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Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:39:54 pm »
You're welcome.
They only thing I can think of at this point is to try a new rom...
Try downloading from a new/different source and see if that works.

I always go out of my way to repatch my rom myself to make sure I did everything right, so I can almodt guarantee you're using the wrong rom somehow.

And, also, I apologize for the lack of a final update. I have been meaning to get around to fixing up toad finally but not only have I had no motivation to, I'm also busy with a different and much bigger project + life has been really crazy recently. I have a week break coming up, I'll see if I can get the final patch out at some point during that week. I'll also provide all the "source" files to anyone who asks for it, aka the lunar magic folder with all of its patches, graphics, and tools I used, you'll still have to patch the rom yourself tho, to comply with the rules, but I'll make it as simple as possible.
This way, if you want to use it for your own project or modify it in any way you so choose you have the easy option to do so.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: August 18, 2019, 07:34:29 am »
"There is, however, one fairly noticeable bug to be aware of - the bottom half of the player sprite on the overworld border briefly draws garbage when the windowing overworld transition is active (i.e. when switching maps via a red path tile). Pipes, stars, save prompts and level fades (to and from) all work fine. It took quite some time to sniff out the issue, but it seems this patch is at odds with some code applied by Lunar Magic upon saving the overworld. Applying this patch before or after saving for the first time makes no difference. I've made the decision to approve this update as version 1.2 seems to suffer from the same issue anyway, but a future update to remedy the problem would be welcome."
So, in short, this can't be fixed by myself. The only way it could be fixed is if the 32×32 player tilemap patch got an update.

I'll be sticking with older Toad when I upload this to the site (eventually).

the "final" version of the patches use IPS files, while the 14.0/14.1 & previous versions use BPS files.  Arty didn't use the BPS format for the final version.

@Arty: where's the "older" version of the SMW DX patch for Toad?

edit: aww never mind, had to go back to the 1st page of this thread to find it (I was kinda in a hurry when typing this)

I didn't even noticed I hadn't use the right patch format when getting it ready to send here, my bad.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: August 14, 2019, 07:03:35 am »
not a rom problem, lexluthermiester.

it seems the problem XModxGodX is encountering is happening with me on some of the castles beaten with Toad, especially the castle in world 1.

it seems Toad runs too far to the left of the screen and "misses" stepping on the detonator that blows up the 1st castle and the game does not continue.
this was with a clean SMW ROM.

This is a very real problem, and happened because i forgot to disable the transitions in the fresh rom. It's fixed, I'm just looking for a fix for the second issue with the world transitions, before I release it. For now I suggest using an older version.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: August 11, 2019, 12:22:37 pm »
Just tried the newest patch and it soft locks upon beating a castle with toad also the toad status sprite glitches when transitioning between worlds.

ah shit okay I know what caused that.
Easy fix, gonna do it now.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: August 11, 2019, 01:59:03 am »
Alright, I'm back at this one final time. Unless a game breaking bug is find I won't be doing another update, but you're free to edit and use it in whatever way you see fit, this was made with LOT of community provided resources after all (thanks, smwc, you guys are the fucking best and made this dream project a reality).

The update is a smaller one, so don't get your hopes up too high. I just wanted to tweak a few more things before calling it quits. Truth be told I didn't even really want to do another update at all. I'm at my wits end with this project, and have mostly lost interest, but rant aside, here it is. Patch to a 512kb usa smw rom and enjoy.!zHJliazB!XWBthSX1xL4lQKyeHQ6BRSjI_azJ79jV6YOShbQTyaQ

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania recolored, Castlevania reskinned
« on: July 11, 2019, 02:41:37 am »
Alas, I can not do that, because I can not draw.
Here KONAMI did all the drawing job, that is why I was able to produce these Castlevania skins.

There are custom 16bit Zelda II sprites, though I'm not sure who made them or how easy it would be to use them.

They were made for a completely seperate engine known as Super Mario Bros. X and are available for use, rather directly provided by the engine (link, torches, a single enemy), or through the Community GFX pack (most other gfx that I can think of off the top of my head).

If you want me to, I can organize them into one small collection and send them to you.

They were provided for use by anyone, so I don't think whoever made them would mind.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:35:40 pm »
Once Super Mario Maker 2 is release'd, are you going to modify Toad's sprite to match his official SMW-style sprite?
And are you going to add in any new music from it? Like, there's the forest music, snow music, sky music, and night music officially made (by Koji Kondo!) for the game now. :D

Yes! This is absolutely something I want to do, when it releases. Whether or not I *can* is another story, but I'll look into it.

This is wonderful. Thanks for providing this.

Is there any chance of implementing/providing compatibility with a patch like this: where we get those extra toys but it doesn't have to impact the game?

I can look into this, however I know for certain it would break the save compatibility I'm trying to maintain, so no promises.

Looks very good. I usually see a lot of smw hacks but don't play anything. Ultra hard hacks and demos...

But this one looks a enhancement of the original that I must try.
(Seriously you can play with luigi, toad or peach?) :beer:

Glad you like it!

I have an update in progress right now, just have been busy with other things. Sorry for the delays!

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: May 10, 2019, 10:05:31 pm »
Did another quick update
I gave Luigi and the Princess new sprites, fixed Toad's hud, and altered the Princess's ending, along with fixing a few small bugs.

One I have not been able to fix, and any help is appreciated, is the yellow koopa issue.
Issuw being there are random yellow koopas spawning in various levels. These do not show in the editor and I am very confused.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: May 08, 2019, 07:09:47 pm »
New update! Check the op for more info. I decided to do the vanilla versions and additional content update all at once, so i apologize for the delay

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:56:36 am »
Pretty good but I noticed a few... questionable enemy placements for example: yellow koopas by next to ledges in donut plains 3 (they function differently than red or blue) and a random shell-less koopa among all the climbing ones in castle one. Also this may be because I cleared special zone asap but one of the boo frames on the boo ceiling in the regular donut ghost house has a portion of their face go dark but other boos with the same frame don't have that problem.
I did not modify enemy placement, so that's strange. I'll give it a look. With the boo circle, do you mean the blushing frame? I fixed that, but it might have cause a different issue. I'll check it out.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: April 10, 2019, 11:18:59 am »
Very minor update, just fixes a few text oversights. Link in OP has been updated.

Personal Projects / Super Mario World DX Rebuild
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:10:38 pm »
I said I wouldn't be here again, but here we are. After 2 years, 3 broken computers, and countless rebuilds, I am finally ready to present to you...

Super Mario World DX!

What is this?
I started this project 2 years ago, with the simple intent of porting everything from Mario Advance 2 into SNES Mario World. I almost did that, but there were a few things missing, and it was very very buggy. From that release, I continued trying to add things and tweak the game. Keyword, tried. Everytime I tried to get the project going again, something would get in the way, usually a broken computer. This release seeks to change that. Everything that I had wanted there to be in that original project is here plus a little extra.

What exactly did you add?

-(V14-1 addition) New sprites for Peach and Luigi! Special thanks to falchion22 for allowing me to use his smw styled Peach sprites!

-(V14-1 addition) A new ending for Peach! Again, credit for this goes to falchion22.

-(V14-0 addition) If you dislike the additional music I've added, then use the (Vanilla) marked patches, they are designed to be closer to Advance 2 then the (Special) ones

-(V14-0 addition) The cape feather is bugged when used by Peach and Toad, so instead they get the returning and fully functioning tanooki leaf!

-Luigi! Complete with his own physics. Sadly, I couldn't get him to co exist in the same rom as Mario, so I separated him into his own patch, and that's where the bulk of my work has been going to recently. As such, I may have added a fix or something to Luigi but forgot to add it to Mario, which is why it's imperative you tell me which version of the hack you are playing when reporting a bug.

-(V14-0 addition) Toad and Peach are now playable characters! Toad has the worst jump but best speed, and Peach has the worst speed but gets both a float and a small dash ability.

-The Mario Advance 2 status screen, in a nearly perfect state. There still is no reward for collecting all the dragon coins outside of an icon on the status screen, but other then that it works as intended.

-Altered graphics, don't worry, they're all relatively minor and you might not even notice them. Most are taken from Mario World, so they have a slightly more modern look while still looking like they're from Mario World. On that note, I couldn't decide between Luigi's Advance or SMW + All Stars look. I felt like the proportions in smw+sma were really weird looking, but also felt like the advance version of the sprite looked too similar to Mario. I was certainly in luck, thanks to a user going by Pixel-Gon, I got a  best of both worlds version of Luigi's sprite set. With Advance's better proportions but All Star's better poses. I think it looks wonderful, and I'm very happy I found it.

-Bug fixes! I've fixed more bugs then I can count, both from bugs left in the original version of this project and bugs from the original game. This version is (hopefully) much more stable then the old one.

-Music! One of my biggest complaints with og Mario World was the lack of musical variety. Don't get me wrong, what's there is great, but I felt there simply wasn't enough of it. I hand picked a bunch of remixes from Mario World Central's music category and the results are wonderful. Don't worry, I took special measures to make sure everything sounded good and fit in. That means no pokemon, kirby, or sonic music like a lot of hack include. Just good ol Mario tunes in all their 16 bit glory. I didn't replace any of the original tracks either, they are still there and all play out in a good chunk of the game.
The way it's organized is

World 1 and World 2 use the vanilla themes exclusively, World 3 uses the vanilla cave theme, plus a remix of the overworld theme during its brief above ground segment, which is also used in World 4. World 5 uses a "ruins" remix of the overworld theme, World 6 uses the Choco Island theme from Super Mario Kart with SMW samples, World 7 uses the a remix of the Bowser Castle theme from Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga, Star World uses the Mario Land 2 Star Maze theme, and Special world uses a mixture of all of them plus an SMB1 overworld remix for the final stage. All caves and water stages use the vanilla themes, with the exception of Bowser Valley/World 7. Athletic stages up to Forest of Illusion use the vanilla theme, and all the ones after that use a "pops" remix as it is called. All castles and fortresses outside of Chocolate Island and Bowser Valley use the vanilla themes, while those two worlds use a remix of the SMB1 castle them, and of course the final stage gets it's own theme, a remix of the World Air Ship theme from Mario Maker. I thought it was tense enough to be a good fit for the stage. All boss themes except that of Chocolate Island and Bowser Valley are vanilla, and Bowser's own theme is still the same (and as great as ever!).

-The final level has been restructured significantly, it now plays through every door with an extended timer, and you are given extra power ups to help you get through it. I did this because I felt the original was creative but underwhelming and overly easy. I made sure this altered version of the fortress wasn't overly hard either, however. It's still fairly easy, just not as much as it was in the original.

-(Final) Updated graphics for Toad and Luigi straight from Mario Maker 2 (plus some edits to Luigi's poses) and a few small bug fixes

Future plans?
Nothing. Unless an especially bad bug is found I myslef am done with this. Feel free to do whatever you want with it, continue where I left off or turn it into something else, whatever you want.


Download (V14-0)!mSwRxaRJ!UvtnX-Q_gqtIcqgH1DBGq4WpSAW5nLwFIP0uZeDhBzc

Download (V14-1, Currently only the Special variations, Vanilla has not yet been updated)!qHQzzIrK!nKOQHgqeL6J9fjdrNJURlaac7__iHSsbnz_aoQeuNFw

Download (Final)!zHJliazB!XWBthSX1xL4lQKyeHQ6BRSjI_azJ79jV6YOShbQTyaQ

How to play
Simply patch the hack to a clean USA Mario World rom. It shouldn't have a header and shouldn't have been previously modified. Checksum information is available in the read-me.

Bugs I am aware of
-The death theme got swapped with the bonus game clear theme. I don't know how to fix it or how it even broke but I am looking into it
-Luigi controls very strangely on certain slopes, most work fine but on a few you'll notice an oddity in his physics making him "jitter". I don't know why this is happening but I'm looking for a fix asap, and if anyone knows why this is happening I'm all ears
-Red Yoshi is green on the overworld. This is simply a side affect of me changing the overworld sprite's colors to fit Luigi, it's harmless and I don't believe there's actually a way I can fix it.
-Cutscenes are gone (for luigi). Sadly, the new phsyics are not taken into account during these and they are as a result broken, even going as far as to soft lock the game on a few occasions. So I removed them, for now. If I find a way to actually fix them they will be restored.

The most important thing this hack has needed, the credits.

JackTheSpades - Made status bar say all yoshi coins have been collected
MarioFanGamer - Added better powerdown system (fire mario -> big mario -> small mario instead of fire -> small)
Erik - Added ability to bring up save prompt by simply pressing start and added SMA2 yoshi block system (so what yoshi you get is dependant on what power up you have, after freeing them in Star World)
GreenHammerBro - Restored SMA2 slide kill chain functionality
Alcaro - Fixed thwomp's face flip
Ladida - Implemented SMA2 status screen, along with Peach's abilities and the raccoon ability.

Gamma V - Ruins remix of the overworld theme
Wakana - Boss battle remix, haunted overworld remix, SMB1 castle remix
Zagronia - Haunted overworld remix
Lu9 - Overworld theme pops remix
HarvettFox96 - Both of the athletic theme remixes
MidiGuy - Cave theme icy remix, SMB1 overworld remix
MercuryPenny - SMA2 status screen theme, SMB3 SMM ghost house theme
Pinci - SMM airship theme remix
Sayuri - SMB1 SMM ghost house

Pixel-Gon - Luigi's pre 14-1 sprite set

Bensalot - Luigi's 14-1 sprite set

Construct101 - Toad's sprite set

Falchion22 - Peach's sprite set

KaizoMan - Physics modifier tool

THESE are the people who really made this hack what it is. Without them, it never would have come to be and I can't thank them enough.

a hack of Kirby's Dreamland 3 that makes Kirby a little faster would be lovely. I really like the game but he's just so ungodly slow, even when running he doesn't feel as fast or smooth as in other games.

Personal Projects / Re: Play Novel - Silent Hill
« on: March 29, 2019, 06:09:01 pm »
I remember there was an English translation with the game ported on PC through emulation.

But it was some years ago, and I don't know if the game was fully translated.

I hope this game will come to English someday. I'll be glad to make a repro out of it  :)

Thanks for this great work !
Both scenarios got an obscure homebrew genesis port with both an english and russian translation, that's probably what you're thinking of. I'd linkto the site it's hosted on, but it's full of porn vn's so that's not happening.
It also didn't have any music or sound, and I can't speak for the actual quality of the translation cause when I found out it had no sound I dropped it pretty quick

So from what I've read, these were included as bonus maps in the DS remake. Porting them to the, in my opinion, superior Super Famicom version of the game as a bonus book or something would be really cool, and create a "definitive" version of the game.

Take the Mario World hacks known as "Super Mario/Super Luigi Arcade" and make them insanely difficult, like a true arcade usually game is.

A hack of Tales of Phantasia PSX that makes it so spells don't pause fights would be more then enough to make up for the lack of a translation of the enhanced PSP release. If that's not possible due to hardware limitations, simply making them faster would be so nice.

Personal Projects / Re: Firered hack- Pokemon Fireburn(Demo)
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:28:10 pm »
Jesus this is ambitious. If you can actually manage to pull it off with decent quality standards, this would be my go to game

It was brought up in another thread, but I love the idea of a sound restoration for the GBA Mario Advance games. Since we already have the color restorations, a sound hack would make them perfect. Especially for the ports of 2 and 3, those need it the most.

Here's one which I particularly would love to see.

Make a hack of Super Mario 64 DS which maps the analog controls that are used for the touch screen, so that you can use said analog controls with the analog stick on a 3DS or any emulator, effectively revamping the whole gameplay to SM64 levels of smooth playability.
Skellux actually created an emulator extension that does this, see it here

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