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Its a game similar to pokemon, and it uses sprites from multiple other games. But it IS a really cool game, for a pirate.

So there's this cool game called Shi Kong Xing Shou, otherwise known as Space-Time Star Beast, or Mythical Beasts of The Starry Sky. I was wondering if someone could make an english translation of this, or at least help me figure out how to do it. I have no experience rom hacking, but I could try.

Gaming Discussion / Best Non-Pokemon Rom Hacks?
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:50:25 am »
I am looking for good rom hacks all the time, but it seems that every gime I look for HBA rom hacks, they are all pokemon. So if anyone could give me some recommendations for hacks that are not pokemon, I would be very thankful.

Recommendations for hacks of games not for GBA are welcome, just please make sure it isn't Pokemon. Thanks! :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Best GBA Rom Hacks
« on: February 03, 2017, 12:15:26 pm »
Can anyone tell me what the best rom hacks for GBA are? (Not Pojemon, though, I have too many of those already.)

I have an idea for a rom hack about Sword Art Online, eithef hacking Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem (Most likely Fire Emblem) but I don't know anything about how to program or script or anything. If anyone could collaborate with me to make this I would be very thankful!

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