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I have the concept, as well as all the graphical insertions/additions/redesigns in mind that I need, including the files for the musical soundtrack as well as FLAC and SPC programs, but I need a bit of help/instruction for as how to put them in the game, as well as additional coding help for modifying character and enemy behaviors, patterns, and abilities.

These projects are separate, fully-fleshed out concepts that I have already laid out, from start to finish, and I mainly am seeking coder help to fully realize this project-into-side project trilogy hack series.

Level design, settings, storyboard/dialogue, music, graphics, layout, and features are all being handled by myself, and I am mainly seeking ASM and music injection help, but I also take consideration into suggestions and am still a n00b at graphical editing and hex-editing; So I will inevitably come across points at which assistance will be greatly appreciated. :)

Head of Project,
Final Boss

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