de-rezzed box art for the games with just the logos. Kinda like how Mega Man The Wily Wars just has logos.

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