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Removing the '-' was not successful, nothing happened. Using #HDR instead of #CREATEPTR and #PTRTBL worked. First I thought, #HDR has another function, so I was far away from this solution. By reading the reference guide more carefully I noticed that this command is what I was looking for :-[
Thanks again for your help :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Atlas will not set Offset on Pointer value
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:26:58 pm »
while I am in translating progress I just wanted to reinsert the first part into the rom.
I just played with the configuration files for Atlas and I am stuck by calculating the right pointer values. Addresses are right as I can see.

My configuration file:
Code: [Select]
#ADDTBL("ptcg2_ptr.tbl", dialogue)

#CREATEPTR(PtrDC000, "LINEAR", $-DC000, 32)
#PTRTBL(PtrTblTxt, $DC004, 4, PtrDC000)


//POINTER #1 @ $DC004 - STRING #1 @ $200002
//POINTER #2 @ $DC008 - STRING #2 @ $200008
//POINTER #3 @ $DC00C - STRING #3 @ $20000F

Text is in english, because I thought there were some mistakes in the translated version. Atlas inserts as value 02 00 20 00 but it has to be 02 40 12 00. Setting the offset in #CREATEPTR from $-DC000 to $-C000 does not show any effects, all values are still the same. Changing the text will also change the values, but without offset.

Text starts at $200002, pointers start at $DC000 and points to itself, $DC004 points to the beginng of text.
What's my mistake at this point?

Thank you for your help. I never knew that I had to look for a 4-byte-pointer... With a bit research how the text works, I got it working.

Hello Community :)

I am currently working on a translation of Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 into german. As source I am using the english translation of Artemis251 on an original japanese Rom. This project is my first translation in the gb/gbc section.

In some cases I need to repoint some text to fit the translation. I tried several methods (2-byte and 3-byte-pointers) I could find.

For example, I tried to repoint the text "START A NEW GAME FROM THE BEGINNING" which is located at 0x2103BF. As pointer I tried BF43. There are 27 instances, but no one in the current rom bank. As 3-byte-pointer (BF4384) there are no matches.

Where am I wrong? Where are my mistakes in finding these pointers?

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