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News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Mega Man 4: Free of Charge
« on: February 26, 2021, 07:13:41 pm »
While I am glad this exists for those who don't want a charge shot in their MegaMan 4 hacks, it strikes me as odd to remove it from the base game, and not just because of the enemy health. I never thought the charge shot ruined the pacing, if anything I thought it improved it.

It's nice to have but for me, I'll pass, if I wanted to play MegaMan 4 without the charge I just wouldn't use the charge.

Is anyone aware of how to make the Hammer bros not jump, or at the very least, make it so they can only do short hops?

Is it linked to another enemy? SMBR (Super Mario Bros Remodeler) Doesn't seem to have this as a value you can edit, so some help would be nice.

Ah, Alright then thank you.


Wanted to try using Gameboy Colorizer ( ) To add some 'spice' to it.
However to my surprise, it doesn't seem to bootup, my best guess is that it's not using the MBC1 chip so I ask anyone,
does it or does it not?

As a side question:
Is there a program that tell you what chip it uses, or a list of some kind?

Side-Side question: Is there a GB sprite editor with a Pixel offset option? Gameboy Colorizer has it which is alright, but the program doesn't have a built-in tile editor (At least not directly) So...

Newcomer's Board / Multiple hacks in one package.
« on: October 04, 2019, 11:42:34 am »
So. There's this hack I'm making called: Super Mario Bros. Object set B.

And, the hack has plans to not only feature new objects, but also new themes, characters, etc.

The thing is, all of them are individual patches, question is.

Can I release them all as the same package , or will each patch have to be individual?

I just had a look myself, and it's not as simple as you would hope. Let's reverse engineer and see what I mean.

We start with what we know: the first byte in the PPU RAM that we're interested in is at $23CC. It's A0, which is 1010 0000 in binary. This means the bottom left and right tiles use palette 2 while the top left and right use palette 0. Changing A0 to 50 (0101 0000) would make them use palette 1 instead (the brick palette). The question is, where did the game get this A0, and how do we change it to 50?

I set a write breakpoint for $23CC and see that it comes from $3B5 in RAM, where I can see 23 CC 01 A0. Having worked on early Nintendo games before, I know what this means: start at $23CC, write 1 byte, here it is. Now we need to know how THAT got into RAM. Set a write breakpoint for $3B5 and start again from the lives screen.

This is where it gets tricky. This section of RAM is repeatedly used for doing the PPU writing, so I get numerous breakpoint hits. After clicking through some of the ones I can see that I don't need, I find one where we get 23 CC 01 A0 at that point, and here it's easier to do a trace log file to see everything that led to this point, so I do that and start working backwards.

So the A0 actually comes from $3F9, not far away, so let's see where that came from... well, by going back further, I can see that originally it had 20, not A0, and it became A0 through an OR against the value at $0003 which is 80. I know this all sounds like gibberish at this point, but bear with me. :D My guess is the 20 refers to the palette of one of the four tiles (being palette 2), and the OR is because it must combine with the palette of another tile to produce one byte with both palettes. Hmm...

At this point my brain is melting and I'm having trouble following what's going on. I've exhausted my abilities here, and reading the SMB disassembly isn't helping me much. Maybe someone else wants to pick up where I left off? :(

I got help from someone far more skilled them me to help me out, that you for your efforts though.

Do you know how palette works for background?
Also do you know how to debug?

Nope, I really don't know how to debug, especially in a NES game.

as for the background, I have a somewhat limited knowledge on how it works.

Sure there is a way. Find out why cloud uses cloud palette and change it to brick palette

The things is...I don't know how to "Find out why cloud uses cloud palette"
If I did, I probably wouldn't have asked here.

Is there a way to edit what Meta-tiles use which palette?

So for as an example (Or rather, what I want to do) I want the cloud Meta-tile to use the ground/brick palette instead of the Cloud palette.

...Thank you so much!

Hey, does anyone know how to edit the warp pipes entrance and exit locations?

I don't mean the warp zone pipes, rather edit the standard warp pipes, such as the one found in 1-1

As a side question, is there a way to change the sub-area? would be cool if you could take a pipe in 1-1 to go to 1-2, only to then exit 1-2 and re-enter 1-1.

The tool I'm using at the moment is ISD SMB Util, but if this requires a different editor then please tell me.

Newcomer's Board / Name change
« on: March 31, 2019, 09:00:09 pm »
Is there a way to change your name? would be nice to know.

Personal Projects / Project autem, Back after a few months.
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:41:23 pm »
(Hey everyone! Remember project autem? No? Well whatever, point is...It's coming back and should look better then ever!
Most of the stuff here is just copy and paste from the old post so if you've seen it before you should get the gist.)

What is project autem?
Project autem (yes I know its spelt wrong) Is a hack of the original SMB, There's…not much else to say.

Worlds 1-5 are complete (level 8-4 aswell)
New & updated GFX (updated screenshots coming soon!)
New story (see story section below)

Add/Replace music
Finish updating enemies GFX

Pofessor E-gad had called Mario and Luigi to Help him move his ghost lab in Evershade valley to a new location, However while the brothers are moving some boxes, They accidentally activate E-gad's new tiny-er time machine T-700! And are sent to a time when the mushroom kingdom was ruled by Bowsers ancestor. Upon arrival to the past, a few of the nearby castle guards capture the machine. In fear of Becoming trapped in the past forever Mario races after the machine, Luigi tags along as well.

IPS file must be applied to Super Mario Bros.(JU)(PRG0)

Download version 0.0: Autem.ips?dl=0
Download version 0.1:

Version 1.0:
Version 1.1:

Screen shots! (About time)

Please tell me what you think!

(Horay! patch file downloads aren't banned!)

*New voting incoming!*

March 09, 2019, 10:19:43 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)


Personal Projects / Project autem, getting some new life?
« on: March 05, 2019, 11:18:27 pm »
Thats right folks! Project Autem is being brought back from the dead. there isn't much to show at the moment but there will be an updated post soon enough!

Here's the old post I made here, It should bring you up to speed on what happened:

Well, i have noidea what emulator SMBUtlity uses, sorry.

I will try high accuracy emulators and see if it changes anything,

As for startingover, im currently trying to do that (or rather start from ver 0.1) but im not sure if thats the sulotion, since as far as i can tell theres no SMB level importing techniqe, if there is please point me towards it.

So, what happened was I was editing ? block Palette to better match the ground tiles Palette, however, when I did that not only did the question block stop blinking,(cycling Palette's) but every few Screens, one of these appear.

My current emulator is FCEUX 2.2.4,
I was using an old version of NES Palette (I've since upgraded to a newer version)
and I'm using SMB Utility to edit the levels

What's even weirder still is that in SMB Utility's built-in emulator these dont appear.

Personal Projects / Project autem (New life comming soon!)
« on: October 07, 2018, 03:02:24 pm »
(This Project was officially DISCONTINUED, however it will comming back soon!)
(All versions here are pretty outdated, if you want to play project autem I suggest you wait until it's new release.)

Project autem (yes I know its spelt wrong) Is a hack of the original SMB,

Details:Worlds 1-4 are complete (level
5-2 & 8-4 aswell)
New & updated GFX (see screenshots below)
New story (see story section below)

Plans:Add/Replace music

Story: Pofessor E-gad has called Mario and Luigi to Help him move his ghost lab in Evershade valley to a new location, However while the brothers are moving some boxes, They accidentally activate E-gad's Time machine and are sent to a time when the mushroom kingdom was ruled by Bowsers ancestors, upon arrival to the past One of the nearby castle gaurds capture the machine, In fear of Becoming trapped in the past forever Mario races after the machine, While Luigi tags along.

IPS file must be applied to Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0)
Download version 0.0: Autem.ips?dl=0
Download version 0.1:

Please tell me what you think!

(Also, sorry if patch file downloads are banned,)
(Apparently their not.)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Nes game music replacement
« on: October 04, 2018, 04:32:12 am »
Is there a program that allows you to replace a nes music track

Specifically one for super Mario bros,

Newcomer's Board / how to convert .ctpk to png? (help requested)
« on: May 14, 2018, 03:18:14 pm »
So I wanted to Convert these files to PNG but how would you do that?

CTPK tool has a bunch of error's on startup, and coinkiller i dont think can extract CTPK file's anymore and even if it could where do i go?

IF anyone would do it for me (which i HIGHLY DOUGHT anyone will do) then here is a link to said files.

: Odyssey

ROM Hacking Discussion / Pokemon sprites #1
« on: December 03, 2017, 09:21:03 pm »
I'm planning on making a graphics overhaul of pkmn Crystal and was wondering which Bulbasuar one was the best.

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