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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy 5: Void Divergence [SNES]
« on: November 09, 2021, 01:23:22 pm »
It would be incredibly cool if this could work in conjuction with that Ancient Cave hack for FF5.
I never cared for the weak, cookie cutter plot of the game, and having such an interesting combat system as Void Divergence's combined with randomly generated dungeon runs would be great to see.
I doubt that would work together with that hack.
Though I wouldn't mind if we got an AC mode into this hack as well.

Is there a list of hacks used or a method of building the hack if one wants some parts of it but not others?
Sorry, only that patch exist, no parts to it.

but the elemental system is beyond my understanding.
unless you go for the highest difficulty settings you'll be fine to just follow common rpg conventions and hit the weaknesses; and you don't even have to guess those: you can use !scan or !skill/examine to have the game tell you, doesn't even use your turn.

You mentioned that enemy's AGL maxes out at 20, but given that most enemies' stats are based off Lise, the AGL will max out at 19.  Also, for current patch, how is Speed Up/Down affect Eva?  I'm guessing it's +/-20%, but where does the multiplier apply?  I assume it's all the way at the end, but just like other stat up spells, I have a feeling that may not be the case.  I'm guessing your +10/-15 Acc applies at the end.
the speed up/down effects modify the raw stats.
for evade it is 1/3 of base, cap at 100. so 60% evade becomes 80%.

I'm having a little trouble with Eva, because many enemies at the beginning have too high Eva if I try to apply something general.
Where do you get that?
E.g. a 0% modifier for the intro ninjas would give them about 18 evade (5 agl x 1.4 + 5) x 1.5 and Hawk has 6 agl so 9 acc, so 9% miss rate.
Or what am I missing?

Should I just leave the Eva thing with you?  I'm working on this (dungeon by dungeon), but you seem to have some idea what to do.  I don't think devils should have 100% Eva though.
I was thinking along the lines of devils typically being not easily affected by regular weapons; you'd need some special magic weapons or magical buffs; and a high evade rate is the next best stand-in for that.

Also, a suggestion to add to your next bugfix.
Do you have a list of the values that would need to be changed there?

By forcing to go melee to fill the gauge, it goes a bit against the trope of squishy mages, but it would indeed balance the instant casting.
Do you think applying a damage malus to player's spells is enough ? (Again, only in the optional patch of course.)
I'd rather focus on what would need to be done to bring magic up a bit if I were to fix cast time.

But for the insta cast version - a damage penalty wouldn't change much since you can still use all other spells at full power; healing, aura wave into L3 techs for basically unnerfed spell damage or just death spell, turn undead and stone cloud that care little about the actual damage value.

If max luck for enemies is 16, and not every final boss has max luck, it may still be too strong. (Hawk with 22 luck: 61% to deny counter, or more.)
Maybe player's luck / (20 + (enemy's level / 2)), which avoids stair effect ?
I'm fine with that.

The gap between 17 and 22 luck is not as important as in the original formula of the patch (a gap of 11% instead of 23% against final bosses), but as luck now favours critical hit chances AND critical damage thanks to you (plus trap desactivation), is the stat valuable enough after nerfing deny counters? (I think so.)
Sounds to me like the stat finally works like luck does in a lot of games: no single big/primary effect but a hundred small/secondary ones.

Counter MagicI understand it is not a bug, but the implementation the developers opted for doesn't make a lot of sense, alas. It is not symetrical with the player's spell nor it is coherent with what one would expect. It's minor, but it's a lack of consistency from a gameplay perspective.
This only affects the 2 plant bosses; maybe they wanted to prevent player frustration in case mispolm is taken late and angela has death spell and/or stone cloud ready?

I was thinking of this, if that helps: player's LUCK / (20 + Handicap), the handicap being 10 for class 2 enemies, and 20 for class 3 enemies.
could just boil it then down to:
player's luck / (20+enemy's luck)

imo better than the stair effect you get from having 13 luck vs a level 19 target = 65% safe and then going to the next screen and only getting 42% vs the level 20s there

- for consistency, as the exploit for instant casting cannot be fixed.
on another sad note... I accidently found my old notes on wtf I had to do to fix casttime... fml

So, instant spell casting is a good start but needs to be balanced (like were critical hits) in the optional patch:
- apply a malus to damage for players' spells?
- increase their mp cost?
instant cast is a separate patch and its own sack of issues.
if it wasn't too much of a change compared to the base game you could make spells instant cast by using 4 tech points.

Is there any way to differentiate between regular enemies and bosses when it comes to reducing rates of countering? The game’s real problem is regular enemies wiping your team like Wolf Devils, Night Blades, etc. I expect bosses to react harshly to what I do.
That I can; but the mentioned enemies are not using the L3 tech (only) as counters but whenever they feel like it.

On a separate note. Is there a way to tweak regular enemy base stats? It has always seemed to me that it make sense to give enemies the stats of the player classes they are meant to mimic, like Porobon = Ranger, green Porobon = Rogue or Wander (unsure which is which), Porobon Leader = the other. So for example the regular Porobon would have 9/12/9/9/9/12 for stats to calculate evasion and all that other stuff off of instead of everyone being based off Reisz. Bee Ladies would be based on Reisz’s light classes, beast men based on Kevin’s classes (though a few seems to not be represented at all), etc.
That can be done as Koren and Heath show but that would change way too much since that also influences atk, def, hp, ...
I'd rather let those be here so e.g. evasion and crit rate is more predictable.

(9 / class lv) + (LCK x 3) = denial %
that would make class changing detrimental, at least until you've put in 1-2 points of luck and lets be honest: 99% of characters have more important stats.

But spellcasters should not become too strong now that they insta-cast spells. We should test and test the game again until spellcasting feels right. (Could the level of the ennemy be part of the formula?)
I have access to basically all values of both the player/caster and monster/target there.

If the power level of casters is the topic, it should rather find different ways to address that instead of disabling the AI.
Also not all monster have a counter and for random mobs... stone cloud and death spell/turn undead make it so there is noone left to counter.

on another sad note... I accidently found my old notes on wtf I had to do to fix casttime... fml

- a proper balance of evasion. Clearly, the developers entered random values for evade modifiers as they dumped the mechanic during development. Enemies could be attributed a default evade modifier, then cases should be worked individually to make sense (high modifier for ninjas, low modifier for mages, etc.). Even if it's basic (most ennemies with default modifier), it should at least make sense!
default modifier would be an increase for 90% of monsters; most have just a fraction of the base value.

base at max level would be around ((20AGL x1.4)+5)x1.5=47
I think I'll work with just 4 modifiers:
-100% for stuff that should be easy to hit (bulettes, golems)
-30% as default = 33 evade at max, so 22 AGL hawk would never miss here, all other need speed up to meet 100% hitrate
0% for e.g. ninjas and birds
100% for ghosts and devils

- Transshape with a duration of x + LUCK (or LUCK /2 or whatever)instead of fixed or minus LUCK
there are several problems there:
-the value is shared with sleep duration and I can't separate them
-there's no reference to the caster of the original spell anymore, I have only access to the stats of the victim of those 2 effects

Something different.  I was working on Eva, and assuming monster evade is ((1.4x AGL) + 5) x (100% + type_modifier), then Specter Lv13 in Ghost Ship (who has 100 for modifier and AGL of 9) will have evade rate of 34 (rounded down).  And if I used Angela and didn't raise AGL at all (AGL 2), then she'll have accuracy of 3.  So 34-3 = 31.  So she'll miss 31% of time?  I used her in Ghost Ship (killed off the rest of the teams to test her thoroughly), and she seemed to miss way more than 30% though.  Did I miscalculate something somewhere, or was I just unlucky?
No, that's on me, I overlooked one step there.

((1.4x AGL) + 5) x 1.5 x (100% + type_modifier), each step rounded down, so that ghost comes out to 50, then subtract your 3 accuracy and you get 47% misses.

For the player it is instead:
(1.4x AGL) + LUCK/2 + 5 + gear bonuses

Also I hate how L1 tech doesn't auto-hit but reuse the last hit status, so I can just miss 100 L1 techs in a row there >.>
really, the whole handling of the "is hit" flag being on the target and then also shared between all attackers just causes a ton of problems; I just don't have any RAM available to change that.

Again, I'm just wondering about a "natural balance" of sorts. Was casting instant in Secret of Mana? I forget.
Magic in Secret of Mana was super OP.
Nearly instantly goes off (first the elemental spirit appears then the spell actually starts), stops the target from doing anything at all so you can just chain the next spell while the current spell deals its damage. Also walnuts give 50 MP while most spells cost 2-3.
And most importantly no counter reactions to spells being cast.
Effectively the game had like 4 real boss fights and 30 cutscenes: mantis, tropicalo, big cat because you don't have magic yet and the final boss because all spells do 1 damage.
With that I understand that they had to take some measures to reign in spellcasters here but they went too far.

I wonder what actually triggers the counters.
Does the AI get vengeful every time when something hits all targets or does the game use specific threshold values like
damage inflicted at once? maybe it counters at specific HP thresholds?
there are no thresholds; the AI just checks what it was hit by and if it falls in the right category it tries to queue a counter action (if the monster type has one); though same as when I press the tech button that action may get eaten up by lag or similar issues.

small monster just check if they were hit at all by a time freezing move. big boss monster may also check for element of the spell; e.g. hitting landumber with wind magic gets a reaction but his second weakness of fire does not.

It seems inconsistent vanilla because I lost count of how many times I'd get wiped by Nightblades on Glass Desert because they seemingly had a full tedh gauge or close to full when I stepped onto the area they spawn at.
monster don't use tech gauges, they can use spells and techs whenever they feel like it. pure RNG really.

I wish Luck counter math was something like, [[Enemy's Luck] - [Attacker's Luck] + 3 ] / 5.  That way, if low level characters fought equally low level enemies, the enemies will have at least 1/3 chance of using counter attack, and if high level characters fought equally high level enemies, then the enemies will also have at least 1/3 chance of using counter attack.
problem is range of values.

Code: [Select]
who: starting value - range of caps for final classes
monster: 3 - 16
Duran: 2 - 15-17
Kevin: 2 - 15-17
Hawk: 6 - 20-22
Angela: 4 - 15-17
Charlie: 5 - 18-20
Lise: 3 - 16-18 (lower start than Angela but higher end)

I can't check what would trigger the reaction (L2/3 tech or spell), so I need one formula that accounts for all cases. And there needs to be still a reason for Hawk go all the way to 22 while Duran/Angela with 15 still needs to get something out of it.

So my first suggestion would be to start with a char specific bonus to lessen the range we have to deal with:
Duran, Kevin, Angela +2
Hawk +0
Charlie, Lise +1
Second would be to arbitrarely decide that Hawk with 22 luck vs 16 luck monster should have 80% counter negate chance.
And third to give 10% per point, so my formula would be:
Code: [Select]
chance to negate counter = 10% x (2 + user's luck + user's char bonus - target's luck)
so for the given points in the game we'd get:
Code: [Select]
monster: 3 - 16
Duran (+2): 2 - 15-17 -> 30% - 30%-50%
Kevin (+2): 2 - 15-17 -> 30% - 30%-50%
Hawk (+0): 6 - 20-22 -> 50% - 60%-80%
Angela (+2): 4 - 15-17 -> 30% - 30%-50%
Charlie (+1): 5 - 18-20 -> 50% - 50%-70%
Lise (+1): 3 - 16-18 -> 30% - 30%-50%

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 06, 2021, 08:08:47 pm »
praetarius5018 said that all characters get their cast time enhanced if they class up, so maybe both Angela and Carlie had faster cast time, even in their base classes, relative to other base class characters.
Duran&Kevin: 120/90/60
Hawk&Lise: 90/60/30
Angela&Charlie: 60/30/1
those values are added to the casttime for base/1st/2nd class
I think 30 is about 1 second

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 06, 2021, 06:15:35 am »
By the way on the description and readme of the bugfix you mention "fixed Kevin’s Deathhand and Bashkar being mixed up in menu"  but it's actually Dervish and Death Hand being swapped around that you fixed, so you might want to correct the description on the RHDN entry and readme if you have the inclination to do so.

Also, it might be beneficial to modify the description to state that insta-cast is now independent and optional, so people don't dump bad reviews on your hard work just because they think it's included (the current description makes it sound that way).
Done. Thanks for pointing it out.

According to class lore, Kevin's dark branch relies on the power of the werewolf more than the light classes, so maybe Dervish and Death Hand should get their 15% power bonus reinstated for werewolf? just a thought mind you.
Since that is handled in the compressed section, no chance.
Even if that wasn't a restriction, remember that Death Hand was already Kevin's strongest class and now is even stronger with the fixed energy ball, so yet another buff there is out in my book.

my personal preference here; I want to see if without casting delays Angela can compete with meleers. so far, she's been a real asset rather than a liability, but maybe with enemy counters toned down, insta-cast isn't needed to enjoy magic
Here's where the issue starts: who do we compare her "dps" to?
Duran, Hawk or Kevin?
With insta-cast she'd probably be closer to Kevin, maybe even above him (which is fine with mp costs and counter reactions being a thing),
with fixed cast time she'd probably be a good bit below Duran.
With the bugged cast time she's bouncing between both extremes, so ironically this would be the more balanced option...

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 04, 2021, 02:44:31 pm »
Just a minor bug report regarding Counter Magic (vanilla, and probably still applicable for your patch) -- whenever an enemy uses Counter Magic (Gildervine, Mispolm), they reflect Air, Fire, and Water magic, but not Earth, Light, Dark, and Tree magic.  Counter Magic works as intended (reflects all elements) when the player uses it though.  I'm not sure why that's the case, since Gildervine is only immune to Tree magic, so elemental weakness/strength doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.
That seems to be intentional.
If checks if the target is a boss unit or anything else; if it is not a boss it writes FF into the repel field (meaning all 8 elements), for bosses it only gives 0E (wind, water, fire).
No idea why, but that is what the code does.

Honestly I believe the evade modifiers were decided while drunk; most of them make little logical sense.
ninja -98%
ninja master +8%
nightblade -57% (yes, the master of assassination evades worse than any of the mages)
magician -12%
wizard +5% (3rd highest out of all non-bosses, seriously)
high wizard -27%
specter +100%
ghost -44% (the evolved form of a typically incorporal creature, ladies and gentlemen)

bill/ben +0%
koren +15%
heath +70%(!!)
dangaard -100% (flying creature during high speed chase? free hits ofc!)
to make that even more nonsensical:
monster AGL caps out at 20
monster evade: ((1.4x AGL) + 5) x (100% + type_modifier)

there's even different monster with evade adjustment between -100%, -99%, -98%; values that can never be different with the given evade formula

accuracy is 1.5x AGL
there's a lot of monster with -85% or so evade
at max level they still can't even dodge a Lv1 Angela
just food for thought

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 04, 2021, 06:21:54 am »
Hey, in your recent bugfix patch, for the critical hit, you used "weapon factor" to determine the power increase.  What is that?
The same factor a weapon gives to your STR to calculate ATK; the starter weapons have x2, the best weapons have x15.

It... pains me say this, but bug report.  Matango Oil (or perhaps Counter Magic too?) causes the game to crash.
Of course it does; why WOULDN'T a change to crit rate make counter magic crash.

submitting update in a moment...

Having said that, can you simply increase the movement speed during the battle stance of the controlled character?
Not that I know of.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 03, 2021, 10:48:29 am »
That's understandable. I'm assuming it's not possible to have the cast time cancellation as a separate optional patch to add in tandem with the base bugfix?
I've been thinking and I feel a good way to keep Angela relevant in comparison to melee party members would be to make her cast time zero and leave others alone. What do you think?
Possible, yes, but I don't think it matters.
The casttime bug is still a thing so her casttime is effectively instant as long as you have a reason to open the menu for a different char.

Imo there are 2 options:
1) set casttime to 0 so players don't get even tempted to cheat by opening the menu or having a boss cast a spell or litterally ANYTHING that pauses the main battle scene - this option was loudly vetoed.
2) assume players are responsible enough not to cheat with casttime - I don't trust that one

If we go that route I can just as well add new features like: able to switch which side you target with your spells, heal light hurting undead, running, ... yeah that goes WAY beyond bug fix and maybe minor balance adjustment.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 03, 2021, 04:44:10 am »
I checked the readme for bugfix 1.6 and it seems to remove insta cast. Was 1.5 also modified to fix the chibbiko crashes while keeping insta cast, or are the crashes only fixed in 1.6?
No, the old versions still have that crash.
The crash existed since 1.3.
If I now started backporting those fixes I'd not manage just one hack under the "fix only" label but an ever increasing amount; this would get out of hand super fast.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 02, 2021, 07:08:59 pm »
You guys are good.  How do you people find all these errors?  I started a new game with v1.5, and I'm at Lampflower Garden, all the while looking for any errors, and I still haven't come across a situation about Chibikko error (despite having the hammer for a while now and using it often enough).  Do you guys have some sort of list you go through when looking for errors?
just flat out pure chance and bad luck:
hmsong told me about the chibikko damage bug so I went and hammered my whole team and immediatly the game reset; then I had to try 10 more times to reproduce that crash.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: November 02, 2021, 06:54:11 am »
It seems that the Chibikko correction from one of the previous versions is now making Chibikko SE into a scary melee monster (kills everything in one shot while being Chibikkoed).  You may want to correct that.
...and a game crash on top of it when I apply hammer to the full party... I hate this game...

Btw, is there any difference between Chibikko and Moogle SE?  I mean, other than Moogle being Chibikko + Silence.  And I think Chibikko only reduces physical damage to 1, but that's it, right? (in Secret of Mana, it also reduced physical defense).
mini = deal 1 dmg
moogle = auto miss, meaning you can't even build tp while you wait on your caster to heal you with tinkle rain

submitted with chibikko fix and casttime revert

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: October 31, 2021, 11:49:38 am »
You could make an unheadered 3-player patch for your collection;
how to enable 3-player support is lined out here:
literally just 2 bytes.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: October 30, 2021, 07:35:29 pm »
However, the new bugfix hack probably ignores any cast time edits that I did, meaning all casts are now super fast.
Correct, I took the function that calculates the casttime (simplified it just does base of spell + penalty of caster and their current class rank; e.g. Duran casts slower than Angela but by a constant difference) and reduced it to: "return 1".

Wtf!  Lol!  Wow.  I did notice that Specter and Heath have high evade, but I didn't know why.  That is incredible.
As far as I can see all the other stats behave as expected: higher tier version of a monster type has either same or better stats. It is just evade where it is weird like that. But then again: evade didn't work so who'd even notice.

If you want another kinda underused mechanic that makes barely sense:
you have two magic defenses; one powered by INT against INT based spells (the one displayed in the menu) and another hidden PIE based one against PIE based spells.
Monster have those as well and for almost all of them the 2 values are equal, exceptions are:
-magician and wizard -75% int, -99% pie; however high wizard has -74% on both (why...)
rest are bosses:
-machine golem boss edition: -89% int, -99% pie (the mob version has -99% on both, they clearly twinked the boss version as an anti-angela version)
-black rabite: -68% int, -70% pie
-koren: +120% int, +125% pie; highest values by a mile and with his angela stats that should make his magic defs still about equal despite me expecting that he has higher int def
-heath: +50% int, +125% pie; makes me feel like Heath was someone's creator pet with his godly evade and magic defenses

for the record the 3rd highest m.def is only +0% and a tie between jagan and deathjester
after that come the godbeasts around -20%
gorva at -59%
the majority is -80% or worse

Despite those miniscule m.defs magic damage sucks, this game man...
How does the player fare? Well... most boss unique spells target physical defense, so you have 2 stats that very rarely do anything.

So to be clear, at Lv40 (for player), all screen-freezing skills (including Heal Light) will have increased power?  Does that include Lv2/3 techs?  Are there any other skills that gain power?
Only damage spells and heal light as well as their item clones; it does not affect Lv2/3 techs or fraction skills.

Yikes.  If you can't find it, then it's very unlikely I'll be able to find it.  But I'll look around.  Maybe I'll get lucky.
Not so much "can't" as just fed up with SD3's quirks.

Worst comes to worst you could just create a patch that add the seeds to the 2nd cat shop.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: October 30, 2021, 05:59:47 am »
Well, isn't that why you reduced Power Up from +33% to +20%?  That way, it's nowhere near as devastatingly powerful?
That and bringing it more in line with magic damage increase since that is only +25%; relatively speaking enemy p.def is higher than their m.def so I "include" that difference in damage gain in the corresponding def debuff.

I'm saying Tzenker before Speed Up and Tzenker after Speed Up feels no different, in terms of me missing attacks.  But now that I know that she has 0 Eva, I know why (0 * 1.20 = 0).  I don't know how that's possible, since she has Lv10 Lise's stats, right? (meaning she should have ~8 Agi stat)  In any case, Speed Up/Down affecting the Eva stat by fixed amount would bring more merit to Speed Up/Down.
It works the same way as all other stats; you have base stats based on Lise's (Koren uses Angela's and Heath uses Charlie's, all other -> Lise) stat cap for that level (Lv1-19 base class, 20-39 light class, 40+ L/L class) then apply a percentage modifier to the final value that varies by creature type. And Tzenker has -100% on evade.
Honestly I believe the evade modifiers were decided while drunk; most of them make little logical sense.
ninja -98%
ninja master +8%
nightblade -57% (yes, the master of assassination evades worse than any of the mages)
magician -12%
wizard +5% (3rd highest out of all non-bosses, seriously)
high wizard -27%
specter +100%
ghost -44% (the evolved form of a typically incorporal creature, ladies and gentlemen)

bill/ben +0%
koren +15%
heath +70%(!!)
dangaard -100% (flying creature during high speed chase? free hits ofc!)

Well, yeah.  But that additional +2% of critical hit for everyone is just... I don't think people will mind not seeing critical hit in the beginning.  They're gonna see plenty in the later parts of the game.
I mean you could implement a kind of crit defense, something like:
crit rate = 5 + attacker.luck - (target.luck/2)
with that Hawk would go from about 10% to 17% over the course of the game or Duran 6% to 12%

Well, the damage output suddenly increasing at Lv40 is probably worse.  That is, unless the damage increase affects the players too.  Personally, I think leaving that particular mechanic as vanilla way is adequate.  Far from perfect, but adequate.
It counts for both sides, and also for heal light because why not.

In the patch I made it so that it uses the caster's level and ignores the class rank; so even if you don't class change you have +90% at Lv40.
And lets be fair, with enabled crits melee already got a bonus, so magic getting a little something here as well isn't necessarily wrong.

I think all spells being insta-cast is a bit too much.  I much prefer if you fix the cast bug.  Sure, spells are not as useful as melee, but if we're talking about Angela, she would do more damage with magic than her own melee, and without putting herself in harm's way (as much). You can't be comparing Angela's magic vs Kevin's melee (or something similar).  You have to compare Angela's magic vs Angela's melee.
No, I MUST compare Angela's magic to Kevin's melee, because both of them are choices for party members.
1) it is NOT a dps increase since you could already do the same by alternating casting of 2 party members since the cast time still ticks down while you select the spell of the other caster and during the spell animations
2) you still have to deal with mp costs, counter attacks and long spell animations

Also I won't fix the cast time, not again, once having to deal with that mess is enough; if you want to, be my guest, but I won't touch it.

And let's not forget.  All the girls (Angela, Carlie, Lise) get cast time bonus when they get 2nd class change.
Sorry, but this info is false or at least incomplete.
EVERYONE gets a drop of 60 ticks to their cast time per class change, not only the girls or only on 2nd class change.

That's a good idea, but I'm not sure if I can make it happen.  I'll look into it, but don't get your hopes up.
If you find out where the seeds get their item lists from, I'd like that info as well, please.

It is not the same if it is 50% as you stated earlier, not fixed 50 points.
Come to think of it, may be adding a fixed value to the final damage actually works better?
I went with fixed 50 as an example for how much a given value of luck could ignore; I was thinking not a fixed percentage but a value that scales by the luck stat. Problem is then that it doesn't matter if we reduce def or increase atk, since the result there is the same.

Ignoring fix 50% would again help Hawk and Kevin way too much since they hit twice as often for the flat 100-120 extra damage at the end.

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