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ROM Hacking Discussion / Methods to allow more text on-screen
« on: February 18, 2019, 04:32:39 pm »
I'm trying to translate a Wonderswan game (Digimon Tamers - Brave Tamer) but I think I've reached a dead-end. Although I found a way to change pointers and have plenty of free space in the ROM, the font of the game is so big, and the textbox so small, that I'm still very limited with the text.
I haven't found much info on this subject, let alone for the Wonderswan, so I'd like to know if there's some workaround for this.

I have thought of several options:
-Reducing the size of the font (specially the width)
-Expanding the screen area which the game identifies as "textbox" so I can add a third line of text (right now, adding a third line causes graphical glitches)
-Turning the current 8x16 font tiles into 8x8 tiles (not sure if it's even possible)
-Inserting additional textboxes (though it seems the number of textboxes is fixed for a given scene)

However, I don't really know where I should begin, or what's the complexity level of this. I might consider abridging the text to fit it in the current screen, but would like to know first if there's a better solution.

Hello. I'm currently trying to hack the game "Digimon Tamers-Brave Tamer" for the Wonderswan Color.
So far, I've managed to build a complete table and find out how the pointers work. The pointers are right below the text, and work as follows: If, for example, the starting point of the text has offset 00279E8C, then the pointer is 0C00E839.

That is, the second bit of the pointer is the last bit of the offset (preceded by a zero and followed by two zeroes), the 5th and 6th bits are the 6th and 7th bits of the offset, then comes a 3, and then the 5th bit of the offset. I know, it's messy, but I don't know how to explain it better. I've compared several pointers and all follow the same formula.

This way, I've inserted text successfully in an empty section of the ROM, updating the pointers manually in WindHex. However, I would like to know if I can use tools like Cartographer and Atlas to rewrite the pointers automatically. This is the first time I get past the initial stages of hacking a ROM and I'm a bit lost as to how to use these tools.

For starters, Cartographer is suddenly giving me an error ("Cannot open table file") even though it worked previously fine with said table. But is Cartographer absolutely necessary for the process? Or can I simply use WindHex to dump the text?

Then it comes Atlas. I read the documentation, but the examples given are for NES or GB pointers. I don't know what kind of script I could write for these WSC pointers (or if it's possible at all).

Newcomer's Board / Policies on fan-made games
« on: August 20, 2018, 07:09:15 pm »
I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, so sorry if it isn't.

My question is about fan-made games and the site's policies about them.
I just finished translating this visual novel from 2004:

Contrary to what the wiki says (its pretty old info), there arent any other translations to my knowledge. My question is, would it be appropiate to upload this game here, given that it's not commercial? Or should I release a patch instead? Is this kind of content allowed in this site or should I upload it in a different place?

Newcomer's Board / Find dialogue text in PS2 game (Racjin)
« on: August 22, 2017, 11:50:14 am »
I'm trying to locate the text script of a PS2 game (Fullmetal Alchemist 3: Kami o Tsugu Shoujo) to translate it from Japanese. The game was developed by Racjin, and it seems to have a very similar structure to other Racjin games like Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, so any info on any of those games will be quite useful as well.
Upon extracting the ISO, this is what I found:

-A folder called "DSI": it contains the cinematic cutscenes in .dsi format (VGMtoolbox presumably opens them)
-A folder called "XA": it contains a file, "XA.pak". I'm not sure what is this, but was told in another forum that it was just music (it has no header).
-A "CFC.DIG" file: there's a quickbms script which extracts it and produces a lot of .raw files. Some are audio, and the others may be models (if it's the same case as this, as it seems:
-A "DATA0" file which is almost empty (200kb): apparently, only has some audio
-The .IRX modules
-IOPRP255.IMG (258 kb)
-The .ELF file (SLPM_660.73): the executable, I suppose.

Apart from this, there's nothing more inside the ISO, so I don't know how to proceed from here. I haven't found anything that looks remotely as a dialogue script, yet it should be "somewhere". This game has a lot of dialogue, similar to a visual novel, so it's very unlikely that the text is simply stored in texture files. Also, when I checked the previous FMA games (which were released in English by the same company), I couldn't find anything either.

Does this file structure ring any bells for someone? Perhaps the text is inside the .ELF? I can't really interpret the hex data inside it, but seems to be the only place left for it. Does that make any sense? I also checked the memory dump of a PCSX2 save, but there wasn't dialogue text there (neither in the Japanese nor in the English games).
I hope someone can shed some light on this mistery, because being a newbie in this, I'm totally confused.

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