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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Extract data from Dreamcast image.
« on: May 10, 2022, 05:14:55 pm »
Seems fine when I tried it, so maybe you're using an old version of GD-ROM Explorer, or have a bad dump?:

You could try running the one you have through to see if that fixes things.

I mean yeah, it clearly serves an an idol. But it'd be odd to call the object an idol directly, I think. The narration does a bit of buildup to the reveal of the object being the legendary Baphomet statue, and personally I haven't heard others use the word "idol" when trying to point out an object - they tend to go with more common words like figure, statue, doll, painting, plush, etc. before using idol as a noun, even if the object is an idol of something. (But perhaps it's just me not having much exposure to religious settings, and using idol in that way is actually common? Who knows.)

It's been a bit again, so another quick update:
  • The 1st draft of the translation is finished, and I'm currently doing a second pass through the text to clean things up.
  • Arc Impulse is working on getting the version 3.10 update to work for the best possible gameplay experience.
  • Some textures need to be edited and bugs need to be fixed, but things are looking pretty good right now.

Evil gleam in its eye makes sense given the context.

I wasn't sure what to call the 闇の世界 (literal is dark world) shared between Islam and Christianity, but I skimmed the wikipedia article about Baphomet and it mentioned it's sometimes used synonymously with satan or such, so I figure ruler of hell might be the best match? But someone more familiar with both religions may have a better idea.

Kind of sounds like a game that twists a bunch of real world religious stuff in an attempt to look cool, haha. Interesting idea, but I can understand why they opted to leave it out for a localization considering a bunch of people would be offended by it.

I have no clue what this game is about, but I'd say it's along these lines:

--- Start ---
Beyond the hidden door lies a spot
decorated in treasures stolen by Ruth
and his followers, along with a creepy
doll giving off a dull colored shine.

You can tell the doll was originally
golden due to the bits that shine.
The doll had been used in countless
cruel and atrocious ceremonies, and
the culmination of human blood soaking
into it turned it into this creepy color
that isn't quite red (copper) or gray (lead).

This curious doll is none other than the
legendary Baphomet statue said to have been
worshipped by the Knights Templar in the past.

It's said that the one who awakens this statue
of Baphomet - the ruler of the nether (hell?) for
both Islam and Christianity - can rule over the world.

Baphomet's eyes remained closed despite Ruth's efforts.
After Bond verified that, he extended his arm in a
bid to take the statue home.

Bond did not notice that just then, the cross
that was etched into Baphomet's forehead changed into
a swastika for a brief moment, at which point the
eyelids faintly opened, and it harbored a wicked light.
--- End ---

I'm a bit iffy on the ending paragraph - not sure if it's the statue that became host to a wicked light, or if it was Bond. (I'm leaning toward the statue? I'm sure someone can correct me)

It's been about a month, so just a small update - I'm still working on the 1st draft of the translation. Currently at 60/132 files translated in the script folder (NPC dialogue and story scenes), which happens to be the last folder with untranslated text now.

So given the current rate of progress, I think I should be able to finish the 1st draft within the next 1~2 months. Not sure exactly what will happen at that point, but probably lots and lots of testing, revising, and waiting for a few issues to be solved on the programming side. A couple of textures still need to be edited at some point too.


You'll get burned if you get close to me!


Hehehe, sawed right in half... (I added "sawed" because it's metal man)


Who do you think you are? I'll blow you away.
What's your deal? I'll blow you away.

海の藻屑 = watery grave, go to Davy Jones' Locker, sink to the bottom of the ocean

Blub, I'll send you to your watery grave.


Let's see if you can keep up with my speed!
I doubt you can keep up with my speed!

ヤッてやる = finish off, end, kill, etc. in this context

I'll finish you off while you're stopped!
I'll end you while you're frozen! ("frozen" or "frozen in place" might sound better if it's an ice type?)


Hold on, I'll light the fire.

ハリネズミ = hedgehog

I'll turn you into a hedgehog. (Not literally - as in fill with needles so you look like a hedgehog by the time he's done with you)
My needles will make you look like a hedgehog.

ぶっぱなす = ぶっ放す

3, 2, 1... I'm gonna let it rip!
3, 2, 1... I'm going all out!
3, 2, 1... It's blast time! (not an exact match, but "time" works well with the countdown I think)

There's a lack of ! in the original text, so the tone is a bit different with the above options.
But I'm not sure off hand what a good suggestion would be to preserve the exact same tone.


Eat this, Thunder Beam!
Take this, Thunder Beam!

ぜんかい = 全開 (Turning it up to max, dialing it to 11, no holding back, etc.)


ピース、ピース = Throwing peace signs, like when taking a photo/video
Maybe like a giddiness to being in the spotlight during an interview?

Check me out! Are all of you watching?
Say cheese! Did everyone see my smile?

Tricky to localize, since throwing peace signs isn't really a thing in English,
but maybe that gives some ideas for alternatives.

Oh, sorry. I just realized I might've sounded a bit angry. I only meant to help clarify understanding - I'll try to be careful how I phrase things so it doesn't come across as strongly in the future.

In any case, its cool to see Rockman & Forte stuff being looked at! :thumbsup:


He's definitely not saying he's being destroyed / is a victim of any sort.

It's along the lines of:

I'm the destroyer.
I'm what they call a destroyer.
I'm the definition of a destroyer.
The one they call destroyer is none other than me.

Replace destroyer with a similar word if you want.
The one who breaks, destroys, demolishes, etc.

BTW, is a fan-translation for the DS version of Shiren 4 in the works?

I initially planned on doing both PSP and DS versions, but decided to drop the DS version since the limitations were getting too frustrating. It's honestly a far worse gameplay experience anyway, so you're not missing much by not playing that version. That said, if someone capable wants to port the PSP translation after I'm finished, I'd consider helping them.

Thanks for the encouragement! It's really nice to know that people care about such a niche series.

English translations for Shiren GB1 and GB2 are being worked on by someone who goes by Grimm. I don't think there's a public release yet, but they occasionally post updates on their twitter:

Quick update for anyone who is still interested in this translation - things are moving along, albeit very slowly due to IRL stuff that came up the past couple months.
I'd still like to aim for a 2022 release, but we'll see how things progress since there's still a ton of work left, and life can always throw a curveball when you least expect it.

But a simple text update isn't too interesting, so here are a couple of screenshots showing new things.

English Title Screen (Credit: Arc Impulse)

Game Icon (English on left, original on right)

Is it possible to play this on Project64? I have all sort of problems. Flashing screen everytime a dialogue pops up, flashing screen during certain points of the game(like crossing bridges). Some plugins will make it flash black, and some will make it flash blue. Certain plugins will make fonts look broken and stuff. If any of you guys play it on Project64, any recommendable plugin for me to try? Although I think I have tried every one.

Those issues certainly sound odd - never encountered them during testing.

I'd recommend giving this a try:

  • Go to:
  • Download "".
  • Copy win32 version of GLideN64.dll to PJ64's plugin folder.
  • In PJ64's configuration, select the "rev.8e417951" plugin for graphics.
  • Go to: Options → Graphics Settings → Frame Buffer.
  • Change "Copy video card frame buffer to N64 memory" to "Synchronous".

If that isn't enough, maybe try downloading a fresh portable version of Project64 and repeat the steps to see if something in your current settings is conflicting with things.

So this project was basically on hold due to Shiren 2, but Arc Impulse and I are back to working on it now, and things are progressing nicely so far.

The translation is roughly 60% complete, but the bigger news is that Arc Impulse figured out a way to swap out the area name textures with English ones! He does seriously amazing work.

Otherwise, not much to really show off in terms of new stuff that hasn't been shown in the previous videos.
I'll try to keep this thread updated going forward - I mostly stick to Discord, so it's easy to forget about it.

Check out the area name font:

Original for comparison:

Thanks for the kind words! And yeah, there are a few more Shiren games that could use an English patch:

  • Shiren GB
  • Shiren GB2
  • Shiren 4
  • Shiren Gaiden - Asuka Kenzan
  • Shiren DS2 (Remake of GB2)

GB and GB2 are being worked on by Grimm, and the latest news is that GB is close to completion.

Shiren 4 is being worked on by me and Arc Impulse (with contribution from DhrGR), and is ~60% complete. I had set it aside to focus on Shiren 2 with Ozidual, so now that we've released this, I'll get back to working on 4 full time. (Only the PSP version for now though, the DS version's limitations became too frustrating to work with)

I had started Asuka Kenzan (Dreamcast version) years ago, but didn't get far at all, so that one is up in the air whether or not it'll happen. I'd be glad to translate it if a hacker appears.

DS2 has a really old incomplete English patch on gbatemp, but the project was abandoned so I think that game would need a fresh start if someone wants it to happen.

Personal Projects / Re: Tomato Adventure (GBA) translation/tools
« on: August 24, 2021, 11:08:56 pm »
I meant the "did you know?" isn't explicitly printed on the screen. I'm fluent in Japanese as well, and I basically just shared how I'd personally translate it while keeping the tone in mind.

But if you're going to nitpick, I'm not sure where you got "you're looking for" with うけつけ. It's in hiragana and I haven't played the game at all, but I'd assume it's 受付, so it'd be along the lines of receptionist.

And "dressed like a girl" works fine for 女の子みたいな恰好. They have the appearance of a girl -> They're wearing clothes that make them look like a girl -> They're dressed like a girl. (That's not to say this is the only correct translation by any means, just one option)

My post wasn't intended as a reply to your literal translation, but just wanted to share how I'd interpret the original dialogue for more perspective.

Personal Projects / Re: Tomato Adventure (GBA) translation/tools
« on: August 24, 2021, 06:54:09 pm »
For whatever it's worth at this point, this is the tone I get when I read the dialogue in Japanese:

Did you know? The receptionist is actually a boy.
He's dressed like a girl, but that's his personal hobby.

The "did you know?" wasn't there in the original, but it's to try and make it clear in English that the NPC is just sharing a fact, rather than casting judgement - I've found ellipses as used in Japanese dialogue can be hard to understand for English speakers, so keeping them can be problematic. (I'm sure someone would still find a way to be offended with the above, though).

But yeah, it's really unfortunate that streamers and twitter latched on to a misunderstanding. Not sure what can be done about it honestly, since there's no end to people drooling with their pitchforks in hand waiting for the next bit of outrage.

Personal Projects / Re: Tomato Adventure (GBA) translation/tools
« on: August 24, 2021, 03:56:46 pm »
I find it bizarre that people would be offended by that dialogue. The character saying "different strokes for different folks" shows that they don't think it's a problem, and accepts them for who they are. (or at worst, they're neutral about it)

It's one thing to censor slurs, but to censor a mention of crossdressing in a context where it's being accepted? I feel like it's a case of people looking to be offended / trying to stir up controversy for fun instead of taking a close look at what's actually being said.

So alright, let's say some players somehow genuinely feel uncomfortable after reading that. How will they learn to tolerate discomfort if they continue to try and bend whatever they don't like? Perhaps it's time to do some introspection and understand that not everything is a personal attack.

I realize this comes across strongly, and I don't mean to be insensitive at all. It's just frustrating to see translations (not just this game, but in general) bend to the will of a few vocal people who are looking to be offended, rather than preserving the original character.

I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability.

Translation isn't like math where there's one clear answer, and while "Give me a break!" doesn't literally translate to "なによ!" every time, it captures the meaning of what's being said in this dialogue.

Side note: Example from a different game to illustrate that literal isn't always correct:


"油を売る" would have a literal translation of "Sell oil" (and that's indeed what DeepL outputs), but in this context, the meaning is actually along the lines of "Waste time" / "Slack off" / "To dawdle".

So anyway, the JP dialogue broken down into concepts instead of exact words:

Hmph! (offended response)
(defensive response)
(calling the player/their actions mean)

Some example translations that retain the above with varying levels of liberties taken:

Hmph! Give me a break!
So what if I'm an okama!
You meanie.

Hmph! Figures!
Yeah I'm an okama, so what! Why is that wrong!?
You're mean.

Humph! Of course you'd say no!
No one ever wants it from an okama! What's so bad about an okama, anyway!?
How mean.

Hmph! Now I wonder why that is!
It's because I'm an okama, right? What's wrong with being an okama!
You're so mean.

Hmph! What's with your expression!?
So I'm an okama, big deal! We're not gross!
You're just like the rest. All of you are so mean.

...and so on.

The translation you go with depends on things like how much width you have to work with inside the dialogue window, what type of voice you want to give the character, your tolerance for deviating from dictionary matches for the sake of flow/flavor (you can see how arguments about translation vs. localization come up so often), etc.

Lastly, I'd like to say my bad that my previous reply was a bit thorny. Your approach with Japanese (seeing how you broke the dialogue down in one of your earlier replies) is a good start, and you have a lot of potential I think - keep it up, and be open to feedback/corrections. I don't mean to sound condescending with that either. I still occasionally make mistakes despite my experience, and run things by others if I want to double check things.

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