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What I found seems to just be 'player information' but there are a couple of addresses that are CPU-specific, for example 2 of the CPUs will always be 'frontrunners' who naturally always gravitate to the top 2 positions in the race, which I found the address for.

Heya, this is a request for assistance for those experienced with Mario Kart DS... I'd like to disable the 'rubberbanding' routine for the CPUs, so that they always drive at normal speed. I noticed if you run a CPU in Time Trial mode, it will always drive at normal speed as there are no opponents on the track. Does anyone know anything about this? It sounds simple but probably isn't...

All I've managed to do is find the place in memory where the CPUs are stored during the race, and found a few addresses I can edit, but nothing relating to the rubberbanding.

If you can help, thank you very much!!

Thank you for your post! It was very informative, I will see if I can find anything out about hash checks and the like...

Oh, I'm fully aware of the AI's shortcomings in this game. It has a lot of frustrating moments lol. It might well be strange but I think it would be fun for me personally to build some decks and play against them - you can technically just do this by saving the deck recipe and going to recipe duel mode, but that's not as exciting or technically complicated.... :P Always the hard way eh....

I'm thinking that the parameters for CPU opponents must be stored in a compressed file somewhere, so I'll see if I can find where it is and play around with it.

EDIT: I've found out how to change stuff in memory, regarding the save data stuff - I can edit the ghost duelists stuff through that, but I can't seem to make the changes stick after the duel ends...

EDIT2: I've also now found where in the ROM the characters' "stats" are as well as a file that defines which deck is assigned to which character. It seems what characters are available in Free Duel mode is hard coded somewhere but I can't find where right now.... If I find it you'll see an EDIT3 soon lol


I've been trying to figure out how to edit the opponents' data in YGO World Championship 2008 (for the DS), to make a ROM hack with different CPU opponents, mostly just because by now I'm bored of the default CPU Free Duel opponents.

I know where to find the deck data in the ROM, so I can edit that quite easily. However, what I can't find is the rest of their data, like the characters' names or their numerical rating or information about the little hexagon that shows up next to them (if you've played WC2008 you'll know what I'm talking about). Is anyone knowledgeable enough about hacking DS games to help me out here?

While I'm at it it could also be interesting to know how to edit the 'downloaded ghosts' within the save file itself, which could potentially be easier... I can actually find the data in the .sav file (it starts at offset 33000), and a lot of the data is right there. However, I've tried editing simple things like the name of the deck, and then when I save the file and import it to Desmume, the downloaded ghosts won't show up any more. I found that offsets 33004 to 33007 contain some hex data which changes when deleting different ghosts, so I think there might be some kind of verification check for the ghosts involved with that.

Anyway, if you can help me out it would be much appreciated! My knowledge of hacking stuff boils down to trawling through things with a hex editor, so a lot of the more complicated stuff is lost on me. If you can show me how, though, I'll be forever indebted to you.

I also hope that this thread doesn't sound like a bunch of crap, lol...


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