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I don't think Luck Denies Counter is working.  Specifically, it's working as if Luck Denies Counter is No Skill Counter.  I haven't seen any bosses countering Angela's spells.  Specifically, I haven't seen Black Rabite countering any spells (other bosses are a bit hard to tell).  I mean, I leveled up her Luck, but there ought to be some chance that the bosses will counter, right?  I spammed Evil Gate on Black Rabite (after using the anti magic item), but not once did Black Rabite counter.
Unless I mixed up directions (< vs >) he should have like 60% to get his counteraction.
Are you 100% certain you don't also have hmsong's no skill counter on?

So if you level her up to Lv60 or something, she'll max out her max mp, even as Angela DD.  I'm guessing literally every character can max out their hp and mp, assuming they level up enough.  Yeah... let's see if anyone ever tries that (without the par code or something).
Can't see anyone ever doing that; at about Lv55-60 every stat should be max, so you only gain a handful of HP/MP. And even reaching 50 is a grind and a half.
Neither worth it nor are there any decent grind spots.
In SoM it was at least somewhat worth it because of low drop chance for endgame gear and extra orbs.

Thanks for the info.  Yeah, it was expected that DD is gonna max out at 96.  Praetarius5018 already said that her base maxes out at 78 (so 78 + 18 PIE = 96).  I guess that means none of her classes will get 99 MP, even in her LD, which has 20 PIE (which results in 98 MP).
I feel like the vanilla base MP growth is even a bit too much; +1 MP per stat is kinda meaningless when you have 70 MP base and 108x 20mp walnuts total; but that would be deep in rebalancing territory.

Hey, for your next update, maybe you can correct Angela's Luck stat error.  I mean, I think that's an error -- she's supposed to have decent Luck stat.  She started with decent Luck (3rd highest), but for whatever reason, her class ups didn't get the same Luck update.  Here's the code, relative to vanilla and other characters (I'm sure you can do this yourself, but I'll save you the time, if you decide to apply this).
I'm not sure I understand what exactly the error is; care to elaborate?

Also, I think I sort of get when the game freezes.  I think if you use attack spells for certain amount of times after loading the game, the game freezes.  I used Angela, and I was up against Mispolm (I loaded from the nearest save point), and the game froze during the battle, probably because I used the attack spells so many times.  In all the times the game froze, they were all attack spells.  To be fair though, I used attack spells far more frequently than other types of spells, given that my team was Duran, Angela, and Kevin.
When exactly did it freeze?
During the spell animation? Directly after? Or at a "random" point in battle?

If you had said "mana day should boost all elements" (incl. non-elemental? that one has no day either!!) I would have thought about it, but some weird day/night mana day-only split feels unintuitive.

If you can make day/night affect the strength boost of light/dark spells, I would appreciate it.  That way, people will actually have reasons to use dark spells, as nights are common.  Sure, light spells will get powerful too, but at least it uses PIE for damage, meaning she will almost always do less damage than her INT based spells.
Imo there should NEVER be a day bonus for light/dark element based on day/night
1) Kevin is already "restricted" to night because of wolf bonus

2) getting the bonus 50% of the time to the OP element (a majority of endgame mobs are neutral or weak to light, other weaknesses rare) is nonsense if the average element only get theirs 1/7 of the time

3) about 25% of the bosses have a dark elemental attack, I'd guess 35% of regular enemies with any element at all have something with dark; this wouldn't make dark spells more useful to you, this would make the game harder.

used Evil Gate frequently, as it was night
day/night has no influence on light/dark damage.

Armor Knight, from Corridors of Wind.  I was at Lv9, and it still dropped 16 EXP, while all other monsters dropped more than usual.  This was confirmed again in the Rolante Castle.  All other monsters got EXP boost, while Armor Knight and Evil Sword did not.
sigh noted

Maybe it happens if you play the game for an extend time?  Not sure.
I could take the easy way out and just blame it on this; the game has some kind of memory leak and spell animations amplify that effect, that's at least what we've observered over the years. I recall reading an article some years back that hypothesized we didn't get SD3 overseas because exactly that behaviour was observed on console.
Well, its not like I've accidently drawn the menu sprites on the game screen by playing around with snowman status... this game has issues.

Just saving ingame (NOT save states!!), resetting back to the main menu and then loading again resets the time until issues crop up.
If you resume playing via loading savestates it would be like you never left, so that "doomsday clock" is still at the exact same spot as it was before.

tl;dr: when did it start coming up?
shortly after loading from ingame menu? or after a couple hours without reloading?


It seems that the new bugfix patch doesn't give the bonus EXP to the enemies with 00 Exp flag (ex: Armor Knight, Silver Knight, Dark Lord, Ninja Master, Wizard, Evil Sword, Black Fang, etc).  Changing that value to 80 fixes the problem, as 80 and 00 give the same EXP.
What enemy did you experience that against?

To me it looks like it displays the same weakness twice... maybe bandaid solution because they couldn't make a textbox variant with just one entry?

Personally I think it is cool if he has a slight edge due to damage recalculation, and it would be pointless to use him if he ends up just slightly above Hawk in damage. It is not a decisive difference but it adds some spice.
If I see your data correctly, he deals 10~15 damage more on a non-crit and the same amount less on a crit compared to Hawk, so if crit rate was 50% they'd have same dps, but even with energy ball it is way lower which favors Kevin already. +10% atk during night time (without power up) gives him around 2.5 times that.
Imo that is fine for the difference of utility (Hawk with buffs or debuffs) vs raw dps (Kevin).

I dunno, I think +10% AND power up buff is a bit much for a quickish "cast" of transform (if you compare it to self-casting power up or pressure point).

Yeah at times he did get hit. Do you mean immediately after transforming or in normal combat after transforming?
I also used dreamsee herbs to quickly shift between night and day as needed, if it means anything.
When he starts transforming the game sets the power up flag on him, the attack update only triggers when he his HP changes (damage or heal) or he gets hit by a (de)buff.
So I wanted to know if his damage values were with such a trigger (I guess yes) or not.

I see.  I guess this is where "hacker's call" comes in.  What I know is that with the "get hit = buff", Kevin is even more powerful, and the idea of lowering his werewolf form's power was to weaken him a bit (to give other characters a chance), and perhaps disabling the hit=buff can count towards weakening Kevin.  Well, unless there's some sort of problem for "fixing" that.
nah, that's a one byte change.
12C9AF 40 -> 00, done

Oh yeah, I think you mentioned that Kevin gets power buff from getting hit or something.  I hope you fix that by the next patch.
I'm not sure if it is a bug or not; what happens is that upon transformation his "buffs" gets set to "only power up active" but the attack recalculation only happens when he gets hit.

I got around to jotting down those damage ranges you asked for, here you go
The Kevin night values seem too high; did he get hit after transforming? Wolfform should be +10% now, so maybe 30 raw damage more or ~22 with the penalty. Having it nearly triple that looks like he also got the power up buff from getting hit (is exactly the same buff as casting pressure point or the power up spell).

Hey.  Do you think you can get the Detect program working properly?  That is, spell type flag 17.  Currently, it starts to analyze (current HP, max HP, weakness), but gets overrun with weird texts that doesn't end properly.  Players can use another spell or something to overwrite the overrun text to end the weird text, but I'd really like to see Detect being complete (I assigned the incomplete version to Item Seed to my Shop patch).
Don't think so. From my understanding all the type 17 does is call a text box. In unpatched J version I get an HP/maxHP readout, not sure what the second line means, I can't read japanese.

My guess is that a given translation patch breaks the relevant text template or a pointer because of text compression.

I'd be grateful if you "fixed" that.
Will do but not this month anymore.

Would be nice if those that play it would provide their feedback to my changes (spelldamage, casttime, counter rate, exp rate, crits, evade rate, ...) by then in case something needs further tweaking.

I am of the minority position that Luck Denies Counter should NOT be incredibly strong because Luck is also granting crit, better luck on chests, and reduced status ailment times. Just throwing it out that I think Hawkeye with maxed Luck only denying 44% of boss counters is ALREADY very strong.

No need to make Luck overpowered.
I think the value for 15-18 luck (30~37%) against a final boss is ok but going all the way to 22 should give a tad more than just 7% denial extra.

Does anyone know the ROM address for the boss music table? Specifically which boss gets what music? I want to change to byte for Mispolm to be the same as Genova has
I'd take that too!
Though I don't think it is a table and more just part of the boss start event.

Huh?  I thought the recent patch only denies COUNTERS, not regular skills.  For example, if Dangard want to use his Air Slasher, he'll use it 100% without being affected by player's Luck (the recent fix uses the attacker's Luck to calculate the denial chance, and enemy's non-counter attacks don't use player's Luck).  On the other hand, if you attack Bill/Ben with Fireball, Luck may deny Bill/Ben his counter.

Or do I have that wrong?
You got that right.
If they naturally decide to shadow dive it will still go through 100%,
luck only lessens the chance they will use shadow dive after getting hit by spells or techs.

Here's one.  Could you make it so that outside the battle, if you don't hold the B button, you're running? (and if you're holding the B button, it walks)  I'm fairly certain many games today does that, and it's wonderful.  Sometimes, when in battle, and I kill a group of the enemies, and I run towards the next group in the same field, I accidentally end up using the tech, because I'm holding the B button to run towards them.  This will solve that problem.
Not "possible"; if I did that you would also run in battle and that is a balance change that goes too far for my patch here.

That will work!  Well, if you're willing to apply that here.
"Want", I kinda should unless we want to keep 2 items and one spell useless.

I don't know about "far", but I suppose you're right if you consider crits.  Still, the gap decreased significantly, in a very very positive light.  And double hitters can miss due to the pushback of the first hit -- I think there's some sort of ACC effect, depending on how far the target is from the melee attack.  I'm not entirely sure about this though.
I'm fine with that; the pushback from hits kinda makes Hawk (and Kevin) the higher skill ceiling with higher max dps option.

In doubt the hitboxes are questionable.

Oh, I ended up raising Kevin's STR, sorry. In case  idon't have an earlier save I'll keep going as is, I guess.
I wonder if Guardians have some sort of innate defense against criticals, since they only happened with energy ball active against them.
Don't see anything like that there... sometimes hit them for 105, other for 207. Chance in code is just (LUCK+2)%, no reductions or negations.
No idea why you don't see a difference.

I feel like instead of "+15", it should be "+5", to match the previous "out of 30" for regular enemies.  That was a good number, and "+15" for bosses (instead of +25), esp if you consider that bosses' HP threshold moves are now guaranteed.
I'll consider it.

So level 50 Angela DD will have 97 MP?  Can you get higher MP if you level up more? (I typically end up with Lv53 characters by the end of the game).
You get from Lv45 to 54 no MP increases but afterwards everyone gains 1-2 MP per level up to a cap of 99.

Lv45 is 49 MP for Duran, 54 for Kevin, 59 for Hawk, 79 for Angela and Charlie and 65 for Lise.

Thanks for the info.  No more 3-player patch for my rom.
You can still use it when you play with 2 buddies, you should just send one of the players to grab some sandwiches or something when the ghostship starts.

But how did +1 result in 1A?  I doubt +15 is FA, because that'll result in that you can't use any number bigger than 15.
1A is just a shorthand like "x++" for "x=x+1") in most modern languages. FA pulls the topmost number from the stack in shoves it into the accumulator X; any form of stack manipulation without knowing wtf you do is a fast track to crashing the whole emulator.

I think it'd be easier to think of it like functions with 0-3 bytes worth of parameters instead of your standard math operators.

Code: [Select]
function addOne() {

function add(value) {

I mean, casters like Angela will already have tough time raising Luck, because she'll be too busy raising VIT, INT, and PIE (no time to raise Luck until the end of the game).
That's not really a good argument.
Angela can skip on STR and AGL.
Melee can really only skip on PIE (+1 MP each is the lowest priority in my book).
STR for damage. VIT to stay alive vs random mobs. INT to stay alive vs bosses. AGL to hit (=damage) and evade. LUCK for crits (=damage).

If possible, can you make it so that AntiMagic nulls the magic resist?  Not Immunity though (as you pointed out, that'll make Moon Saber way too powerful against many bosses).  I actually hope AntiMagic nulls reflect/absorb/immune/resist for all elements except Moon (to specifically nerf Moon Saber) and possibly Leaf, but I don't think you'll like that.
I'd find it weird if anti-magic removes the lesser "resistance" and the higher "absorb" but leaves the middle ground "immunity" alone.

Also, could you make it so that Poison SE cannot be overwritten by Chibikko SE? (if it's applied, it'll cause both Poison and Chibikko SE)  That way, things like Tinkle Rain, Puipui Grass, and Mama Poto Oil won't become obsolete the moment you get Chibikko Hammer (which is quite early in the game).  Only when it comes to poison and chibikko SEs though (I think other SEs will conflict badly with each other, such as Chibikko/Freeze/Moogle/Stone).  I do think other SEs should be able to overwrite other SEs (which is vanilla behavior), as that'll make Moogle Belt very unique and useful (which can only be gotten from Black Rabite).
I made it so in my other hack that the hammer fails when you have a different status but left body change alone.

Btw, I absolutely love the idea of exp bonus if underleveled.  That is an amazing idea, and such anti-frustration feature.  I absolutely love anti-frustration ideas.
Got any other ideas?

Thanks for field testing.  I see that Duran will actually outdamage Hawk by the end, at least for non-DD Duran vs DL Hawk
I think that Hawk is actually far ahead with his critical rate; both get about +100 damage per crit but Hawk attacks twice as often.

Hey.  For your recent bugfix, how does Luck Denies Counter work?  I know it says, "(15+target level/2) for regular enemies," but what does that mean?  For example, let's say that my Luck is 10.  And the normal enemy's level is Lv21.  If I use some magic on the enemy, it's (15+21/2) = 25.5.  So the counter deny chance is 10/25.5, which is 39.2%?
You got that right.

Also, for the added exp rubberband mechanic, the txt seem to imply that I get more exp if my highest leveled char is lower level than the enemy I kill, but how does that work?  Is it what you said earlier in another post?  +25% for -1 level, +50% for -2 level, and +100% for -3 or more levels
Yeah, like that except the typical rounding issues; and you get at least 1 exp more per level.

I saw that you changed the spell strength will now depend on weapons.  That's cool.  Does that apply to enemies as well?  I don't know what weapon they wear, but I guess they're wearing something.
It explicitly says "spell strength for player"; monster keep whatever they had before.
Also for the record all equip slots on monster are empty.

When I leveled up Angela and did not give PIE, I saw that my Max MP still went up.  Is that normal?
Yes that should be right; you always have a base value of HP&MP for a given level and then add 1.5xVIT to HP and 1xPIE to MP. E.g. lv50 Angela has 79 mp base.

So I guess there's ghost ship glitch if 3 player hack is used.  Based on the description, if I leave player 1 as ghost, and use the other 2 players, but I save and load, then the game crashes?
The whole ghost ship save slot is bugged; if you save there while one party member is missing and then load the same it either crashes immediatly or after you beat the boss.
Also the game is not too happy when player 1 controls no character so you should never do the ghostification event as player 1 when player 2&3 are active.

There's a reason for that.  I'm sure you now have a vague feeling, but I'll say it anyways.  I actually never learned anything about official programming.
I guessed as much, which then confused me a lot when you started with the order of operating crap.

What value is "+"?  What value is "Agility"?  Some seem to be more than 1 byte, Etc
And that's where the fun starts :p
You have no standalone "+".
You have to also tell it "+" what;
e.g. "+1" is just 1A,
a fix "+x" is 69 xx (or 69 xx xx if we're in 16bit mode)
or if you want to add the value from address 7E2000 you do 6F 00 20 7E.
And for something like +AGL you'll get into pointer fun and then do e.g. 7D xx xx or 71 xx depending on how you want to get screwed by pointers.
there are at least 16 "+something" codes, another equal sized batch for "-something" and except for x2 or x0.5 multiplication does not exist in some simple fashion...

and lets just not get into the mess that is the compressed code, there nothing makes sense anymore.

Btw, what would happen if I used 10C62B EA EA EA with your v1.8?  Would some of the things you did in your hack not work properly?  This is just out of curiosity, as I would still use 10C629 80 (I'll post them today, as well as the evade change hack).
It would still work it would just maybe disable some other (re)actions we want to keep alive. There's technically no real restriction where the program can come from to arrive at 10C62B, so there could be a dozen edge cases out there that want to call the "reaction logic" there but now can't.
If you happen to have heard of the horrible command "GOTO" in higher level languages, that exists here too ofc.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy 5: Void Divergence [SNES]
« on: November 14, 2021, 11:05:03 am »
I've the creation of such a list still on my todo list, so currently no complete list exists; the spells that already existed in vanilla should all be still in their original spots.

So, let me see if I understand correctly, because I don't know what "/*" and "//" means.
Ok, now I've literally no idea anymore on what level of programming experience you are; a bit earlier we had the discussion about potential difference in order of operation for math on asm level but here now you don't know about uncommenting. :o

Assuming 10C629 80 is #2, and 10C62B EA EA EA is #3...

#2:  If the condition X or Y is fulfilled, AI does something (in this case, AI uses a skill).
#3:  If the condition X or Y or Z is fulfilled, AI does nothing.

In other words, #3 may prevent enemies from using their skills in something other than counters of player magic.  Do I understand correctly?
But yes you understood it correctly.

Hey, I was testing out 10C629 80, and indeed, the monster never counters.  So a different related question.  What's the difference between 10C629 80 and 10C62B EA EA EA?  Is it the compatibility issue with your recent bugfix patch? (ex: the new Luck Denies Counter)  Or maybe there's some sort of flaw with 10C62B EA EA EA?
think of it like this:

vanilla code:
Code: [Select]
if (X or Y or Z) {

10C629 80:
Code: [Select]
if (X or Y /*or Z*/) {

10C62B EA EA EA:
Code: [Select]
if (X or Y or Z) {

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