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Programming / [NDS] Fixed string length limit
« on: February 05, 2021, 08:42:52 pm »
Hi, currently I'm translating the Nora and the Time Studio game, and I've faced a problem related to the number of characters displayed on screen for a certain list of items, even when where is space left on screen the game refuses to print more than 16 characters (spaces included), and I'm not sure if this is a recurrent practice in NDS games, and if you were to have some idea of how could I overcome this problem. In the following screenshot (bottom) the selected item name isn't displayed completely, the last word should be mushroom. And btw, pointers aren't the problem, if that were the case the items list would be a mess.

I must mention that this game contain certain files with extension .hwtd, these files seem to serve as templates to render text and assets on screen. For example, I was able to modify the initial position where some texts are drawn, so that I could arrange them correctly after the translation. I tried to find this number 16 as a hex value in this file, even considering the number of pixels that 16 characters would occupy, but I couldn't find anything that increased or decreased the number of characters displayed on screen; and in a different screen there seem to be a different maximum number of characters or pixels as the last character is displayed incomplete when there is enough space to print at least a few more characters (Look at the character noble title).

Any advice or comments are welcome.




This is a personal translation project for the Nora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo game, I've been working on it for a few weeks and I wanted to share a demo (alpha) version with you.

As a disclaimer I have to mention that this is my first attempt to translate a game, I'm not a romhacker and I'm not a graphic artist. And also you should know that my level of Japanese is very basic, for that reason your feedback is more than welcome.
Also I should mention that none of the terminology is final and changes may be made in future releases.
If you want to know more about what has been translated you can visit the link in the changelog section. Keep in mind that this is an alpha release.


Quote from: Gamespot
The title's aesthetics are filled to the brim with saccharine cuteness and bright colors, thanks to the character art direction of Yuji Himukai, who last contributed to Etrian Odyssey. The heroine herself is a cute googly-eyed blond girl who displays a wide variety of sugar-filled expressions when she speaks. We really wouldn't be surprised if Atlus were to bundle the game with either a plush doll or Nendoroid figurine of Nora, seeing as the publisher loves to add enticing incentives to its retail products.

Even the story is filled with all sorts of good-natured cliches: Nora has to prove her innocence to a village by helping it out with different sorts of tasks while time not giving away her identity as a time-bending artisan. It's a clear case of misunderstanding, as she's mistaken for the legendary witch Vierra, who lives in a misty forest nearby the village. Helping her on her quest to clear her name are weaponsmith Elsie Quin, bipolar mercenary Karuna Astarra, hot-blooded adventurer Lutz Alenius, and gentle-hearted girl Mellow whose character design may be inspired by Sega's vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku. [2011]

Quote from: RPGFan
Nora, the main character who's mistaken for a witch, has a knack for time manipulation. By turning time backwards or forwards, she can change an item, for example, a flower to a seed, or to a dead, dried flower. She can also combine materials to make new items, and decompose them into multiple items. She uses four different types of Chrono Solution to control time. [2011]







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