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Gaming Discussion / Re: Underrated Games
« on: August 22, 2019, 01:38:02 pm »
Gundam Battle Assault 2

It's a crazy fun 2D fighting game. The mobile suits are all so powerful and interesting to play.

In the game Gundam Battle Assault 2 for the PS1, there are "4" unused characters that are completely inaccessible unless you use Gameshark codes. Here are the four characters and the codes that force Player1/Player2 to be those characters.

P1 The-O 800DF844 0006
P1 Zeta Gundam 800DF844 000D
P1 Qubeley 800DF844 000F
P1 Hamma Hamma 800DF844 0010

P2 The-O 800DF85E 0006
P2 Zeta Gundam 800DF85E 000D
P2 Qubeley 800DF85E 000F
P2 Hamma Hamma 800DF85E 0010

My idea for a romhack is either to add these four characters to the Character Select roster (which would be the most eloquent) OR add button combos that allow you to choose one of them by, say, "Hold R2 while selecting Burning Gundam to play as Zeta Gundam" and do this for the other three. I love this game, it's my favorite fighting game and think it would be incredible for everybody to experience this unused extra content that is locked away in the game data. Thank you.

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