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OK, so, first...
You won't be able to increase the amount of items in the game that are equipment. There are several tables in the ROM that refer to who can equip, stat bonuses... All that other stuff that equipment does. Unfortunately, most of those tables are exactly as long as they need to be to accommodate the amount of equippable items that exist in the vanilla version of the game.

Also, if it is possible to turn armor into weapons, the way to do it hasn't been fully uncovered as yet. You can make FF4kster act like it's doing these things in the features menu, but it won't be able to actually make that happen. I think it is actually possible to turn armor into weapons, we just haven't zeroed in on all the changes that need to be made to do so yet.

I heard that guy who made those patches is a real dick.
I probably have them... Somewhere. They're very hacky, though. Took me an entire summer to make that, and it's not my best work. I started trying to make a version 2 at one point, but I tabled it in favor of other, more rewarding pursuits. Anyway, if I can find the shadow mod patch, I will link it here for you if you want to play around with it.So much valuable stuff seemingly lost forever...
I have most of the patches I made that I MyPrepaidBalance posted there, but the best stuff I actually published on RHDN.
Huh... Never looked into it. I'll keep it in mind and let you know if I ever get to it and figure that out.

I was the one to find most of that info. back in the day, but those notes are long gone. There are various checks in-battle, out-of-battle and I doubt I found them all. I had the same idea that you did, but I recall issues happening with trying it. There is admittedly so much wasted space in the items in FFIV it is sickening. Most of the key items don't need to exist and several of them are joke items. The battle items are nigh-useless in the normal game and so on. But... trying to extend the armor list is not easy. After armor, items have less bytes to work with so you would have even less armor to work with and that's not including the ASM functions that come with the "heal status" items. (Basically looks at the item number, decreases it to a base amount of 1-80 to check and cure ailment). It's not entirely feasible, but it is possible.

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