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Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: November 06, 2020, 12:24:05 am »
Looking good as always! The new Bowser Pirate Flags and the Hammer Bros enemy are perfect. Sorry to hear about your medical difficulties, but glad to hear you're up and at 'em again.

Thanks! There is a full gameplay from World 2

Now to work on World 3. I hope to be able to share a complete gameplay of it soon.

P.S. I tried to make the hermit crabs red using my new ability to reassign the color palettes. Unfortunately, it shares values with several enemies such as the Galoomba, or the Chubbys.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: November 05, 2020, 07:15:18 pm »
Hi everybody!

First of all I would like to thank the community members who participated in the vote on revising RHDN policiy about controversial elements on hacks.

I know that only 18 votes in a community with thousands of members is not enough to change anything, but it is good to know that there are people willing to talk about it, to give their opinion without fear and the most important thing: Do it from respect. That kind of thing can make a difference :thumbsup:

And now, going back to the original theme of the post, I have to apologize for the lack of news in the last weeks. Without going into details, I suffered a painful rupture a few months ago. That and being on a severe diet has made my mood suffer more ups and downs than a seismograph.

Still I have tried to keep busy and worked on other projects, like an update of my 'Kinnikuman' hack, or a collaboration with Supergamerguy on his excellent 'Porco Rosso' hack.

Now that I have taken up this project again, I am trying to learn 'new tricks'. The first result is this:

I can now reassign pallets to a sprite ;D. Stay tuned for more news!

These are the positions a sprite can be in
0X 4X = The ones you know
CX 8X = The same thing but face down

In any NES game or in this specific one?

On the other hand, it would have been convenient for you to look for a fragment of the sprite of the character that you wanted to edit first and review around that area or directly delete lines of the hexadecimal code to break things, if you break something wrong you can undo it until you get to the place you really wanted to review

Sounds like a good idea. I use the same system when looking for parts of the background or sprites that are difficult to locate in the tile editor, removing large portions until the sprite is affected.

One question: I thought I understood once that there are specific sections of code that are usually dedicated to a task. Knowing where these areas begin and end would greatly reduce my search field. For example, I wouldn't start searching from the very first line if someone told me "From the value xxxxxxx to the value yyyyyy is usually found the information related to sprites".

Anyway, the information you've given me so far is being very useful, thanks!

Thanks for your help! I spent a whole night trying to figure out how to put it into practice, but I think I've got it. Let me explain:

First I tried to do exactly what you suggested: Search for matches with the value A9 03 and modify it looking for any change on the sprite.

This, actually only works with the main sprite, and only in one of the matches with the value.

Anyway, when I checked that the palettes were indeed assigned with a value from 00 to 03, I thought: If the rest of sprites work the same, I ONLY have to check all values '03' until I locate the one I want to modify.

A system as you can imagine, horribly slow, but I still found the value I was looking for. Actually, the first sprite I want to modify uses 4 values '03' for each frame.

At this point something happened that disoriented me: I managed to change the sprite's color palette when walking to the left, but the sprite still used the original palette when walking to the right!

I continued trying for hours to modify values '03' without result. After discarding practically any other idea, I investigated further the area where I made the palette modifications... and it turns out that when the sprite walks to the right it uses a '4' in front, instead of a '0'. In other words, the values I couldn't find were in the same place with another name...

At least I managed to modify the first sprite, and I think that repeating it now that I understand better how the values are grouped I will be able to do it faster.

Still, if you can think of how I could improve my searches, I'm all ears

Greetings from Barcelona!

After a pause (which I needed) from my current project it's time to get down to business!

The graphic changes on level 1 and 2 are ready. The problem is that when I started working on level 3, I had to discard many good ideas because most enemies share color palette with the character.

So, the question is: Could someone teach me how to locate the color palette assigned to a sprite and change it? Depending on the answer, I will choose one approach or another to continue the project.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 17, 2020, 08:33:48 pm »
Of course! It's your opinion and it must be respected. Actually, the only thing that bothers me is people who bow their heads and don't care if they have the opportunity to express their opinion. Nobody risks anything, and this is not going to change the opinion of the community managers. Maybe if the participation had been high...

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 17, 2020, 03:51:02 pm »
I have always understood the point of view of the Community managers. I just don't agree with it. Letting fear win is not a solution, it's a symptom of the sick society in which we live. An example:

Looks like a real "Gangsta", right?

In my country, a rapper called Valtonyc was accused and convicted in absentia of the crimes of Exaltation of Terrorism, Threats, and (sic) Injuries to the Crown, using the Anti-Terrorism Act (which was toughened at the time when we were fighting a local terrorist organization called ETA, in a quite similar situation to IRA in Ireland). These are some of the verses for which he has been convicted:

"When I say Gora (Hail) ETA in front of a Civil Guard (a military police), that's why they lock you up and not for being a son of a bitch like Urdangarin (the husband of one of the princesses of my country, currently in jail for the crimes of Prevarication, Embezzlement, Influence peddling, Public Administration Fraud and two tax crimes)."

"I want to transmit to the Spanish a message of hope, ETA is a great nation (parodying the King's Christmas speech)."

"I'm not going to shut up anymore, I'm going to fight even if I have to get a gun like Froilan Marichalar (grandson of the king, who as a minor shot himself in the foot during a hunt)."

"We will reach the nut of your neck, you bastard, meeting in the palace of the Bourbon (the bloodline of our Royal House), Kalashnikov."

There are even tougher verses in, threats against the Crown, politics and State Defense Forces, but this guy has no weapons, doesn't know how to use one, and has no personal connection to a terrorist organization, he just express sympathy for it (something I don't agree, but for a long time like in the IRA/Ireland example, it was usual). And this happened SEVERAL years after the terrorist organization surrendered, dismantled, and integrated into national politics to defend its ideas without using violence.

Another example: In my country exists the crime of blasphemy (...), denounced as "Offenses to religious feelings" (Article 525 of Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Criminal Code).

So, if a Spanish actor known for acts of provocation on social networks like Willy Toledo says something like "Fuck God and the Virgin (Maria)," he's automatically in the crosshair of pressure groups like the "Spanish Christian Lawyers Association". There are very few convictions for this crime, but there are many complaints. Is just an strategy. The purpose? Intimidate people to force self-censoring.

And what's the point of this (sorry) long exposure? That we can self-censor ourselves, or we can express ideas (even those that nobody likes), as long as it can be done under conditions of equality and respect. In terms of what we gain or lose, I think we lose a lot when we lost our honesty or principles for fear.

And as for modifying games subject to copyright, first, most countries consider it a crime when we cause damage or obtain a direct benefit. If that were to change, any story, comic or image made by a fan for fans would be considered illegal. The thing changes when we take profit, like those who put this roms in repro cartridges and sell them for 50 bucks.

Furthermore, even if the purpose of a hack is to modify an original rom, the patch only contains the altered data, i.e. parts that were not written by the original programmers and cannot be subject to copyright.

Note: I will not paint my face blue and shout "FREEDOM! I wouldn't even risk my life to keep my convictions, although I have risked my own safety when I saw someone in real trouble but c'mon, we can take a seat and talk. We can't just have two boxes, for "GOOD" and "BAD" hacks. My "Pablo Kong" hack maybe it be controversial, but it's pretty respectfully. You don't agree? Take a look at this:

It's basically the same as my hack, but developed as an app and anyone could download it from the Google Store, with the current conflict between a part of my country that wants to become independent from the rest. Currently there are politicians in jail for the crime of Sedition.

Sorry for the Joke XD. That's all. See Ya!

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES proyect
« on: October 17, 2020, 01:21:58 pm »
This project is progressing in an astounding way! There still seems to be a lot of work to be done, but I speak for all of us in saying that we can't wait to watch/play the final result.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 08, 2020, 03:20:46 pm »
Of course, something does not automatically become less offensive by comparing it to something else! In the same way that a child can relativise something bad he has done with a phrase like "It could have been worse", but it's obvious that unless you see the world in B/W, context and nuance are very important. A topless pixelated-mermaid in the context of a childish spicy joke can never be considered as offensive as one of GTA's anatomically realistic prostitutes, just as a nude in the Sistine Chapel is not as offensive as one in Pornhub.

Although I must be grateful to Hentaipope (former member of this community, and founder/admin of for hosting my Pablo Kong hack, my brain is still processing that a quite correct political satire that aims to incite to humor and reflection, is in a website where all SMB sprites are replaced by penises (...).

This is clearly the result of applying criteria without criteria, except Black or White, and I think that it' s worth talking about, because it would allow many users to express themselves without fear. That a person worries about being banned before being banned is not the product of a healthy policy.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 08, 2020, 01:49:50 am »
That's a nice looking Wario sprite for that boss right there, very well done. :thumbsup: Much better than the last boss edit. :-\

If you liked it, wait to watch it finished and animated! XD

Doesnt matter how well written it is, that kind of stuff (especially the new boss edit) will get your hack banned from RHDN like Pablo Kong was, but for worse reasons. :-\ I don't want to see that happen as this hack is getting better and better everyday, so please change it back. :'(

If they decide to ban my hack, they should also ban Castlevania's "topless Medusa", Megaman Legends "spicy magazine joke", naked Adam and Eve in the game Taboo, Kunio Kun taking a bath in River City Ramson, the naked woman sculpture in Maniac Mansion and ┬┐the chubby kid peeing on you in Kid Niki 3?

Seriously, In times when we can see hyper-realistic nudity and sex in games like The Witcher 3 or GOW, seeing something offensive in a fairly mild spicy joke and a pixelated topless would be a joke.

Of course, other members may disagree with me, which is why I have created a poll that you can find at the top of this post.

2 - But the Pako Sprites and the new Hermit Crab sprites (Huckit Crabs maybe? ;)) look outstanding! And it's a shame about the Hammer Pigs, I wish there were more tutorials on how to reassign palletes to different sprites in NES games (for example, assign a new pallete for the Hammer Pigs to a different pallette already on screen at the time). If there are tutorials, I can't find them. :D

That sounds great! I still don't know how to do it and it would be useful in this and other projects.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 04, 2020, 11:30:30 pm »
World 2 finished! Here are some links to some sprite-tests that I have published on Twitter so that you can have a look at them:

My native language is not English, so I want to ask you if the second boss's phrase "I lost my bra. Have you seen it?" is well written.

The Hammer Pigs could be changed to Spike from Wrecking Crew

The main problem with the pigs that appear in the game, is that the vast majority of them share the colour palette with the main character (black, red and skin colour). That bothers me, because if it had been possible, I would have liked to replace them with characters in the vein of the Hammer Brothers from SMB3

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 03, 2020, 12:51:00 am »
how beautiful this "pirate fake" looks. (well,I understand that this is a hack, but it is soundly remade) :)

Thanks! This hack is actually a "fake bootleg" based on a "real bootleg", or a "As it should have been". The Chinese programmers didn't put any effort into SMB8, stealing Don Doko Don 2 and changing only the title screen and the main character in the most sloppy way. "Mario on the cover = Easy money" they must have thought.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 03, 2020, 12:09:58 am »
Quick Question: what are the underwater helmeted enemies (that replace the the trident ones) a reference to? For some reason I can't pinpoint them...

Those are Scuba Diving Goombas :laugh:. It made its only appearance in Super Mario Land 2. In that game it walks on the bottom of the sea, and it moves as a regular Goomba, but with the underwater helmet.

I modified a bit the design to fit better. Now he swims with his feet.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: October 02, 2020, 10:00:30 pm »
I feel overwhelmed with all these ideas! :laugh:. Unfortunately, some of them are not practicable. Others just don't feel like they fit in the project (remember that I'm looking for a balance between adding Mario elements and keeping those that have their own charm). Others as you can see in the link are excellent and I'm putting them into practice :thumbsup::

I know the Wiggler looks weird. Trust me, I did my best. The problem is how the worm sprite works. Maybe this picture will help me to explain it:

First I tried to get the Wiggler to walk instead of crawling like a worm... WRONG :banghead:: The front section of the sprite includes the first pair of feet and does not move. The result was quite strange.

Then I made an 100% accurate Wiggler face, and once again, bad idea: The mouth animation uses a small 16x8 portion right on the edge. That forced me to redraw the face of the wiggler in side. I tried to save the accurate design, but it was unworkable. In the end I decided to create a "hybrid", using the original worm as basis so that the animation would work well.

You can be sure that I'll try something with the hermit crabs in the next section. The main handicap is the design using only half a sprite (the other half is the same sprite reflected like a mirror, which forces me to use a character seen from the front and symmetrical).

And you can bet that Pako will be in the game! Fits 100% and I like his grumpy look.

I really appreciate your contributions, and in whatever way possible, I would like to credit it when the project is finished ( maybe as "artistic consulting").

P.S. Stay tuned! when I finish World 2 I will post a new video.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: September 28, 2020, 08:37:45 pm »
Greetings from Barcelona!

Unfortunately, these days I haven't been able to make much progress on the project. These weeks I've eaten little and slept less, so I've felt a bit tired and uninspired, which hasn't stopped me from taking advantage of the opportunity to polish the project instead of moving forward, to the point that the video I showed in my previous post now looks outdated. As you can see in the image, I have used some of your excellent ideas:

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: September 20, 2020, 10:56:49 pm »
Fresh news! (and a gameplay) ;D

I finished the title screen, intro + 1st world. You can take a look. Now, 4 worlds+ending of work awaits me. Of course, I still need suggestions (some of them was very useful, as you can see on the video). Thanks to everyone for your support!

Also I think he means the background textures, which do look a little too natural compared to Super Mario World's geometric natural environment.

It's certainly the closest clone to Mario you'll find on the NES (and the most fun), but it's still not Mario. I think of it as the game that Taito would have created with Nintendo's permission.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: September 19, 2020, 02:34:59 pm »
Greetings from Barcelona, and thanks!

I hope to finish it soon. It' s still in development, so I can add improvements. Here's a little sprite test to show how it's going:

When I complete the first level I'll share a little gameplay.

By the way, what do you mean that the texture could be more precise?

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: September 14, 2020, 04:15:49 pm »
Hi bros!

I have waited to have solid advances to show you. Here is a demonstration of the intro, compared to the original and the Chinese bootleg:

Now, I have a functional sprite of Mario carrying the weapons, walking, jumping, dying, etc. There are 2 frames that I'm not sure where they appear, but in the process of testing the whole game I will find out.

I have replaced the generic mushroom guys with goombas. I'm also replacing those enemies that have an obvious counterpart in the SMB world, like the giant walking worm or squids from water sections, and the enemies that seem uninspired, but I want to keep those that have their own charm (a flying pig?? I love it!)

Now, some questions:

I don't like these mini-mushrooms that appear on the screenshot. They just jump vertically like an obstacle, and share a color palette with the goombas. The most obvious solution would be to replace them also with goombas, but I am not 100% convinced, because that would give little variety (there are already walking goombas and fire-spitting goombas). Ideas?

The item of the top bar that looks like a kind of winged dragon does not convince me either. When you gather 20 your life meter increases. The problem is that it shares a color palette with many elements in the background, like the blue sky, the water... Can you suggest something?

And finally, rabbits and stone monsters. The first ones are quite "meh", the second ones I thought to replace them with Thwomps (the giant stones with spikes).

Thanks in advance for your help and support  ;)

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: September 08, 2020, 04:03:45 pm »
Thank you for your ideas! Some of them are quite interesting. Make it part of the Paper Mario saga?? Sounds really cool!

The truth is that I want to keep the title as it is, but there are two good reasons:

Firstly, is a request from someone for whom this game is a childhood memory. I don't want to modify it more than necessary, just to make it look part of the Mario franchise.

And secondly, changing its name would make it difficult to find. I mean, people who remember this game know it by that name. Something similar happened to me with my graphical improvement of Street Fighter IV: I decided to change the title to 'Fighter Legend', because the last version of the game removed any reference to Capcom's franchise. Many people found the change odd. That's why I renamed the hack as Street Fighter IV: Enhanced Edition.

I repeat, I love your ideas, and as I update the content of the game I will share it with you so you can give me your opinion.

Personal Projects / Super Mario Bros. 8
« on: September 07, 2020, 12:38:38 am »
Greetings from Barcelona!

As many will know, bootleg NES games were very popular in countries where this console saw its lifespan extended, thanks to its affordable price.

Especially popular were the games starring Nintendo's mascot, which were basically games that already existed, modified in the most sloppy way to look like one of Mario's adventures:

One of the best is Super Bros. 8. Why? Because the original game (Taito's Don Doko Don 2) is cool! Also, many enemies (like mushroom guys) have a suspicious resemblance to the ones we can see in SMB franchise:

The point is, that a subscriber asked me to improve this game, and since practically EVERYTHING can be improved, I decided to start from zero, using a clean  rom with the English patch.

For the moment I finished with the intro and the title screen:

Now is the time for suggestions.

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