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ROM Hacking Discussion / LTTP: Project ReLink (Level Modification), 0.9
« on: January 31, 2019, 11:31:37 pm »
Hello! I'm working on a new Link to The Past mod, It is called Project ReLink. The purpose of this hack is to re-arrange the game's obstacles so that they require a different set of tools to get though. It is intended to be used with the LTTP randomizer in the future, but for right now this is just the base game with my layout changes included. The game is playable and complete-able from naming screen to triforce-get.

This hack is currently pretty far reaching in terms of scale for the changes, as all dungeons (except gt!) have tweaks to layout and/or pathing. For Example, Misery Mire access now requires both flippers and hammer. Flute + mitts can still be used to get into the overworld section, but a new cave has been added to bypass it.

All changes in the dungeons involve the use of a tool that was not there before. Many of the changes are supplemental to the core core experience of the game, adding secondary options to many places which were locked to only single-tool progression. Big Keys are now required to reach the boss for all of the dungeons now as well. This only really affects SW, SP, & IP.

On top of the changes above, various small QoL improvements are made in the level design, while not really mind-blowing they help to smooth out a few of the rougher edges players encounter when you are trying to beat the game as fast as you can.

I'd appreciate it very much for a bit of feedback or for anyone to play it and try it out really. Thanks!


Patch File
Currently only work with the USA LTTP Rom file, is not currently compatible with the lttp randomizer application (working on that)

Naming screen is visually borked in this early build, sorting out why, it still works, you just cant see any of the text.
Post naming screen gunks up Link's sprite for other saved games in the game-select menu (only), in-game all is well.
Floodgate fills the entire screen with water gfx, visual only.

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