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i'm wanting to hack animal crossing for the gamecube to change the amount of house you can have. the default is 4. I want to increase that. however animal crossing has no utilities and no documentation (from what I know of). would this even be possible with the games current state? would I be able to mess around with a debugger and a hex editor, or would this require in depth ASM knowledge? 

Newcomer's Board / Re: some graphics hacking issues
« on: January 10, 2019, 05:59:05 pm »
thanks for the comments guys. I actually figured it out last night. it took me forever, but I eventually discovered the tiles needed to be set to "vertical" and they looked a lot better. I found the water animation which was 4 separate frames spaced way apart, which I just changed to the snow thing. it looks pretty cool. 

Newcomer's Board / some graphics hacking issues
« on: January 09, 2019, 03:52:06 pm »
I just started out hacking Kirby's adventure for nes the the kale tool. I've been using tlp to edit the graphics, but the graphics are insanely scrambled. I've googled around and some guys say it's a problem with the graphics being compressed or something.

i'm just starting out, so I have no idea how to proceed. I wanna take an animated tile, like the water moving or something, and turn it into a simple snowing animation. any help would be fantastic. 

Newcomer's Board / I need a little help with table files
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:58:15 pm »
So I'm following the guide "how to make table files" by kevtav. It was all going okay until it said to download "search relative 2". I followed the link it provided, but couldn't find the program anywhere on the site. is there an alternative program that I could use?

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