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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:07:35 pm »
oh pretty, i kinda like the look of "Staff" being a little off center. gives it a nice presentation, if you ask me.

and i love that the real programmers and developers are getting credit now!  good on them! (and you) so much!!

you can see the game genie screen if your emulator boots it first, without attaching it

i do this from time to time on certain games, but i have only did it on my Wii emulators.

you have to "point" the emulator to open the GameGenie.nes (or .sfc) file first, through the emulators settings thing

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 24, 2019, 04:07:28 pm »
i would rather "learn" double jump from a move tutor and it not even cost magic, and re-lable the "Jump" spell "Moonjump"

so if you cast "Moonjump" and knew how to double jump, you could double moon jump.

as it is, i never use Jump, except when i have to.

this would make it totally optional in game and still have both variants.

if you want traditional, dont talk to the move tutor. just like you can play with or without up/down thrust.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 21, 2019, 07:32:27 am »
i think adding a "dash" or "speed" spell would make it feel too much not like Zelda 2 anymore.

that said, i think a "double jump" spell would be cooler than the weird floaty high jump spell.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:01:12 am »
Updated the new Exp leveling system.  The original post has details and code for the new changes.  Biggest change is this:

To open the level menu, press UP then START.  This way, you don't have to go into the inventory menu at all, making it way more accessible.  Feel free to spend those Exp at anytime!  Or not at all, if you are feeling dangerous.   8)

AWESOME. this is gonna be my favorite thing yet. it's so pesky to try to level one stat and not the other with it always popping up that i usually go the direct route. this is a godsend! (a icepenguinsend really!)

also, everyone knows button combos arent ideal, but they are better than changing the length the button is held (which is how i understood it to work).

that way my controller wont shut off (from holding start for a few seconds) lol

also, i'm def ready for a playtest, so flippin excited! the ips i downloaded other day had a moon in the sky and altered graphics though, looked real nice, but are the graphical styles gonna be optional patches too?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 18, 2019, 09:34:16 pm »
my bagu idea

trimmed Hud

sorry about that, i used to post and it would let the pic show in the actual post.

February 19, 2019, 12:28:20 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
i had a kind of neat idea.

if you were standing near the warp tile to Bagu's place and paused the game, when playing it could be a forest tile and when paused if it could be replaced by a town tile.

thats just a rando thought, lol

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:54:10 pm »

here was a mock-up for Bagu's house. probably not worth the effort as you say.

here was an idea for another more streamlined hud, especially if the level up menu is "reachable" at any time, if you wanted to check your levels just go to the menu

---edit--- also do away with the "L" for life in it too

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:05:11 pm »
What exactly do you mean with this?

the warp tile that takes you to Bagu, alter the pixels slightly, or maybe mirror it, so Bagu's secret "house" looks slightly different from all the trees around it

you know, maybe just add a tiny visual cue that that tile is special, but also not hardly enough to even notice it

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:59:05 pm »

here is my (very) shoddy mockup you can see what you think.

heart drops are no biggie, i believe someone mentioned changing to only one size magic jar, and using the other for heart. it's all kind of redundant, because most of the time i get a jar i am using the life spell with it, and it's the same difference, it would just be seamless adding without having to cast the spell,

also, what did you think of changing the Bagu tile slightly?

you could make it where a "heart item" just instanlty cast a low level "life" spell

that would actually make the game harder for people who are so good that they never lose life, because now they wouldnt have as much magic. balancing issues are hard, you guys are doing a great job, btw

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 18, 2019, 04:57:54 pm »
i almost think an alternate reward for the final leveling up that just a 1-up would be cool

i am not sure what that could be at all. but to max every score and have every life, then get a super reward would be cool.

maybe a (just ideas) something like a tunic color change?, or change the color of his sword, or something visual, or change the HUD to not show levels anymore just "MAX POWER", or something?

also, i still feel like that ugly little "M" sitting there is not a good thing. could it be changed to "Magic" written out and also leave the "L" but changed out to "Life"?

i know that everybody knows Hearts are life, but it seems a little weird for one to be labeled and not the other

and lastly, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the thought of having the level up screen not pop up on it's own. that is really really cool, but are you saying, to get to it, you basically hold start longer when you leave the magic menu? that is a true keeper, i love it.

yeah, i think Left and right to switch between them would be a smidge more natural, like "Z" and "R" switches submenus in OoT. but it would still be fine.

most of these single patches make me want to replay Z2:AoL, but to think of them all together is gonna BE LIT!

there was a whole other page that i failed to read before this post, lol. sorry

i think most of us are all for the Doll change tbh. it seems like a screw-up from Nintendo. they should clearly be saved over a save/reset cycle. especially if you had to suicide (losing all dolls) to just save the game.

that would be like giving Mario a mushroom, but then not letting him use it until 8-4. lol

also, Crazy Tracy's bottle, or a bottled fairy item could be cool for newbs. you could make it where you have to go collect it every time to use it? blah, that would ramp up the easy though. effectively doubling your life.

also, did i recall correctly? are hearts added in the game? some enemies drop them? becase changing the life bar to hearts would not really be essential unless you could pick up life hearts?

and, just one more last suggestion, i would slightly (slightly!) alter the square where Bagu lives, to be just a tiny bit different than the surrounding tiles, i always had trouble with this one as a kid, i actually thought it was randomized back then. lol

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:05:01 pm »
i think the little "M" for magic should be placed under the 1st (farthest left) heart.

like directly, if possible. maybe move the whole row of hearts left one space.

i realize this stuff can be tricky, and i know nothing about coding.

i am just still a little bummed that the Magic meter can't be green and have NO little "M" (hearts look better without the little "L" too, btw)

thanks for all you guys' great work so far, this will be the DEFINITIVE version of Link's Adventure, easily

Personal Projects / Re: [NES] Super Mario Bros. Co-op
« on: February 12, 2019, 04:58:22 pm »
is there a patch just to get racoon tails in smb1? (or on the co-op hack)

i LOVE the 2 player hack SO MUCH, btw!

i mainly die because whoever is Luigi is always slow AF.

maybe an alternate hack that does away with the time limit could work,

also, if you could find a way to get the ? blocks to spit out 2 items would be cool.

Here's one which I particularly would love to see.

Make a hack of Super Mario 64 DS which maps the analog controls that are used for the touch screen, so that you can use said analog controls with the analog stick on a 3DS or any emulator, effectively revamping the whole gameplay to SM64 levels of smooth playability.

i play this one on my GPD XD+ with analog movement, but it is glitchy AF to get to work, and it only works with the built-in left stick (no controllers do it)

and i have to use a mod Skellux made that you patch to a SM64DS rom (it makes the cursor on the bottom screen not move around at all, after it appears. this is MUCH better on it's own, and functions similarly to the "analog stick" on the lower screen in Rayman DS)

and then i use the floaty button things to make the left analog stick move the touch cursor on the device to the (simulated) DS touch screen.

basically it's like mapping the analog to the touch screen of the device, and make sure the touch screen of the DS lines up with it.

it's not an easy setting to get to work, and if i open other DS games it throws off all the settings again.

so basically i got it working and figured out. the side flip move (one of my faves in 64, and almost impossible to even do on the DS) i can do them one right after the other (just like on the N64 version)

maybe all DS games could use hacks or "emulator settings" to get them to work right.

i mapped the Dementium controls to work with both analog sticks (AWESOME) and you can still use the touch screen for puzzles, it is just a real butt-pain to have to change all the settings every time, and i couldnt get the Fire (trigger) to work while the right stick "mimicked" the touch screen,

(the N64 emulator is the only one i know of that lets you map different settings for every game, and i know about "front ends" or whatever i've just never played around with them.

but this could be useful for a lot more DS games too. any game that needs analog movement (left stick) or analog "look" (right stick, for FPS games) could get little control patches that get them working better.

but SM64DS is a game that should have never had a "run" button to begin with. it's implementation is SUPER shoddy as well.  the game needed a button (preferably the "L" button) to be the "slow" button.

here are my ideal controls for SM64DS (these could be applied so these controls work on real hardware, AND for things with analog sticks, like my GPD XD+ or any tablet)

D-pad - movement, always full speed (hold "L" to do the tippy toe slow walk)
R - crouch/SAME

Y - Punch
B - Jump
(so these 2 mimick the B and A on a 64 controller)

X - camera Left
A - camera right
(so these mimick the C-Left and C-Right buttons)

start/select - same

the camera zoom in/out could still be in the right lower corner of the touch screen (but i would prefer it be added to the select button (too), so wouldnt have to have ANY touch screen controls)

this would be the best version of the game. best way to play on a DS and 3DS especially.

i think it was Nintendo's policy to try to add tacked on crap to games (wacky new touch and waggle stuff) so that may be why they didnt give us an "always run" option. that would have helped at least.

Personal Projects / Re: Panorama Cotton In English
« on: February 06, 2019, 03:47:04 pm »
Congratulations!  :)

no worries at all dude, take all the time you guys need to get everything worked out.

i was just thinking it may be done already, that i was just too dumb to find it in the DB

this is a hella fun game, it's gonna be cool seeing it all translated!

would it really hurt Zelda 1 to be able to switch between Boomerang, Bombs, and Arrows (or whatever 3 items you want) without HAVING to see the inventory screen

would it really hurt to not have to suicide (or map a controller 2) to save the game?

like i wan saying though, a lot of the charm of Zelda 1 would be lost, but maybe a lot of the small nuisances could be taken care of

but adding in a magic meter or arrow counter would seem to be too far for me. some of the oldschool charm has to still come through

i even dont mind the comparison to LA/OoA&S graphics, they still have the look of the Original to me, just added a little depth to the original graphics. maybe a Full Patch (with graphics changes) and a Quality of Life (just the QoL updates and no new graphics) and let the player decide what graphics they want to play using

also, you DO sound like an old fart. LOL

Personal Projects / Re: Panorama Cotton In English
« on: February 04, 2019, 07:06:27 pm »
i'd like to have this patch, but i would patiently wait for the dubugging process to get a full release.

if it HAS been released can you stick a link to the full patch here?

sorry, i tried searching the database and if it is in there i couldn't find it (just the ps1 Cotton was all i found)


I'd love to play Zelda 1, but with all the cool features from Legend of Link.

BULLET Map that fills in (this one has a patch, but it makes the title screen ugly)
BULLET press select to switch between 3 items (would be so awesome, similar to the ZALttP "L & R changes items" hack)
BULLET the save anywhere option (that, ShadowOne333 is adding to his AWESOME deluxe version of Zelda 2)
BULLET sword that "slashes" not just "stabs" (maybe also throw in the spin, but not totally necessary)

there is a bunch of things to add to Zelda 1 to bring it up to snuff with the rest of the series, but a magic/arrow (while it would be cool) would seem unnecessary to me

ok, so seeing this page got me super excited

so, WOW! 15 new power-ups in SMW, cool right?

well turns out they are a nightmare to "implement"

it is involved in making your own SMW hacks and stuff

i wish someone would take a SMW vanilla and add these into it.

it could just be 15 bricks at Yoshi's house and 15 bricks at "Top Secret Area" that contain the items, it wouldn't be ideal, but it would work

i know the items werent made to originally work with the level design, but it would be fun to play vanilla SMW with these bonuses

the guy that was working on the "Redux style" SMW hack (that was great, btw) already added in a bunch of features from the Advanced version of SMW, i think this wouls fit in nicely too

the main thing it needs (and other hacks do this, i dont know why any of those hack makers dont release vanilla SMW with these upgrades) is Dragon Coins that remember if they are collected. they turn shadowy and blue (like a SM64 star after it's been collected) when you return to the level.

anyways, that's what should be done in SMW

Personal Projects / Re: Metroid II EJRTQ Colorization
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:08:32 pm »
just realized the speed of the game is already considerably faster with out a patch.  :thumbsup:

hmmm, there are separate other patches that significantly speed up the 3 gb Castlevania games. so they should seem the same speed color or not, until they are patched with the speedhack patch. it works on the autoboot hacks too (i dont remember the order) but i gotta say, the "full colorization" of the 2 Castlevanias that were colorized is super sub par. a lot of the background is just white, and most enemies are still in one shade of colors.  the color versions do look better than the vanilla, but they still arent a darling to look at.

unlike the official colorization process (Link DX) and the unofficial (torruz's SML2) the Casltevania games did NOT get that good of a treatment. which is my guess as to why the Konami collections didnt come to the USA, i think Nintendo of America seen how haphazard of a color job they got. Contra/Probotector (on the same sets) has the same issue.

p.s. i have always said that SML1 and Metroid 2 look good enough with their ancient colorizations, but clearly this will make Metroid 2 look like the bee's knees. I mean the old way looked fime, but i hated the screen glitch/transformation for EVERY door you enter. this will be amazing.

a patch that adds camera controls to OoT would be cool

use the d-pad!

i heard that the code for camera movement still exists in the game

it may just have issues with wall clipping and such

(also, goes without saying that this would be great for MM too!)

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