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Yes I was thinking I would include the "Congrats" screen and credits..

at the end of the game there's a credits sequence

I started experimenting with the Sharp X1 look and decided to NOT use any of the dithered tiles, they just look too horrible on NES with composite output.  The Sharp X1 only has 8 colors, so there's a lot of dithering to try to make new colors.  NES has slightly better color capabilities, though it has its own limits with only 4 colors allowed per sprite.  Having looked at a bunch of Sharp X1 screens though, the red/blue aspect of them seems to be the dominate charateristic, so I feel like that can be brought over.  I'm ending up with a kind of "hybrid" scheme that looks good on NES but still is reminiscient of the X1.  I will probably offer the option to switch to the regular NES SMB palette, but before I was thinking of making the option more prominent, now it might be more of an "easter egg" or just a button option that is mentioned in the manual (vs an on screen menu or whatever)

(bonus: some enemies allowed to show up on the first screen of the level)

And I also decided this hack needs a title screen that makes it stand out from the other ones.. recreating the X1 title screen looks too much like existing hacks

I hope to have a version ready for play testing soon.. just wanna get the credit sequence done and maybe some other minor stuff
Wow, man. Looking great! Though i loved the X1 original look, it's cool to at least have an hybrid, after all. Really makes it stand out.

Loving the title screen.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fight SNES Restoration Project
« on: May 07, 2021, 10:51:15 am »
Hi Greco , i recently register in this site and was having fun reading this project, dont know if there is a way that you and/or Rotwang can share the last version for the snes final fight hack for any other person can learn and continue this tremendous work.

how is this project doing, has it been abandoned or is it still active?
It would be awesome if at least any findings/asm/docs are released and someone picks this up someday, such a great hack that deserves to be finished.  :thumbsup:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES can now play NES games!
« on: May 05, 2021, 11:40:52 am »
I don't know how that works but the compatibility list shows that both Zelda games use mapper 1, which is supported. I haven't tried Zelda 2 but Legend of Zelda works fine with the settings on the list.
Okey, this is weird now. The games get reported as Mapper 17 in the program, Zelda is the perfect example.  :o

Another case i discovered minutes ago: i wanted to try P.O.W., but again, Mapper 17 not supported. Then, i tried, by pure luck, a patched P.O.W. with 2 players support. This time, the Mapper reported is #1 and lets me make the rom.  :banghead:

I have definitely tried and made profiles based on the compatibility list, but it won't let me patch them.

EDIT: problem fixed.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES can now play NES games!
« on: May 04, 2021, 08:15:30 pm »
Existing and new NES hacks can work though, depending on what has been modified. I've got Donkey Kong Redux (NES graphics hack) working. It runs as well as the original emulated NES rom does on a SNES console.
I am beyond amazed, super cool news.

Do you happen to know if there is anything special that needs to be used as a flag in order to force the program to make the rom? Some games like Zelda state that the Mapper is not suppported, even though the game is reported as working on the list.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES can now play NES games!
« on: May 04, 2021, 07:24:52 pm »
I always asked myself why it wasn't possible to do something like a NES addon just like the Super Game Boy for the SNES. Basically the Super Game Boy is a Game Boy without the screen/speaker/buttons. I always thought Big N could do something like that if they wanted to. But the SNES resolution could be a problem because it was a little bit smaller (256*224 instead of the NES 256*240)
256×224, 512x224, 256x239, 512x239, up to 512×448 (NTSC), 512×478 (PAL).

Yeah, gonna put out two patches, one with NES colors, one with X1 colors.  Personally I think the X1 colors & dithering look terrible but apparently people like it

Right now I'm thinking the final rom will feature a choice between two options.

The "Enhanced NES Version"

* Will use NES colors
* Enable the exit pipe in the trap room in 4-3.  I read somewhere that the developers didn't intend for that to be a trap

The other softlock area I may leave since the fix Power Panda put in changed the way that whole area works

The "X1" version

* incorporate graphics/color changes from Messatu
* leave in all level design bugs

Both will have the full title screen and be the most legit versions possible
Sounds great, more power to the player! I also dig the X1 colors, too.

Looking great!

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 15, 2021, 01:56:56 am »
I have an awesome suggestion for the next patch @Deli295?

So during the title screen movie, after Chris' cheesy scream and giant eye shot, RESIDENT EVIL comes into view, followed by a sort of bang sound that compliments the title before all goes quiet, right?

So there are two very different versions of that sound.
The lesser known one sounds way more badass, and menacing.

Compare these:

(PS1 Version)

(PC Version)

Can we please add the badass PC Version??? I've always wanted this on the PS! Lol
Unless there's a better original source, that 22Hz sound would be inferior to the original psx file sampling frequency (37.8Hz), according to a quick decompression i've made of the RE intro, minutes before writing this. At the end, you would have to recompress the video/audio to mix the new sound, which means losing overall quality for both elements. I could do it, but i'm not sure if that would be really worth it, unless made with an optional patch in mind and within the scope of interest from the project leader.


Have you guys seen this?!  :o

It looks as if it was filmed recently!!

@Deli295 Maybe swap this one with the original??  :thumbsup:
You would be ditching 45 FPS to go to 15 in order to get the highest quality possible out of that video, negating the interpolation process already made to it (which caused motion smearing on some parts), or at least 30 FPS to maintain smooth video at the expense of bitrate, which means, again, lower quality image.

The PC port could benefit from such video upgrades as 60 FPS video and a better video resolution like 480p, but a PS1 console, definitely not.

Yeah, I have a very old version ( 0.8 ) of the source on my computer, but it's missing some important stuff.  I have some ideas how to implement the missing parts of the port, would be nice to save time with the complete source

edit:  someone messaged me and pointed out the source was on

I packed the 1.0rc source, the 0.8 source, plus the original images and other level data that Karatorian had on their site into a zip file.  You can download it here

I managed to adapt Karatorian's source to ASM6 and got it to build.. no promises on anything but it seems like almost everything besides the hammer power up shouldn't be too difficult



Bee, Wing, Clock and Atom (lucky star) have all been implemented.. Hammer i'll worry about after i add the enemies
Awesome news! Thanks for the zip files, btw. I'll bee watching this. ;)

and the data pack (if you want it) here.

Man, I really should write something about that in the README.
You can download it here:

I didn't bother packing up the tools, so it's just the level images and the text files that explain the pipe connections. If you're interested in the tools too, just let me know.

Ok, the current source code is availble here:
Just found out about this hack today, 13 years later, or else i would have definitely archived a copy. :o

Sadly, only dead links, even the one in the romhack page. Kakatorian last time here was 4 years ago.  :banghead:

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 06, 2021, 05:03:19 pm »
I can confirm this bug on a Playstation with PSIO (original RE soundtrack version, v0.3). Was in the East 1F stairs hallway, tried to go up the stairs to the room with the message on 2F, freezes at beginning of stairs transition. Also tried entering this hallway from the botany library.
Thanks for confirming my theory. At least it could be fixed in the future.  :thumbsup:

As for restoring the actors and voice actors credits, it's to you in the end, but personally I see a potential issue with that. In short: we don't know why some weren't properly credited, and maybe it was because they didn't want to be credited, we don't know that. What we see as homage we be something they don't want, but I guess it's also too late for that considering their names are probably linked to the game everywhere on the internet.
That's kinda non-sensical as the work being done here is already hacking, there's nothing legal about modding a commercial game and incorporating gore, deleted assets, and a soundtrack that does not correspond to that version of the game, having the wrong guy credited to it.  :laugh:

ALL of the actors/actresses were already found and interviewed publicly by fans and youtubers alike 20 years later, with some of them surprisingly glad to see the footage for the first time and confirming their involvement with Biohazard (i posted the links to said written interviews). They are EVEN credited in the most important online movie database, it's not like there is a moral issue properly crediting people in this awesome restoration patch. The only exception that could be done would be Inezh, as she seems to be incorrectly linked to Una Kavanagh, confirmed by Una itself.

Not even in a parallel world will any of the cast sue or get mad because of someone else crediting them in fan patch.

Resident Evil: Finding Inezh, Jill Valentine's Actress - Gaming Mysteries

Resident Evil: Rebecca's Actress Found - Gaming Mysteries (Linda X)

Chris Redfield's Original Resident Evil Actors Found - Gaming Mysteries (Charlie Kraslavsky)

Barry Burton's Resident Evil 1 Actors Found! - Tales From the Internet (Greg Smith)

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 05, 2021, 04:00:00 pm »
A weird bug that i've found:

When playing with Retroarch, the game hangs on the stairs/door transition whenever you go the section with the restored bloody message, on patch version 0.3. But! The funny thing is, it is only happening on Beetle PSX core.  Previous versions of the patch worked absolutely fine. :huh:

Said section works with the PCSX-Rearmed core, Duckstation (standalone april 04 Preview build), and pSX (1.14). As Beetle PSX HW is allegedly the most accurate of the emulators, it could be worth investigating if someone with the possibility of testing on real hardware can confirm that specific room working on patch 0.3 (Xstation, PSIO, burned disc), i would love to test it and report back, but both my PS1 consoles have dead lasers, and my PS2 Slim is emulation anyway.

I switched to Duckstation in the meanwhile so no big deal (pretty awesome emulator, btw). Totally enjoying my deserved unlimited Rocket Launcher run.  :crazy:

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 03, 2021, 02:25:28 am »
Would you consider improvements that go beyond the scope of restoration and adding beta materials? If so, it would be nice if after dropping a key, the inventory menu would shut off by itself.
I was thinking of respectfully suggesting some QoL changes to Deli295, maybe when all his interesting changes are done already, and just in case he might want to tackle them with an optional patch:

- 180° turn / Quick turn.
- Auto-combining when dropping over the same item slot on inventory / Storage Chest, for some specific items. (like when you grab an Ink Ribbon or Clip/Shell/Magnum bullets/Acid-Fire-Explosive rounds on a room, and you already have one in your inventory)
- A knife button.
- Being able to change Grenade Launcher ammo type when combining, instead of having to use all rounds first.
- Using Blue Herbs without having to necessarily combine them with Green Herbs.

Feel free to ignore them if they are too much work or not in your interests. :thumbsup:

Interesting facts! The annoying part of editing the ending credits is that the staff members are in a separate file, rather than being baked into the video, like on PC and Saturn. So I still have to figure out that.
If you're interested (or if it is doable, of course), you could update the full names for the actors/actresses, as they were mysteriously credited only by name. Maybe even credit the original composer if you are using the original DC soundtrack patch.

Full Resident Evil (1996 video game) credits

Already finished the patched game 5 times total, with both Jill and Chris! Had a blast laughing at the mostly awful DC DS soundtrack on my third run. Finishing Resident Evil with Chris was a first for me and was motivated by the work done in this True Director's Cut. This is a truly enjoyable and deserved restoration. :beer:

Finally, some interesting resources and interviews for those curious about the cast:

Looks very cool, eager to try it.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: March 28, 2021, 12:42:09 pm »
Also, yeah, it's an alternative patch to UDC, but in a "purer" form.
Awesome choice, and the best one.

I added an alternative patch to the Drive with the orchestrated BGM for anyone who prefers that OST.
Great work, thanks for the alternatives! I'm gonna check and end both patches in a mini marathon to appreciate the differences.  :beer:

thank you  :thumbsup:

At which address in rom should I put my patch to be compatible with MSU-1 and other patches?
Not sure if this utility is the best for the job (maybe someone else can chime in some more info), but i have read a bit in the past about Patch Checker

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: March 25, 2021, 11:06:58 am »
Hi everyone, this is my first project. I'm making this thread so that everyone who wants can give feedback and/or help. I'll link the hack below:

My main concern now is to add the backgrounds back to the memos as they're present in every Japanese release. Second is the restoration of the text in the wall of the Right Stairs in the Mansion.

I'll be busy because of college, but I'll keep on looking whenever I have some spare time.

Thanks for reading.
Loving your hack already. Seems it is aiming at improving and replacing the previous known "Ultimate Director's Cut", isn't it? I guess the only difference when it finishes would be some beta skins and the Deranged mode.

Will there be an optional patch in the future with the orchestrated soundtrack unchanged? Having both could be cool.

Thanks for your work, this is a great way to replay RE DCDS.

Googling around, I am surprised to see that apparently no one has done a disassembly of SMK yet. But it is probably only a matter of time.  Looks like there wasn't anything in the recent leaks, either.
The source code for Super Mario Kart is available in one of the Ninleaks.

Continuing over with this discussion, @Deli managed to get a lot of the planned stuff on his end working, and released an initial version of the restoration hack:

To anyone interested, be sure to check it out.
According to the release page, and the post above, he might work on other things to make this the definitive way to play the original cheesy RE1!
This is super cool, i'll be playing it shortly. Hopefully a version with the orchestrated OST becomes available too, would be nice having both options.

Not only that, but he brought up to my attention a tool by Wes67 which apparently allows for rebuilding the ISO without having to worry about the LBA table, as it seems that you can replace files just fine and the tool handles that. The tool in question is "RE1 Rebuilder" by Wes67, which can be found here:

Maybe with this tool I can make a build and be sure that the LBA is correct, and it's not a screw up on my part lol
There is a link to a file called cdtools, but seems to be dead. Do you happen to have a mirror?


thank you E.Signal

version 1.1,
I add the change of words "AUTO" by "L OR R" and "MANUAL" by "2X DIR" (thanks to blade133bo for informations)

March 23, 2021, 01:05:54 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
oops I have give a false code  ::) , is not 1ffe:xx , the good is 1fee:xx


and for action replay:
Great work, looks great with "L OR R" text!

It partially works with MSU-1 if you use that patch at the end, though it crashes when starting a New Game / Time Trial / Versus.

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