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Super Bomberman 3 (SNES): you need enter 3 different passwords for enabling new battle stages (30 stages in total). Also (how I said here recently) there are others 2 special hidden levels which you need push down x button a lot of times and very quicky in the title screen for enabling them (it's impossible to do without the autofire feature). My idea is unlock all battle levels from the beginning without passwords or that insane cheat for the special levels.

How I said here, other problem of the SNES version of Ogre Battle is that the description menu of the tarot cards during battles pushing down the select button is broken (in the jap version works fine). So, in my opnion, the PSX version wins over the SNES one for this fact. I wish someone fix it

Super Bomberman 5 (SFC): a translation

Super Bomberman 3 (SNES): enable the two hidden battle stages with no need to use cheats (pushing repeatedly x button in the title screen for 20 or 30 seconds)

Super Bomberman 3 with NTSC patch:

The screen turns darkness in sea levels (stage 3) only when there are octopus enemies (first level and others)

Edit: it's normal, the screen goes dark because the octopus throws ink, I think. Strange and ugly effect though.

"Battle City (FAMICOM): start game with more lives (not infinite lives!). I didn't find any game genie code".

In case someone is interested, I found this good tool for that purpose:

Thanks for the quick response.

About the FinS translation for Ogre Battle: I just check it this translation and the "missed menu" works and has been translated. Well done (it would be great if the title screen was translated too).

About the mattdog1000000's Harvest Moon bug fix: I know this hack and is awesome. There are many known bugs (watch youtube) but the main for me is the one with the power berry of the chicken statue. You can break the statue earlier that you should and get the power berry again, again and again.

- Nintendo World Cup (NES): the matches are sooo long. My idea is shorten the time of the matches in half (2 minutes instead 4).

- Shadowgate (NES): the torches are extinguished very soon. Idea: extend twice the time of the torches.

- Battle City (FAMICOM): start game with more lives (not infinite lives!). I didn't find any game genie code for this. Ten lives would be nice. Also I read this in Internet: "$02DE in the headered NES ROM is the lives value. It is 03 by default."

- Harvest Moon (SNES): fix the crappy translation in the US version and many bugs (I know, this is a lot of work).

- Ogre Battle: The march of the Black Queen (SNES): restore from the JAP version the description menu of the tarot cards during battles pushing down the select button in any tarot card you got.

Killer Instinct (SNES): the music sound very low and the sound effects very high. I wonder if there is a way to equal it.

Translate the japanese version of Battletoads (FAMICOM) since is easier than the US and PAL versions, adding also the beat sound from pause screen which is missed in the japanese version.

It would be awesome a 2 player simultaneous hack for some NES shmups (Gradius, Over Horizon, 1942...).

OFFTOPIC: Question about NES Mini

Hi! Any chance to get working Crisis Force on kachikachi? I have read there is a MMC3 hack but I don't find it.

GRADIUS 3 and SUPER R-TYPE (SNES): Fix slowdowns.

Thanks Robin

OFFTOPIC: Question about NES Mini.

Hi! I recently saw in the NES Mini Patch Pack from Robin64 an update and surprising me there is a patch for Adventures of Lolo. Could anyone tell me what's wrong with that game? I played it through kachikachi and I didn't see any problem.

Zelda 2 (NES): enemies randomly drop heart pieces or whatever to fill your health a little, since in the game they only drop magic power.

Demon's Crest: I was wrong, there is not a glitch. That black line appears in the original game. Tested with snes9x. Sorry for the confusion.

Demon's Crest: graphic glitch when you use an elixir (it's required to be dead for restore your health automatically). The issue: a vertical black line appears.

I have the same opinion. I don't like Retroarch so when I found this thread I couldn't believe you found fixes for games like Rock n' Roll Racing or Uniracers. Still I check this thread hoping sluffy's back or anyone to fixing some known games such as Ogre Battle or Bust-a-Move. Thanks to everyone for your time and dedication.

Ogre Battle: The march of the Black Queen (SNES):

- In the JAP version of the game (Densetsu no Ogre Battle), you can press select button in a battle to open a window with tarot cards features in its own menu. I don't know why this was remove in the US version since is very helpful to check tarot cards effect in a battle. So my idea is to restore that feature from the JAP version.

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