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Personal Projects / Castlevania Advance Collection - Restored Audio
« on: September 27, 2021, 09:34:33 am »
Hello everyone, today I bring you some tweaks for the Game Boy Advance Castlevania titles present in Castlevania Advance Collection. Why would this even be needed you might be wondering, well, personally speaking I enjoy taking apart collection based titles like these and investigating the ROM images packed within, sometimes you tend to get some interesting results, others not so much. The main reason I did these tweaks however is because some folks out in the world like myself love playing these altered ROM images on real hardware or even with an emulator of choice outside what the collection(s) use. Without these tweaks, the games would run with no audio present, which is great and all but, I like having sound during gameplay, not to mention compatibility is rough whenever the developers of these collections remove certain data from the original ROM images, which I can happily say isn't a problem when using these patches. Not much else to say on the matter so without further ado, here are the restored audio patches!


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