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It could be the emulator. I'm guess the ToM translation uses High Resolution mode for the text. Does Secret of Mana's menus display properly? (which also use Hi-Res mode) (I'm presuming the Japanese version also used it to get higher resolution kanji but maybe the fan-translation made it normal resolution or made a font within the same size. Since in English there's not much difference between a squished high-res font and a think low-res font.)

Not sure about the SOM menus, but I can still give some info. I'm using zsnes. The video settings have filters allowed with none of the filter options selected. With this, the text is perfectly clear.

But once I take an internal screenshot, this is what I'm left with. (this is an enlarged copy of the original screenshot)

I can't imagine there is a solution for the screenshots other than replacing the font.

I'm uncomfortable calling this an idea when it's really a request for a (hopefully) simple fix. Is there any possibility that someone can add the big and readable font from the Seiken Densetsu 3 translation to Trials of Mana? I was curious enough about the new script that I was willing to replay ToM again, but this right here just isn't working out.

Only asking because I tend to capture screenshots of playthroughs just to have something to look at later on, and that clearly can't happen with the current font.

Edit, just now occurred to me that maybe the font from the translation would create issues with longer dialogue in Trials of Mana. But maybe some other solution for the font size would be possible to add?

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