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I'll have to play with this one, MSU-1 patches are not my forte. Maybe the sound files are missing or not dragged in the same folder or at least that was the case with the Killer Instinct snes MSU-1 arcade restoration rom. I would really love to fully restore the SNES rom to it's full arcade counter part 1 to 1, but I'm just using as much trickery as I know to just add more blood and gore to the existing SNES version. If people want to jump in and help, it would be much appreciated.
Hi hackedretrogaming! Is there any new small progress with this, or should it be considered done for the time being?

I have it! Look:
This is version 1.02 (it already included the name Gwaelin replaced to Laura in the first dialog of DQ1, but still the spinning splash screen had not been replaced, and the checksum is right. You still had to push A-button once more when making field magic, so there was no text overflow yet when using Antidote or Revive in the field).

Check if it's the same than FCandChill's, please.

And this is version 1.03 (still with spinning screen, that didn't get changed until 1.03c):

This version 1.0, that had an almost game breaking bug when using Search with the Hero dead (I don't recommend it):

They were all in my download folder, since days ago.

June 24, 2021, 11:30:07 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
New version of the patch ready (v.1.04):
It fixes a glitch that misinformed the total amount of money stored in the vault, when bigger than 65535, saying instead a very small quantity, what made us believe we had lost our money (even though it was still there).

Thanks to Lilpuddy38 and Dudejo for their very much contributing to the betatestings, the 1st in DQ1, and the 2nd, in DQ2.
Thanks for your time!

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman Japanese style project.
« on: June 24, 2021, 03:53:27 am »
Incidentally, Refit and Restoration were never 100% compatible anyway, as the font changes from Refit and text updates from Restoration combined ended up causing at least a couple of lines of dialogue to bug out (Dr.WILLYY in the intro cutscene, and just before fighting Bass in Wily Castle 1).
I patched them but never before deeply played them, so i didn't knew.

Already noticed that Refit doesn't seem to play well with some patches. Here's my experience:

- Restoration version "Final" 06-25: works. Minor typos in two dialogs so far.

- Boss Select Pre-Text: works.
- Boss Select Pre-Text + MSU-1: soft locks on any Robot Master splash screen and plays Auto's Shop music on the background.
- MSU-1 v1.0 / 2.0: soft locks when you hit Burst Man with any weapon. It does not affect Freeze Man, Cloud Man, or Junk Man.

I am on the last boss fight in Restoration pre-new title screen. Funny enough i just noticed a new final version, i will move to the new one+MSU-1 OST as soon as i get my final password.

I still had an older version of the patch on my machine. Here you go...
Nice, thanks! Really wanted to have the version with the rotating splash screen for archival-historic purposes.

I don't tend to save them.
But I could reproduce them by reading the readme history, and send them to you.
I would certainly appreciate it. Wish i would have found out about this translation from the beginning.  :banghead:

Leo: "Hiro, I know a good man when I see one..."
Ruby: "I bet you do..."

Homophobic joke? Trying to read that as homophobic is way too much of what is wrong today with cancel culture.  :huh:

I really hope this doesn't end in yet another Goemon situation. Fragile mindsets finding everything offensive is permeating even to this awesome hobby.

Personal Projects / Re: NBA Jam 2K22 TE
« on: June 22, 2021, 09:53:52 pm »
Coming soon...

(Images from current v1.25.0...)
You're on fire, man! Keep it up!  :woot!:

The web of Crackowia, yes. I forgot to put the "a" in the version mumber, but was updated.

No problem if people individually remove the splash screen if it pisses them off. But in the general public release it's convenient to put it. I already showed my reasons for that in another thread. But I'm working in changing it by a static one in the next update (that will be ready in this night).

I'm sorry if I was a little extravagant with that cracktro style. But I'm in love with 90's/80's demoscene, and besides, the name of our ROMhacking group is "Crackowia".

June 21, 2021, 06:42:55 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
New patch 1.03c with new static splash screen and new fixings ready!
(More information about such fixings in the readme or the submitting queue).
Thanks for the translation. I'll play the game for the first time thanks to your patch.  :beer:

Is there a way for me to obtain previous versions of the patch for my offline patch library?

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman Japanese style project.
« on: June 18, 2021, 11:03:25 pm »
Just tried patching this over Mega Man 7 Restoration, and it seems to work correctly after a quick test! Sadly it ends up breaking Mega Man 7 Refit.
Just wanted to confirm this. Awesome new style, btw, thanks to the creator(s).

I'm wondering too, because I would like to add them to my MM7 Restoration hack.
Quick report, SCD: while Restoration was previously compatible with Refit, it currently breaks the title screen. I had the previous version so i can choose which title to keep, but at least with the new one, it isn't working.

Personal Projects / Re: NBA Jam 2K20 PSone Mod
« on: June 18, 2021, 02:06:24 pm »
i was tempted to cheat at times too, like i thought about just re-using the same image for another angle and just slightly rotate it a bit but the perfectionist in me refuse to do it lol so every player that i worked on has a unique image for every angle.
You've been doing a superb job with this hack. Certainly, we end-users appreciate it.

This hack and the eskayelle ones are my main source for videogame basketball fun 90% of the time.

Well, first of all thank you Pethronos for the clarification, but for me these situations are still confusing at times, and really all updates were available on my channel for about 2 weeks before I removed the content. For you to have an idea, I only came to see your answer today, TWO days later. I'm quite busy with a few things, planning tutorials, trying to get deeper into English to understand the placements on the site, and dedicating myself to this project as much as possible. A hug now, and don't see me as an bad people.

June 16, 2021, 11:11:22 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Niuus, I confess that such a long text was quite unnecessary (and full of forced emojis lol), that I honestly felt lazy to read it... but I read it, and I disagree with several placements!

01 - I wouldn't say the YouTube drama was weird, yes real (and for the 2nd time), that is tiring. "No one should expect all users to follow the changelog to try and get updated, nor to memorize hack descriptions." Show me where I said users should follow a changelog or memorize hack descriptions.

02 - It was not a "weird joke", but in fact something that I couldn't remember, but that Pethronos or others users would certainly have put it in a less forceful way. "I don't need explanations for the use of your Youtube channel" .. completely agree, however I reported something that focused on the game's development and my availability.

03 - How could I have credited a person I don't know, or didn't contact me (Conn) about the correction made? And for your information, I posted on the forum (Zeldix) that no one had reported to me about Chapel's bug, because until then I hadn't translated this term, being for me something different that I've always interpreted only as "The Temple"... Only then did I see that it was the temple/church/chapel stage. (I still don't know why go back to all these questions, is it because you didn't have the slightest contribution in the hack  :-X)?

04 - Another important thing I wanted to say is that I've NEVER played any MSU-1 version, it's something delicious, but I'm not fanatical about it. Also, if people create MSU-1 versions of Deluxe then it becomes an UNOFFICIAL Rom Hack as I have not released or published it on the site. This is bad? No, I'm only saying this because the hack was 99.9% developed by me, and 0,01 percent by other people with MSU-1 versions.t, so if people don't report silent updates to me, I won't be able to credit people who don't contact me or form a team with me.

05 - "This UMK3 Deluxe hack has been "Final" since january (i collected at least 4 updates when it was UMK3 Project, they were all named 1.3, i may have missed more silent patches along the way, until it finally reached "1.4 FINAL" at the end of May 2020, then 1.4.1, 1.4.2, then "DELUXE FINAL"...)" Brilliant, man! But it didn't pay attention, because it also had a version 1.4.3 (Name "Sheeva Wins", noob clone for Idels). And guess what... all this done by just one people, with so little resource. ^^, and who experienced a depression in the transition from 2020 to 2021 (oops, sorry, that's just drama for you).

06 - If I republished that it was the final version a few times, and it wasn't, it was simply because I wanted to improve even more what was missing. Throw the first stone, who wished it were really my last version... ;) I hope I don't have to worry about that anymore, and i will no longer continue this conversation. A hug for everyone who really expects a complete [and human] experience from UMK3 for SNES, without having to embarrass the other people.
Throwing a bible of drama, victimization and explanations which you keep updating is just being dense, man. You completely diverted from the main subject which was a trivial comment about silent updates, you did not have to get offended by such a simple thing, as Pethronos said, It's not hard to understand. Again, do well with your musical stuff and be happy! And forget about those who threat you for rom hacking stuff!  :thumbsup: :cookie:

03 - My Youtube channel will come back with the videos, but not out of obligation as I have no obligation about it, although I have been threatened if I didn't put more Mortal Kombat videos (this is so disgusting), I'll come back with what I like to do.
Strange drama. Just ignore the haters and do what you want with your videos or hacks.  :beer:

04 - Which user patched MSU-1 for this hack that I'm not aware of, did you bring it here for me? Now that's SILENT. And if the game is complete, show me Shao Kahn by giving the character names  ;) :D?
This kinda reads as a weird bad joke  :D. You can see your post here where you acknowledge the existence of a fix: (May 17)

say this because I saw problems in the Temple stage, which someone has already fixed by changing the location of adding the MSU-1)
You never credited said user (Conn) nor the forum where the fix is (ohh, silent fixes ;D), but i did found out anyway, and even saw your message there, where you claimed nobody reported the Chapel bug with MSU-1. That's strange as it was already mentioned by RealGaea last december:

From testing, MSU-1 works, but...

This is the only stage glitched.

But I can't expect more from a guy who literally said: "If you want UMK3 Arcade, play Arcade, not SNES."

I don't think you were ill intended, maybe just forgot, but at least people here in romhacking now knows that both hacks can be run at the same time thanks to Conn. Ironically enough, i was the first one that mentioned that this hack exists in that thread where the fix was published;)

05 - I had several reasons for deleting my videos from Youtube, and even so you should thank you for having someone who took care of each restoration in this game in detail, such as scenarios, some sounds, Sheeva, among so many other things, besides having total charity in sharing most of the acquired knowledge, through tutorial videos and in the forum. I haven't seen anyone else in Brazil or elsewhere produce.
I don't need explanations for the use of your Youtube channel, lol. You do you. I do wish you good luck on your music career! :thumbsup:

Sorry Lucas, but I have to agree with niuus about the silent update. We users don't memorize hack descriptions, so if you update the description simply adding a new feature (without pointing it as "LAST UPDATE" or something like that) we users have to remember the outdated description in order to guess what was changed or added. Changelog and Latest Updated Hacks pages only say "FINAL", like many other prior updates. It's not hard to understand.
That's the only thing i pointed out, and made it clear that it wasn't an unforgivable sin, other hackers out there commit the same correctable mistake. This UMK3 Deluxe hack has been "Final" since january (i collected at least 4 updates when it was UMK3 Project, they were all named 1.3, i may have missed more silent patches along the way, until it finally reached "1.4 FINAL" at the end of May 2020, then 1.4.1, 1.4.2, then "DELUXE FINAL"  :-X...)

No one should expect all users to be keeping up with changelog in order to try and be updated, nor memorize hack descriptions. I am merely sharing the obscure news with other normal users that are not familiarized with all the corner's of the website, so they can all enjoy a more complete UMK3 experience.

In fact, you wouldn't be able to know why this "final" update is, because you didn't work on this hack.
LOL. Isn't it obvious i don't work on the patch? Just a normal user.

The comment is not aimed to criticize, so i don't know why would you take it badly  :cookie:. You are not the only romhacker that commits the same sin, so no worries there. Nothing to die for, it just means one would have to check the romhacking webpage changelog in case something new is up.  :happy:

Besides, I posted each modification on youtube, the filling of the scenario screens were some of these demonstrations, so it wouldn't be silent, besides being very well placed in the description. :cookie:
It is an error to assume everyone is somehow subscribed to your Portuguese channel. Even when i checked a little while ago, all your UMK3 videos were deleted. Seems on a quick glance to the channel that you are retiring to do music only. So yes, they are silent updates, and no, that is not a criticism  8). It doesn't matter, i was just informing the UMK3 patch users here about the new version.

Patch is working, and the MSU-1 update made by the other user is working with it, so finally the game is complete.

Game on, and good luck!

Not sure why all updates are just named as Final, as it makes it difficult to be on the loop, but for the fans of this new hack, there was a silent update made to the patch:

* The Rooftop, The Street, The Subway and Bell Tower stages now have the screen completely filled (without the limitation of the "black bar" on the floor).

Okay, thanks again! If it is possible to make these changes, I will see that later.   :thumbsup:
Sure!  :beer:

Forgot to add, in case you're feeling ambitious: most people think that MSU-1 is only about CD music and Full Motion Video, but what they are missing is that you can also add new data and animation frames, for example. This is done beautifully on the incredibly complex Killer Instinct Arcade Hack for SNES, where the romhacker (not sure but i think he is Brazilian too, coincidentally) applies all of the MSU-1 strengths at the same time.

Niuus, all of this that you informed in your comment, is very important and incredible! Only now, I came to know that there is a hack of Star Ocean, which works without the Chip SDD-1 ... and the game increased to 16 MB !! My biggest question is how I could reallocate the addresses for the UMK3 Deluxe, in this case 16 Mbit.

For example, in a normal rom, the first characters of an address can be loaded with different values (C0 = 00/80 , D0 = 10/90, E0 = 20.. F0 = 30..), that is:

C0EBBA (Cyrax Green Network) can be read as: 80EBBA. As my current ROM does not have offsets that start at "80", so this one will work in "C0" how it normally needs to be.. So that address would not fail, because it starts with "C".. But if I expand a ROM to 16 MB, the problem would happen to addresses that start with "8." "JMP $86BBF0" [Animalitys] which actually means JMP $C6BBF0 ", they would no longer work in" C ", but in fact in" 8 ", which would not be correct as that would be free space for new content.

But something interesting that I noticed in the editions, was the instruction "AND #$00FF". This instruction causes certain values ​​in RAM to end at the last "FF" value and repeat the values ​​from "00", and when you change this value to something larger, the ROM supports more values without repeating them. For example, for ROM to support the colors of Animalitys, I had to change from "AND #$00FF" to "AND #$FFFF", and believe me, it had a devastating effect on the colors of some sprites, and I spent TWO days correcting. :-X

Glad you found the information useful!  :beer:

Some old info i read long time ago:
How to bank switch a 6MB SNES ROM so data past 3FFFFF is accessible?
SNES memory map
Cartridge Bankswitching Outside the NES
"Traditional Bankswitching does not really have a place in discussions of true 16-bit consoles like the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.  They can address up to 8MB of ROM without any extra hardware inside their cartridges (decoding circuitry for two ROM chips or ROM and RAM doesn't count). The Super Nintendo has many games which use special co-processors inside their cartridges, but these add functionality, not addressing space.  The largest official Genesis game is 5MB and the larges official SNES (Super Famicom) game is 6MB.  One of those 6MB games, Star Ocean, has a special compression chip called the SDD-1 that allows the graphics to be decompressed in real time, so the actual size of the uncompressed ROM is 12MB.  The SNES PowerPak and the SD2SNES can handle the uncompressed ROM.

While the Genesis could address a lot more storage memory with the Sega CD add-on unit, the SNES CD add-on, the original Sony Playstation, was never released.  However, in the past couple of years, the MSU-1 homebrew expansion has been realized in both software (bsnes/higan) and hardware (sd2snes).  The MSU1 allows the SNES to access up to 4GB of storage memory!  Many SNES games have been hacked to add support for higher quality music tracks and full motion video sequences.  A Laserdisc game called (Super) Road Blaster has also been ported to the SNES using this chip."

Not 100% related, but interesting:
Going beyond 4MB (Genesis)

Last but not least, the following forum is a great resource and knowledge pool:

You could also start a thread there to get some help.

In fact, all the sprites and backgrounds were extracted only from Mortal Kombat 3 from SNES, I have no idea how to extract these from the MKT of PC;
Straight up capturing with screenshots and disabling some elements would work, i guess. Also checked MKT PC and the individual background files come in .DAT files. Just did a super quick search about those and found this info in some forums:

"there are three 256*256 tiles that contain individual graphics. The ARENA.DAT file starts with a header and at 1e0h starts the image data for those three tiles. The data are 8-bit bitmaps. In the following picture you see what you get if you load everything at once (without the header)"

Source code is available for those games and other releases like N64, 3DO, etc., if that helps.

I do intend to add MSU-1 tracks, as long as they do not "affect" the scenarios that were distributed in the vacant spaces of the ROM (I say this because I saw problems in the Temple stage, which someone has already fixed by changing the location of adding the MSU-1)
Eager to play your hack with the arcade tracks for the best 16bit experience.  :thumbsup:

In relation to these images I do not know how to do it, and I believe that there would be no space either. :thumbsup: :angel:
From what i've read here on romhacking, "cartridge-based consoles have virtually no size limit, as by adding more hardware you could always trick the console into accessing larger ROMs (using bankswitching, virtual adresses or whathever)" "The SNES can at the very most address 16MB of space, and a bunch of that is reserved for various purposes (RAM, registers, etc) so iirc the actual upper limit of useable space is somewhere around 15.2MB.". These limits tend to be tested continually with commercial games (like Pier Solar or Paprium on the Genesis, or the Killer Instinct 8MB Beta back in the day), and of course ambitious romhacks like yours.

BTW, i've only recently knew that a similar hack existed for the Genesis, which added levels such as The Graveyard, Smoke, Chameleon, Sheeva, moves list, and said cutscenes i showed in the previous message, which i honestly thought was not possible due to lack of space.

I of course understand if there is way too much work involved in restoring all that content, and i am pretty happy that UMK3 Deluxe exists. I'll certainly enjoy when MSU-1 happens. Thanks for your cool work.

Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum. Last year, during the pandemic lockdown, I was playing the amazing Final Fight CD color hack by Pyron, and started imagining playing the game with the original arcade soundtrack. Since I had some time off, I searched for some high quality versions of the arcade tracks. Then, I started remixing them to make them the exact same length as the CD tracks. Using the CD tracks as templates, I remade the arcade songs to fit perfectly on the CD. Since I was missing the Time Attack track, I created a new remix of Industrial Area 1 (that sounds quite different from the regular version) to use on that mode.
Also, since I could not isolate the voices on the CD opening track, my opening includes all of the sound effects (taken from in-game SFX) but not dialog at all. The same happens with the ending track. But, even with those flaws, the experience of playing the game with Pyron's hack and the arcade soundtrack is really, really great. And almost arcade perfect playthrough. I would love for someone to help me pack the soundtrack in a hack so everyone can play the game this new (old) way.
I am super interested in playing your version. Packing it shouldn't be hard considering it is only an audio mod.


Meanwhile, hello to all Hackers.

I would like to draw the attention of all those capable of changing PSX games, especially in translation.

I noticed that all versions of RESIDENT EVIL - DIRECTOR'S CUT
they all have non-original presentation with cut and black and white scenes.
However, I noticed that only in the German version this is not the case, on the contrary, it is even in color.

All this has no reason to exist for me.

Coming to the point of what I mean here, is that there are so many languages ​​available, both original and possible to change with a hacker modification here, and I wonder why not make an Italian version as well?

The game for me is the best, I like it a lot, I'm sure that anyone who sees this game as well as me would suffer to know that this game has these missing details and that the game does not exist in one's native language at least with a translation below, so I want to pray someone who is interested, I would like to see the game in Italian, and the presentation in the * full version * and * in color *, what I would like is this, including others if there are any missing details I have never known, because if I have to tell the truth about this game in German with the full presentation video I have never played it, as I have never tried to play the almost twin version BIOHAZARD in Japanese, (this is with full video but in black and white) it would be nice if in this version in Italian you could choose, with a selection, a BIOHAZARD mode, that is a simple mode slightly faster than normal together with the other three already existing.

I know that what I ask is a lot if I talk about this further added mode, but if it were impossible, it doesn't matter, I wouldn't ask for more, the important thing would be to be able to play with that presentation in Italian with full color video and with, if there were any , other cut details of the full in-game version revealed and with an Italian translation.

The German version is with the writings in the video, obviously if you could not remove those written in German to change them into Italian I want to suggest as help, the full color video on the YouTube network of the video without written below, so in case you can draw from there to change the video of the game in Italian, below, at the bottom of the post I will put the link.

I want to kindly ask everyone who can, to do it, someone help me, if I could do it I would do it and publish it, but I am not capable.

I hope an Italian can read, someone passionate like me of the genre, RESIDENT EVIL - DIRECTOR'S CUT
and he is interested in all of us Italians passionate about the horror genre.

March 21, 2021, 07:26:17 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Hello everyone,

since I previously talked about RESIDENT EVIL I would have a very nice idea for all fans of the genre that plays PSX games and dedicated to whatever version I will take here and now I am going to write in the presentation of my idea ...

You could create a "simple" software (in the idea), a completely automatic software to extrapolate the hacker modifications of the RESIDENT EVIL games for pc (1,2 or 3) to keep them in a modification file to be added to the psx version desired , a software that therefore takes into account how the original game is set up inside the PC game image, already knows the differences between the original PC games, recognizes the modified version for PC, and the differences between the original image used and the version mod. of the pc game, to then be able to build a modification file of this software with its extension, which could be, or transferred directly to a .bin file or could be saved to do this at a later time, where the created file , subsequently it could be applied to any existing version for PSX (RESIDENT EVIL 1,2 or 3) because already inside, the software would already know the differences between the existing versions and therefore would be able to modify each file chosen for writing knowing each type of game version psx (RE 1,2 or 3), whether it is an unlocked or non-unlocked version, so as to be able to create a mod version for psx that uses a RESIDENT EVIL 1, 2 or 3 game version and in any case that a European version is used , US or Japanese or other, Italian, German or French type.

It is a big job I realize, but the result would come out would be a really beautiful thing for all psx players and lovers of the RESIDENT EVIL genre who do not want pc games like me but only PSX versions to keep games and programs for Separate PCs with no OS installations and wanting to play with PSX emulators, of course you could do the opposite with mod versions of PSX games to be transferred into PC game images, but that's another story and I don't think it's very worth it, the mods the RESIDENT EVIL versions for pc are really many while those for PSX are few.

March 21, 2021, 09:06:19 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Hello everyone again

I would have an idea already suggested some time ago, but I propose it again in the simpler version to work with, a simple job that can certainly deflate the most difficult job for those who put themselves there to want to change the maps of SMB3.

As you all know, everyone takes care of it, there is the SMB3 map editor, you know that the screens of the original worlds there in this dedicated software cannot be changed in size, for example let's consider world 1: since there is only one screen, the software for how it was built fails to be versatile and to be able to free the problem of being able to modify subsequent screens when they have more screens already set in its dedicated offset of the map with hex editor, so here I would like to suggest a small and simple change to the software, another small white drop-down menu could be added as a function, such as the one for selecting the world to be modified, a menu that displays the type of set for that map in real time, the value but expressed in numbers of screens, by simply writing 1,2,3 or 4.

It could very well still be a function that takes into account the mapping setting of the SMB3 .nes file when opening one, so I don't think there could be compatibility problems, I'm not able to do that, but if it were me I would do it with absolute certainty, I don't think it involves a big job, it seems to me just stupid, but a very useful one I would say.
No italian, but you could use True Director's Cut for the ultimate experience.

It's kind of silly since there's already English versions on other consoles, but I'd really like English translations for:

Beavis and Butthead Virtual Stupidity
I am hopeful that happens someday.

Helo! Thanks for the feedback, friend, I am open to all doubts and questions. I do intend to return the pronunciation of the names of the characters, and one of my main wishes has been to add the Graveyard scenario, but these tasks have been extremely difficult these days. Hugs!
Sounds great, i suppose you could rip the graphics from MK Trilogy (PC) and then convert to SNES format.

Still planning to add MSU-1?

Could these screens/endings be added to the game?

Originally, I wanted to make a private hack of Super Mario RPG that tweaked the dialogue to be closer to the original Japanese (such as Culex being a 2D villain lost in a 3D world, rather than the "Dark Knight of Vanda"), but when I made more and more tweaks to the script, I figured the difference was significant enough to warrant posting publicly. However, the response to my hack's existence is undeniably negative, with the exception of nejimakipiyo's high praise, which I feel is misguided and undeserved. If there's no way to have my hack removed, then I'll likely just abandon this account and start over under a new name.
Totally absurd overreaction. People may have an opinion and will not always praise your work. There is something for everyone specially in the realm of retranslations. He doesn't like it? Okey, move on. You can't always please everyone.

Why on earth would you care what someone thinks when they write stuff like this?

Moreover, why would you publicly give them the satisfaction of quitting, thereby encouraging them to continue and unduly inflating their ego? Looking at this person's profile, they've contributed nothing; one's opinion is weighted by one's contributions.

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