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This unlicensed game Contra III for Nes :)

You can take advantage of unused ROM material for the enhancement patch, intro title screen and score screen as well fonts for graphic text fonts

The most basic hack would be to change the characters by robots

Can anyone make a color restoration for Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX? It's way too bright!

And "censor" it? I mean in the good side. Making a "Probotector Advance" for the EUR version. I'm very fond of those robots because a friend of mine has the original NES cartridges.

I support this project I like, it would be fantastic to see a Probotector Advance

Also could be a possible simple hack of the pirate port Nes - Contra Spirits

New color palette, switch to humans by robots sprites and add end game sprites photo
add sprite final score screen
Music themes with famitracker, the originals are bad

It would be a hack patch called Probotector III Alien Rebels for Nes, it would be great

Graphic improvement hack :)
Apply all possible sprites of the WonderSwan Color game
- Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsuhen perfect edition

In the 2nd game of Nes to update it
- Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen

table of sprite ( seiya )

Dragon Ball Final Bout (Sega Genesis) pirate port

Uff more Serious port errors
* Rigid controls
* Bad sound effects
* Bad music effects
* Wrong names for some characters
* Wrong Art characters select

apply graphic enhancement, correct character colors and names, change life / energy bar for hyper dimension bar
apply effects sounds and voices of the super butouden 3 japanese
also change the effect of energy attacks by those of the Hyper Dimension style
change the horrible character selection box by illustration of the original Final Bout of Psx ( example: trunks future player is not trunks ugly gt art )
new musical themes battle, correct character names and improved gameplay, make it more fluid like Hyper Dimension

( It is an interesting project, because of its difficulty of so many changes to improve the rom )

Here is an approximate result of what can become Super Mario World (Nes) with the applied sprites of Mario is Missing (Nes)

R-type hack (Nes)
complete phases 3 and 4
graphic improvement and playable improvement (control is very hard, you have to smooth)
new music with famitracker versions

A good idea, new basic music themes for Super Mario World (Nes) in versions created in famitracker of users Ti and Amilgi would make a fantastic musical work with this hack ;)

Here an idea for a fantastic project hack megadrive R-Type  ( R-type in sega Genesis Wow )
Version R-Type X68000 porting to Megadrive, as other games were ported from X68000 to sega Genesis easily as Thunder Force II or Granada, you could also include the animated cuts of the version of TurboGrafx CD :happy:

Greetings community
Here is a good basic idea for the pirate port of the Hummer Team Super Mario World (NES) as a simple graphic improvement

- Mario is Missing (NES) all sprite for Mario, Luigi and Yoshi and other elements only apply it to the Super Mario World (NES) hack
- Simple and easy hack for Super Mario World (NES) ;)

Table of Mario is Missing (NES) sprites


contribute ideas for hack projects of pirate ports of hummer team :thumbsup:

super fighter III ( street fighter II Nes ) ;)

- redraw some sprites, apply graphic improvements
- new color palette for the characters and stages as genesis version
- add names fighters and add texts at the end of the fighting
- add character select screen of super street fighter II as the game boy or master system
- add intro screen original street fighter II
- make the musical cut ask the user "Ti" to collaborate with the project
- the patch could be: street fighter II deluxe

here you link -

Upgrade for Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) 2.0 patch
( ideas for new patch ) :thumbsup:

- apply cut to the sea sprite of the intro game, and apply it in the sea of the all level "Green Hill Zone" as intro game
- redraw sprite for Sonic with original skin color on mouth-belly-arm and ear (apply it in face life counter)
- sky new colour palette
- add text intro press start
- redraw better graphical counter ring / time
- redraw to improve poster end of level
- redraw improve monitors
- coloring mountains in "green hill zone"
- include emeralds and extra lives in special zone
- redraw colour dr. robotnik in his mobile

enhances graphics and sound as the hack project "Sonic 3D blast 5" in super mario world (Nes) :thumbsup:

super mario world: super mario bros. 4 (Nes)

- redraw some sprites, apply graphic improvements
- new color palette as original game
- add full title
- new sprites as model MCBRemakes
- make the musical cut ask the user "Ti" to collaborate with the project

Here I facilitate you link to see the fantastic work of MCBRemakes

Greetings, here pose improvements, can be a great full graphic patch, great work :thumbsup:

- correct bug when entering the magic doors, the eyes of the characters change red and blink a lot
- change color more elaborate for mario ( original blue pants strong )
- Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach redraw sprite colour graphic enhancement
- change magic potion for graphic improvement
- change nabo sprite enhancement
- include original colour 1up mushroom ( photo )

Ranma ½ Bakuretsu Rantou - Hen (Japan)

- change title of entry for the best letter europe version (photo)
- new integral translation of the original Japanese game (new typography)
- plus we will have the original pure game, with the voices of the original anime, better sound

TMNT Mutant Warriors (Japan)

- new integral translation of the original Japanese game (new typography)
- plus original pure game, better sound voices, uncensored

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: [Help] Earthworm Jim for NES.
« on: April 07, 2017, 12:42:31 pm »
Greetings, I love his work with Earthworm Jim 3 :thumbsup:
You can contact with user "Ti" to make the musical cut of Earthworm Jim 3 and complete the patch, development the best musical cut of Sonic the hedgehog (Nes)
I have his final fight 3 deluxe that is fantastic thank you for your work
I hope you like these idea for your hack project

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