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Hey there!

You are all probably wondering why it is that I am asking for help for an English patch to a game that was already released in English, well me and my friend both speedrun this game, however we had recently found out that the English version of this game is significantly longer than the Japanese version of the game because the Japanese version, for whatever reason seems to have 50% less HP than the English versions.

Preferably we'd like to run on the Japanese version but would still like to keep the text, (for remembering things) and the voice acting (if possible) to stay in English - some of the best moments of this game are how hilarious the dialogue is and for viewer sake it makes the game more interesting to watch.

Does anyone know how achievable this is? I honestly don't know about Romhacking or manipulating ISO files, is there a way to open both ISO's up and just copy and paste the content over to the Japanese version of the game?

There is already an 'Undubbed' Version of the game that I have found which is NTSC-U I assume its just the US version of the game overwritten with the Japanese VA while everything else remains in English, I'd ask for the same sort of thing a Japanese dubbed version, that uses the Japanese game files but the sound and text files had been converted to English

Any advice or help on the subject would be appreciated!  ;D

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