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^Actually this game has sections that you are unable to pause for text (though you can replay the scene for the most part). I originally tried that approach but found issues.
Also like I had mentioned before some of the formatted text is just awful.

I just got the PlayStation Guide book in yesterday at 6:05PM. It is amazing! It also makes all the text legible. I didn't know what to expect because the listing was "Grade C - Fair" but the book came in sealed and it honestly seems in near mint condition, slip sleeve is perfect with no markings, no writing or marking on any page, not even so much as a crease.... The spine seems like the book has never even really been opened aside from maybe once or twice

Here are a few pictures of the Official Guide Book

Hello everyone,
I am a new User to so I hope I am doing this properly.

Anyways I'll just get to the point. I am beginning a translation project for the Japanese only PS1 release "Yuuyami Doori Tankentai" which roughly translates to "Twilight Expedition Journey". I have seen multiple people talk about possibly working towards translating the video game but I have not seen anything tangible of a work in progress so I decided to embark on this project myself. I am fairly new to learning Japanese, and this will be my first translation project, but I assure you it WILL be completed eventually.

One of the biggest problems I have encountered is the text formatting on the game itself, it makes certain characters hard to make out especially for an outsider who does not read/write Japanese naively so that was an issue I tried to figure out how to remedy before beginning.

However.... I just found an amazing gem that might be as rare as the physical game itself (perhaps more rare given the fact the game was a small run and presumably not everyone who owned the game purchased this...)

It is a copy of the Official Yuuyami Doori Tankentai Strategy Guide by MediaWorks.
From what I have seen in photographs it would appear that this book contains all the written text from the game as well as a lot of inside information (in game secrets, locations, etc.), I have not been able to find out any information in regards to this book anywhere outside of the listing I purchased it from so it makes it all the more exciting.

I am currently awaiting for the item to arrive in the mail (estimated between Dec.17 and Jan.3)

I will post more pictures as soon as I have the book in hand.

That being said though this post is to announce that I will be working to translate the entire guidebook (127 pages).
I will post translations for the in-game text best I can as well as the translations from the book directly as it is translated.
At the end of this translation project I might work at finding a way to patch the translation to the game as well. I have had issues with the ROM files online I have found for this game (I have only been able to find one active ROM host and the file has playback issues on every emulator I've used for it) so because of that I will also be purchasing the original game itself and ripping it directly from disc before attempting an official ROMhack.

If anyone is interested in trying to help translate please feel free to email me, when I receive the book I can see about scanning over pages digitally so other people have the opportunity to use the source. I can't promise when the project will be finished, and I assure you it will be quite sometime, but I do promise you that this project won't die (unless I die first lol)


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