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At first I thought "wow, at last, a simple and easy-to-do change that might improve the game". Then I checked a video and, er...

Am I wrong, or are the two players using pink and blue reticles, as well as having the 1UP and 2UP icons in different positions? :huh:

You're right, but the pink recticle displais only when you got a new gun. Other minor difference is that the player 2 cursor flickers all the time. The solution could be to change that insane flicker effect for a permanent color instead, green for example.

Wild Guns (SNES):

- Change cursor color for player 2 since both, player 1 and 2, have the same blue color.


Anyone has a NES Mini running on kachikachi, the stock emulator? I'm triying to fix the hack of Mega Man 3 called Mega Man 3: Improvement. The hack is amazing but the select stage screen looks worst than the original game because a glitch (in other emulators look great). Changing some values with a hex editor may be the solution. The idea is restore the stage select menu to its original form (with the known little glitch above Shadow Man). I've triying this for myself but no luck and I don't wanna use Retroarch for many reasons (no pixelart, lack of demo mode and others). Any help would be appreciate. Sorry for the offtopic but but I don't find other site where launch this question since no much people is interested in kachikachi.

The hack:

- MEGA MAN X2 (SNES): remove the ugly shaking effect on Mega Man in Wheel Gator's stage. How should be:

Thank you for your reply, I enjoyed reading that article about videogame's cameras. I saw that gameplay too and it seems a little slow in comparison with an emulator. I think you should play the game to see how the character moves fast. You can easily dodge enemies thanks to the extremely character's speed. I recommend you give a try to the game to see it for yourself and for enjoying a great retro rpg.

Edit. This user got reducing enemies speed. Maybe can be a reference for someone with skills who wants to hack the movements of the main character.


- Slower speed for the main character. He moves so fast.

Just wondering, is there a way to run the Fire Emblem 4 Project Naga Translation on Canoe ?

Unfortunately there isn't a way to run Fire Emblem 4 for now because the hack with the translation icreases the size of the ROM. However, did you know that translation is incomplete?

Thank you for the fast reply mamertos ! I'm very new to this stuff.I did what you said but recieved a message that game is not going to work properly with the original emulator . Do i really need to install another one?

You don't need another emulator. The goal of this thread is to be able to play snes games with Canoe, the snes classic mini stock emulator. Ignore that message and synchronize with hakchi2. The game should works but report if you have any issue.

I tested Ogre Battle again with all IDs (even the Tactics Ogre's ID and that magic ID). No luck. I think this game needs a patch.

June 27, 2018, 04:40:18 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Hi all ! Just patched Illusion of Gaia on my snes mini using SFROM Tool Patch Pack and i'm experiencing some issues.For example the hud and some textboxes keep disappearing in some areas in the game . Are you experiencing the same problem? Is there a fix ?

Use with hakchi2 the patch you'll find here Be sure you're using the US version of the ROM

Wait, you tested the IDs by loading a save state?

Please test all the above IDs by loading your game through the normal save the game uses, do not use save states.

Yes, I tested the IDs by loading a save state. I'll test all them again when I get time. Thanks for the notify. SlowROM and Darkakuma's patch have been tested correctly anyway, without using save states.

More about Ogre Battle.

I upload a save file before a battle in case someone wants to try to fix the glitch. All you have to do is push down A button, choose tarot card from the menu and select Death (there are other cards which cause the glitch but I spent all them, sorry)

The link to the upload:

Also, here is a youtube longplay's link. You can see how the effect of a tarot card should be in 14:10 (in this case he/she is using Hermit but remember that the glitch is the same with Death, Chariot, Lovers and maybe others).

The link to youtube:

It happens every time I use some tarot cards such as death, chariot, hermit and lovers. So yes, it happens in every battle but not with all tarot cards.

Ogre Battle report:

- VC patch from Darkakuma: tested with sfromtool (ID 10B8) and hakchi2 (ID B810): no changes.
- Sfromtool 10B8 and hakchi2 B810 without darkakuma's patch: no changes.
- SlowROM: no changes.
- Magic ID 6810 (1068 in SFROMT): no changes.
- Tactics Ogre's ID: no changes.

It seems this is a difficult one to fix.

Are you using the Ogre Battle ID, either B810 or B710?

Darkakuma says that's the ID, but it is based on guesses, there's no official ID listed anywhere.

You might also want to try B910 which is Tactics Ogre's ID.

Thanks for the answer but unfortunately none of the 3 IDs work. I made the following video of the issue (the screen is cut black in half when some tarot cards are used).

Mega Man X2, Wheel Gator's stage. Is normal the way the screen is shaking? I've seen youtube gameplays and the screen doesn't shake so much.

Ogre Battle issue!

Visual glitch when you use some tarot cards (death, chariot, hermit, lovers...) in a battle. The enemy formation is hidden by a black figure.

Any hope for Lufia 2? Sluffy said might be impossible without an emulator fix. Does it mean there is not a solution?

I just found a issue with the latest Top Gear patch (top3).

If you keep the title screen and don't touch any button, the screen turns black instead display the demo mode. However, this doesn't affect the music. I made the following video:

Edit. With the previous patch of Top Gear, the demo mode worked fine.

Could someone share a save file of the Sinistrals Battle of Lufia 2? I would like to test the issue with the spiral wave magical attack. Unfortunately, since Lufia 2 won't be fixed, I will run the game with retroarch if the graphical effect is very odd.

Edit. Ok, I just found a save file from Pimpinelephant in this thread. I'll test it later.

Sorry for the silence. Thought maybe if it's fake, this person would go away if I shut up for awhile, move away, change emails, aliases.

Updated short story:
- Got mailed a C&D with my real name and residence. Scary.
- Quietly read the feedback and thought maybe it's a bluff. Did some research in the downtime. Planning.
- My boss just terminated me today after my shift ended. Showing that same C&D letter as grounds for dismissal.

This is creepy and personal. I have to go. I enjoyed this as a hobby but this is too much. Thanks all!

I'm sorry to hear that, it seems like a plot to fire you from job. I hope you get a good lawyer because you haven't done absolutely nothing illegal. Good luck, we'll miss your skills.

I’m playing Ogre Battle with the preset ID 0000 (hakchi2) and no notice any issue. However, in the Robin64’s SNES Compatibility list is marked the preset ID 10B8 for Ogre Battle. Which preset ID is recomended to use? Thanks in advance.

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